Blazing a New Path - I

by Almyn
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Day 1

Sarah Jane awoke slowly, trying to push the fuzziness out of her head. She couldn't remember falling asleep and had no idea where she was. Her mouth felt funny though. In fact, nothing felt quite right.

“Hello Sarah Jane. I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. You’ve been asleep for a long time.”

Sarah Jane looked towards the noise. A tall, dark haired man stood a short distance away. His black hair was pulled back into a small pony tail. His skin was tanned and his eyes were dark as the night. He looked aristocratic by the refined features and high cheekbones. She didn’t recognize him though. “Whe-where am I? Who are you?”

“Valid questions, of course, but the answers are unimportant from this point on. You are about to begin a new life.”

Sarah Jane shook her head and tried to get up. For the first time she realized she was lying on a blanket on a bed of hay. Second she was completely naked. Pulling the blanket around her, she tried to stand and fell back again. “You have no right!” she shouted.

“Perhaps in your old world, no. In this new one, I do have all the rights, and you have none. Thus you are beginning a new life. I doubt you will listen when I tell it will be best if you don’t fight. New ponies seldom do. I’ll be back to see you soon once you’ve finished the first part of your training. I have every hope you’ll do well. We have big plans for your future.” With that the man walked away.

Scared and angry, Sarah Jane tried to get up a few more times. Frustrated she finally fell back to sleep.

Day 2

Sarah Jane cursed the man who had managed to tie her hands and feet so successfully. She was trussed up like she had once seen cattle at a rodeo. “You bastard! How dare you touch me!”

Mac smiled, not pausing in his activity. He reached up and pulled from the ceiling a hook. Without breaking a sweat, he grabbed her hands and pulled her upright from her position on the ground. A moment later she was hoisted on the hook as he signaled someone with his hand and the hook was raised towards the ceiling again. “Stop!” he called out when she was resting on her feet.

“You bloody idiot! Release me this minute. You have no right to treat me like this.” She tried to keep her voice free of her free and just show her anger and indignation.

“Come here Pete.”

A young man, probably in his late teens, slender with blond hair floppy onto his forehead appeared at the man’s side.

Mac pointed to her feet. “Spread ‘em and tie to the three feet mark.”

Intensely aware that she was naked in front of two men now, Sarah Jane waited until her feet were released. She kicked out immediately.

Mac laughed beside her. “Naughty filly.” He lightly slapped her right buttock.

“Bastard! Damn you! How—”

Mac pinched her nostrils and with her mouth wide open, he pushed a small ball gag inside. Grinning at the look on her face, he fastened it behind her head. He lifted her waist length bright auburn hair in his hand. Pulling a band from his pocket, he quickly restrained the long locks in a doubled over pony tail.

“Good,” he said, stepping away from her, watching as Pete finished tying off her feet.

Sarah Jane pulled at her restraints. She tugged at the hook and then jerked her knees, to test the bonds on her feet. When she heard laughter, she stopped.

Mac and Pete were watching her.

Less than a moment it took to realize they were watching the way her breasts were still bouncing and jiggling from her work. She’d considered it a curse to be blessed with 36 DD breasts all of her life since she’d burgeoned at the tender age of 11. Boys were constantly teasing her, and then trying to peak down her blouse. In high school they graduated to copping a feel by sneaking their hand forehead whenever she lifted her arm to ask or answer a question. After she stopped participating in class, they had to be more creative. She got more resourceful as well, decreasing their success rate.

But this topped anything that had happened before.

Sarah Jane realized tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Mac walked over to her again. For the first time she noticed that while he was not facially attractive by most standards, he was intensely masculine. Everything about him screamed sexuality and power. His blue eyes were warm as he lifted one hand and lightly rubbed to tears from her face.

“Frustration is perfectly normal, Sarah Jane. It takes times before you become accustomed to your new life here. The sooner you stop fighting and understand you have no choice. Your past is gone forever. Your future is today. You have but one goal in your life from now on—to please your Master.” He cupped one of her breasts, pushing it upwards. “Your body belongs to him, to do with as he pleases. For now, he has chosen to have you trained as a pony girl. It isn’t easy but you will find it very rewarding.”

His hand massaged her large breast almost absent-mindedly for a minute or so. “We’ll leave you alone for awhile, I believe, to contemplate what I’ve told you.”

Sarah Jane watched in horror as the two left her alone, trussed up, gagged and hanging in the middle of a horse stall.

Day 3

New fury shook her body. Tied to a cold table, she was spread-eagled.

Closing her eyes, she remembered the remainder of the previous day.

After a few hours, although she lost track of time so she couldn't be exactly sure on how long, Pete and another young helper, this time a woman, appeared. Neither spoke to her as they began bathing her. With a horse and a brush, Pete soaped her all over, then used the brush until her skin glowed pink and stung. He took no pity on her breasts and her nipples were stiff, painful peaks by the time he finished. Seeing them poking out almost three-quarters of an inch, he pinched one playfully, chuckling.

The woman made a sound and he stopped, continuing to wash her. she was grateful that he was more careful between her thighs, but to soap her he used only his hand. He was in no hurry to finish, spending a very long on her asshole. She squealed in surprise when he poked his finger in and wiggled it all around. The cold water, Patty, the woman, kept spraying her with, doused any arousal almost as quickly as it began, when Pete first started. After the stimulation of her breasts, then her pussy, by the time he was squeezing her ass cheeks instead of rubbing with the brush, her hips were jerking and humping, trying to find release.

Mac walked in just then and shouted at Pete, who flushed in embarrassment.

Sarah Jane wondered if he’d been told specifically not to arouse her. She really didn’t care—she needed to come!

Her legs had already been done so Mac ordered the other two to leave. He took the water and after an adjustment at the spigot, he walked over to where Sarah Jane was suspended.

“I heard you slept well last night, and had a good breakfast.” He lifted the hose and let the now warm water run down her body, over her right shoulder. Holding her gaze, he moved the hose across the front of her. The warm water cascaded over her aroused breasts. Walking to stand behind her he rinsed her backside as well. He leaned forward, whispering in her ear. The hose rested on her upper chest and the water ran down, her body soon streaked with lots of small rivulets of gentle heat. “Good ponies get rewards.”

Mac slid his between her butt cheeks, fingering his way between her pussy lips. With her legs widely spread again today, she had no way to resist him. He easily found her clit. A flick of his finger and her body bucked like a wild horse. His chuckle made her face flush in embarrassment.

Being naked she would have thought she couldn't be further humiliated. She was wrong.

He wiggled his finger around her fleshy nub, testing which move seemed to garner a big reaction from her. When she was flexing her hips forward, grind against his fingers, he stopped, withdrawing them.

Her frustration was palpable even though her gag prevented her from voicing her feelings.

Mac slapped her right buttock, firmly. “You haven’t been good enough for that yet.” He walked away from her, returning the hose to the wall. “We’ll let you dry off. It’s warm enough that you won’t catch a chill.”

In the afternoon, he had returned with the two young helpers. She didn’t like what she saw in their hands though. An enema bag was filled with a large amount of soapy water. She was moved to bend over a padded bench. She resisted but a strap came around her waist. Her hands were restrained and her feet tied far apart. Tossing her head futilely, her hair came down around her face.

Mac came to stand in front of her.

She had a perfect view of his crotch. Unless he had padding in there, he had a manhood to be proud of. How would it feel buried inside her she wondered?

Mac carefully gathered her hair once more, tying it