Blazing a New Path - II

by Almyn
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Day 20

Each day she took a long free run along the trails of the property. Pulling the cart with Patty, they could go out for two hours and she came home tired, but not exhausted.

She was already to go, eager to run free actually, when Mac appeared for the first in more than a week. She gasped at how attractive he looked dressed in a white shirt and jodhpurs. His black boots looked worn and well used.

“Good morning, Patty. I’ll take Blaze for her run today.”

Patty gasped in shock, her mouth falling open.

“Fetch me the long crop as well,” he ordered, climbing in her curricle. As soon as he received the whip, he flicked it once in the air. “Let’s see if you stand up to all the praise I’ve been hearing about you.” He clicked his tongue signaling her to start.

Anger fueling her steps, she took off at a steady pace. A trot rather than a gallop.

For the first time in a long time she was intensely aware of how her breasts bounced and swung with each step, as well as her ass jiggling.

As soon as he was sure she was warmed up, he flicked the whip lightly, not touching but allowing her to feel the whoosh of wind. They galloped for almost an hour when they came upon a small group of riders who had dismounted. Mac pulled her to a halt as they reached them.

William walked over, smiling. “Good morning, Mac. How is she progressing?”

“I am checking her strength and stamina today. Very fit, so far.”

Other people began approaching and for the first time, Blaze was embarrassed to be seen by strangers. Quickly she noticed they didn’t see her as a naked woman pulling a horse cart. To them, she was horseflesh, just like the beasts they were riding for pleasure today.

A blond man, tall and slender, walked around her, looking at her quite closely. “She’s magnificent, William. How much do you want for her? I’ll pay more than what you’d get in a sale.”

William laughed. “Don’t be so greedy, Philippe. What makes you so sure you could even afford her?”

“I don’t want to wait until you tire of her. How is she anyway? Do you fuck her in the stables or have her brought up to your bed?”

Blaze whinnied at his words.

“Don’t be so crude, Philippe, there are ladies present,” William admonished the other man.

A tinkling laugh sounded. “Thank you, darling,” a woman came over and threaded her arm with William’s. “I was afraid I’d been forgotten.”

“No man could forget you, Elaine.”

Blaze saw a tall, very slender woman press close to William. She caressed his arm as she spoke. “You flatter me, darling. Besides I plan on being the one in your bed.”

William laughed, but he didn’t say anything, looking up and meeting Blaze’s gaze. She didn’t know what he intended, but she didn’t like the other woman, especially when she the woman’s auburn hair, lovingly combed into an elegant chignon. It reminded her of her own hair, now gone and in its place a scraggly mane!

“Let’s mount up and let Mac be on his way. It doesn’t do the ponies any good to stand around like this.” Before he left, he ruffled his fingers through the front part of her mane.

Mac waited until they were alone. Instead of starting back up, he directed her to the side, where a small glen was. Getting out of the buggy, he came around and freed her mouth to drink.

She was thirsty and the water went everywhere.

Mac laughed. “Be patient, Red, you have plenty of time.”

She drank for a couple more minutes and then he refit the bridle. She was surprised when he reached over and unfastened the strap between her legs, letting it drop behind her. Without warning, he reached between her legs and pushed his fingers within her pussy lips.

Her cry was muffled and she looked into his face in surprise.

Mac gave nothing away, fingering her lips and finding her clit. He began diddling the tender nubbin that had been ignored for so long it was hyper sensitive.

Her reaction was instantaneous. Her hips bucked and she hunched his fingers.

Not looking away, he wiggled his fingers, purposely trying to arouse her.

Blaze moaned, unable to control her response. Her hips flexed and she tried to press hard on his fingers.

He worked her until she was almost at her peak.

Her body worked feverishly to come without the usual stimuli. She needed to release the pent up energy, desperately. Her body squirmed and hunched, trying harder…

He stopped. He pulled the strap between her legs without saying a word.

Tears ran down her cheeks as he got back into the cart.

The whip flicked her hip to get her started this time.

The injustice of it all ran deep…

Day 21

Today she was fitted with her own livery. The new leather smell was released with each creak. It fit almost like her skin. The color was an imitation of her hair color and it was a perfect compliment to the smooth tan she now had all over her fit body.

What was new were the blinders that were added to her bridle. She didn’t like them at all and let Patty and Pete know her feelings.

Mac walked in as she was stomping and fidgeting in protest. He wasted no time in using the small riding crop in his hand.

Her whinny was high pitched and shocked rather than painful. She stopped her protest instantly, glaring at Mac.

He smiled. “Take her out and get her hooked up to the racing curricle. Patty take her around the track a couple of times and let’s see how she does with the new racing kit.”

Blaze scuffed her hooves. She didn’t like the idea of being a race horse pulling a cart against other others. Singled out was one thing, being one of a pack was not something she’d ever been used to.

Mac’s crop slapped her bottom twice in quick succession. “This is not up for discussion, Blaze. Ponies don’t get to decide what they want to do in life. Do you understand me?” he grasped her chin, holding her gaze until she nodded. “Good.” He started for the door. “Get started and take her full out. Time her Pete.”

That night she barely finished her food before she fell asleep on her fresh bed of straw, more exhausted than she had ever been in her life, old or new.

One Month

Blaze was harnessed to a new buggy today, or at least one she’d never seen before. She could tell immediately something was different about it, but she didn’t know what.

She enjoyed running, pulling was the draw back. One thing had become clear as she encountered other ponies on the track, she passed them all. Even when they had her start even with a couple others, she sailed passed them. Patty rewarded her each time with an extra long rubdown, since she was reaping rewards herself by placing bets against the other jockeys and handlers. She started bringing cut up fruit as well for Blaze.

Stomping her hooves she was ready to get started. She almost needed to run around the track to feel good.

Mac walked towards her. Something in his expression forewarned her today was going to be different.

“Good morning, Blaze,” he ruffled her mane in front and then stroked his hand all the way back to wear it had grown out a little and Patty had made a tiny plait, tied with a red ribbon. He pulled it off, passing it to the young woman. “I’ll be driving her today. I want you to record each pass around the track. I’ve arranged to have four other ponies join us in an hour for some racing heats.” He hopped into jog cart. With a flick of his whip, he pulled Blaze’s reins to start out.

At the end of an hour of pulling Mac’s heavier weight, Blaze was beginning to tire. When the track began to fill with other carts and ponies, she knew racing was imminent. Today she wouldn't race by the others, she was sure of it. Still she lined up as he directed her.

A whistle blew and they were off.

Immediately Blaze could tell she’d been running for an hour. But she also felt warmed up, awakened. On the second time around the track, she hit her stride once again, and in spite of the weight, she pulled in front of the traditional track winner for the farm.

The other pony, the raven haired pony she’d seen with the odd haircut and domino tattoo fought hard to stay up, but she couldn't, falling behind and Blaze sailed past the finish line two lengths ahead.

She was breathing hard as Mac guided her to a slow walk.

The other horses slowly neared them, the drivers beginning to talk.

“Wow, Mac! She’s amazing!”

“What’s her time?”

She recognized Pete’s voice. “You know Patty’s been winning the rest of us blind in the stables.”

Mac chuckled. “I’m not surprised. She has also developed an affinity for this filly that will have to be dealt with soon.”

Blaze didn’t like the sound of that. She like Patty and the way she treated her.

Domino’s cart had pulled beside Mac’s. “What does William think about his pony?”

Blaze recognized the woman’s voice as the one she’d heard several weeks earlier. She could tell by the tone the woman was not friendly towards her. out of the corner of her eye, limited by the blinders, she saw the pony step nearer.

The black head dipped and at the same time she kicked out hard, hitting Blaze behind her knee.

The cry was painful as the red-maned pony fell to her knees, and then her face in the soft dirt.

Domino stepped close to her face with her heavy hooves. She cried out in pain as a whip flashed out stinging her breasts. Instantly she backed away without her driver’s direction.

Mac tossed his aside and ran to where Blaze lay helpless in the dirt. He couldn't let his feelings show, but he was worried about the precious new pet William had obtained just one month ago. He didn’t like how easily this one had won his affection, and truly without any effort on her part. “Don’t move, Blaze. Hold perfectly still.” He reached for the phone on his waist. Pressing one button, he ordered an ambulance to the track.

Blaze was surprised he would take her to a hospital. Dimly she was aware that Mac was removing the straps of her harness. The pain in her leg was making it harder to focus. Would she ever run again?

Month 2

Blaze looked out across the lush green paddock. Her days were rather different since the accident. Only in the last week was she allowed outside to walk about freely. The first two weeks she’d spent in hospital, one for ponies, where she’d experienced state of the art care—better than what she’d seen as a human.

She’d learned the rough shoe on Domino’s hoof had sliced her calf open. At first they didn’t know the extent of the damage. William and Mac’s faces as they spoke to surgeons had shown their concern. They never told her, but she suspected the day they’d been told she’d never run again. It had been obvious in their expressions and the slump to in Mac’s shoulders. William had stiffened, looking away from her quickly.

Only Patty came to visit her, bringing her fruit treats each day after she finished her work in the stables. She’d been reassigned, and she wasn’t happy. Her new charge was Domino, and she found it very hard not to beat the pony that had injured the one she’d come to love.

Mac had arrived late one day, finding Patty visiting with Blaze during her physical therapy session. The look on his face revealed his surprise and he called the woman over to him. Moments later she left in tears. Mac just stared at her and then he left as well.

She didn’t sleep that night, or the next three as Patty didn’t visit her once. She refused to do her therapy.

Mac arrived the morning of the fourth day, angry by the look on his face.

She was in her suspension sling, resting her leg after a difficult therapy session.

He slammed his hat on the nearby stand. “I’ve about had it with your Prima Dona act. You’re forgetting your pony training in here.”

Blaze whinnied, trying to say “Patty.”

Mac nodded. “She’s become attached to you Blaze, and that’s not good for either of you. When you come home next week, you are moving to a new stable. William needed to make a few decisions about your future and some things have just been completed today.”

He paused remembering the big blow up at the house when William made his announcement.

At dinner last night, with just a small group of fellow pony owners at the table, the discussion had come up about Blaze’s health. Although not present, nearly everyone in their set had heard of the accident.

“Are you selling her since she is no good anymore?” Elaine asked, sipping the expensive wine always found at William’s table.

“Not any good? Are you insane Elaine, or just blind? I know Philippe DuPont is chafing at the bit for the filly. I should imagine several other chaps who’ve seen the well kept secret of yours William feel the same way. She has countless other benefits not related to running.”

William agreed with the speaker. “Precisely Charles. The truth is that the racing was something I’d never planned on when I first obtained the pony. She was a diamond in the rough and I had every faith in my partner here,” he paused lifted his glass to Mac. “That he would mould her into a filly to be proud of. He did precisely that. The injury was tragic. I am selling Domino of course.”

“What? She’s my favorite here, William. You can’t sell her.” Elaine almost shouted her protest. She didn’t want anyone to learn that she had put the idea into Domino’s head about injuring the other pony, should the opportunity present itself. She had managed to get the two ponies close and left it up to Domino to follow through. She had promised the raven filly she’d speak to William about moving her back up the racing schedule again. The top racing filly always got special treatment.

William glanced towards Elaine. “I’ve spoken to Mac, and the other drivers. One of them said it appeared to be a deliberate attack by Domino against Blaze.”

“That’s a lie!” Elaine protested loudly, setting her wine glass down. “She’s too nice a pony for that to happen. Not to mention how well she’s been trained by Mac,” she added, hoping to make it seem to be Mac’s fault.

“Training is one thing,” Mac said softly, not defensively. “But if someone else has influence with a pony, then that can undermine all training that has gone before, especially if positive reinforce is used.”

Elaine flushed. She had done just that with Domino, sneaking her treats, which was forbidden because of the strict dietary mixes that were made up for each filly daily. It was a science.

William shrugged. “You could always buy her, Elaine, and pay to have her stabled somewhere else.”

“Ah, what about here? Couldn't I keep her here, where she’d be comfortable?” Elaine hadn't considered this option. It would give her the perfect excuse to be over here several times a week, to accidentally run into William of course.

Mac shook his head, but William replied. “No. We’ve decided it’s best if she isn’t around when Blaze returns. We want her to feel comfortable and not skittish.”

“If she isn’t going to run, just put her in another stable. After all, Domino is still a great runner and a winning racer.”

William had paused, thinking.

Mac had been surprised when his partner and friend of almost too many years to count spoke. “You are right, Elaine. Domino is a winning racer. There is no need to lose money on the deal, Mac. Let’s just jump ahead. We’ll put her in the breeder barn upon her return.”

Breeding Blaze had been the plan all along. Both men were strongly attracted to her, although whether they would breed her or have one of their expensive pedigreed studs do it was still up for discussion. Looking at her partially naked body now, Mac was tempted to tell William he was having her, and that was it.

Ever since he had joined William in what had been his families business for generations, he had agreed that if there was a filly one of them wanted, they would let the other know. The problem was that they had seen her at the same moment, and decided together on her capture by the pony police.

Five centuries earlier, as part of population control, certain people were taken, or could choose, to enter pony life. Only a select few would be bred to better the species. To filter the population and obtain adult specimens, the police would be used for the actual extraction.

Now nearly two months since her capture, he was ready to start her on what he’d planned from the first time he saw her. Nothing in her appearance or behavior had happened to dissuade him at all.

Blaze’s whinny drew him back to the present. “We have a new stables set up for you. You’ll still exercise as much as you can. We don’t want you risking another injury until you’ve fully healed.”

When she was released though, Patty was the one who came with two others to transport her safely home. The stopped much nearer the house she noticed, in front of a pristine white barn she’d seen in the distance. Inside she was shown to a room, more than a stall, except it was still open with a half door. The difference is that one had carpeting, a bed, twin size, a toilet.

Her disbelief was evident in her neighs and whinny’s of surprise.

She slept the whole first night through like she was back on her clean hay and straw!

She was awakened the following morning by Patty, and her days had begun and continued with the same pattern until now, her two month anniversary. She only knew it was that long because of the young woman. Hidden away, Patty smuggled a mini cupcake with two candles which she lit for Blaze to blow out. She fed it to Blaze, rubbing her long mane.

The second day in her new quarters, after exercise therapy for an hour, she was taken the room where she’d had her haircut originally.

Francoise appeared and without any conversation, he proceeded to clip her hair once again. The back was plaited and this time it formed a two inch tail. The sides were treated and she learned later it should stay hair free for at least six months.

The thought didn’t fill her with fear and dread so much this time.

The big surprise had been when she’d been taken to another Room, back through two doors. She was strung up like had the first day. The difference is that she was then bent over a padded bench. Her feet were immobilized, and they were careful with her injured leg.

She shook her head, setting her mane to rippling. all the way to her nape.

Patty petted her gently.

Pete moved behind her and he patted her buttock cheek. “Here you go, sweet cheeks,” and then his finger entered her ass.

Whinnying loudly and struggling to get free, she felt him moving it all around. Only when he pulled out did she realize all the lubricant she now had inside and out. Adjusting to the strange feeling, she didn’t realize it until she felt another object, lubricant making it glide, entered her pussy, vibrating instantly. Blaze shook her head. She didn’t want this because she knew it would end with her frustration again.

Almost immediately her body responded to the stimuli. Her hooves wanted to dance in response, but all she could was helplessly let the sonic waves arouse more with each passing second.

“Okay,” Pete said. “We’re supposed to go.”

Patty shook her head. “I don’t want to leave her alone. What if something happens?”

“It is supposed to happen, Patty. And you aren’t supposed to get so wrapped up in this damned pony again, or did you forget?”

Patty pushed Pete away. “No, I didn’t forget. I just don’t want to see her hurt.”

Pete didn’t wait. He grabbed her arm pulling her beside him out. “Don’t be stupid Patty. You want to end up tending to Domino again?” the door closed, cutting off anything else he had to say.

Blaze realized she was truly alone with the vibrator buzzing away inside her. it had to be strapped to her because bouncing her hips didn’t dislodge it. That did make her breasts swing and bounce wildly, the rings swinging with the agitation.

“You can do that all day, Blaze, and it won’t move.”

Mac’s voice stopped her movements. She didn’t see him but a moment later she felt a hand, she assumed it was his, caressing her nearest ass cheek.

“It is believed that arousal, or the state of arousal, can allow the body to withstand pain.”

Blaze froze. Pain? She whinnied, fear in her tone.

Mac took advantage of her open mouth and forced a small ball gag between her lips. Quickly it was fastened behind her head. “It’s necessary my little pony,” he rubbed her mane, ruffling the stuck up part in the front. It was cut shorter this time.

Her red mane was only about an inch at her forehead, and it gradually worked its way to two inches at her crown and then flowed into the longer hair that could be plaited.

Mac liked the way it felt against his fingers at this length, springier. He also knew that ruffling it back and forth could heighten arousal with some ponies. Spending several moments, he worked his hand back and forth, testing Blaze’s response.

The shiver that shook her was unmistakable.

He grinned, coming around to meet her gaze. “It appears you are adjusting nicely to your new quarters. Not getting too spoiled I hope.”

Blaze shook her head. She didn’t want to lose Patty.

“I’m getting very good reports on your recovery. You’re eating well,” he pinched her waist. “You’ve put on some weight since you’ve stopped running, but that is only to be expected. Once you are fully recovered, we can increase your exercise since the therapy will stop. You won’t get back to your former racing physique and status though.”

Starting to turn away Mac stopped abruptly. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a tear coursing down the pony’s cheek. A little shocked and angry with himself, he realized that neither he nor William had ever considered how the injury affected the pony. Had she come to love running? Sure she had pain, and they’d treated that along with her injury, but what about the joy of running? There was a real high achieved from the endorphins. He himself jogged regularly to keep fit.

He was torn between acknowledging the tear and dealing with it, or ignoring it.

“Sorry we’re late, Mac!”

Mac and Blaze both jumped in surprise at William’s voice.

Mac cleared his throat. “Not a problem, William. She’s been prepared and is waiting.”

Waiting what?

Blaze didn’t like the sound of that, especially with the vibrator turning her to jelly!

“I’ve got her tail. They did a great job with it.” William pulled out a three foot long auburn haired swatch of hair. Attached to one end was a butt plug to hold it firmly in place, but also to extend it and give it the right height and drape out and away from her buttocks.

Blaze caught a glimpse of it from her peripheral vision.


They were giving her a tail…from her own hair? She tried to remember if she’d noticed other ponies with tails. There had been a few with something protruding, she recalled, but didn’t think any had had anything like her thick swathe of silky hair. Surely she’d have remembered that.

Mac brought it round, holding it in front of her face. Slowly he stroked the long strands, pulling it through his hand. “It’s magnificent. And so silky,” he said.

“I’m letting you put it in, Mac,” William called out. “I don’t want her mad at me,” he added, jokingly.

Mac met her gaze. “Neither do I,” he murmured, low enough so only she heard him.

He walked to her rear.

The vibrator suddenly ratcheted up to a higher tone, making her groan as her arousal took a more predominant part of her attention. She didn’t have long to wait. A coolness and then pressure against her rectum told her he was starting. He went slowly, and after a minute of steady pressure, he had it fully seated. She felt and heard the plop as her rectal muscle closed around the last bulge, thereby keeping it in place. A cloth moved around, wiping off excess lube jelly. Finally she felt the swish of silky hair brush against her skin. Unable to resist, she twitched her hips sideways, setting it swinging.

Mac lifted her tail. “Enough of that.”

A strap was added across her buttocks and another at the top of each thigh. Now she was truly anchored in place. Even if she came, she wouldn't be able to move her hips.

“Let’s get on with the last of it then. Jean Paul we’ve decided on the design we want on her left buttock.”

“Ah,” the other man spoke for the first time. “Not the right? Are you sure about this, gentlemen? These are very difficult to remove you know.”

“No, Jean Paul, the left.” William answered.

A moment later Blaze felt a soft cloth cover her right buttock.

“All right, my friends. Your horse flesh after all.”

Blaze had no more time to wonder. The tattoo of a red hot blazing fire was tattooed to her taut left butt cheek.

Whether it was pain, or constant arousal, Blaze passed out. She awoke much later in her bed on the floor, covered with a light blanket. Her arms were again restrained in her harness so she couldn't check it out. She did wonder what they had given her.

“Hi, Blaze! I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. Let me help you get up.”

It took a few seconds to get her balance. There were a few twinges as she felt the tender area that was now marked for life. She felt the swish, swish of her tail as she moved back and forth.

Patty stroked her tail, letting it fall through her fingers. “This is beautiful, Blaze. I’m so glad they finally decided to let you have your tail.” She met Blaze’s gaze. “No, not every pony gets her hair back or a tail at all. It depends on her classification, how well she behaves, or not. If a pony comes in with short hair, they will purchase her a tail to match her mane, or use one from another pony who didn’t deserve hers. This is so gorgeous that you will put the other ponies to shame. Just imagine how sharp you will look in that red livery Mac ordered—” her voice faded away. “Since you aren’t going to run, they may not let you wear it. Damn!”

“Come on, Blaze, let’s go get some exercise in.”

To be continued...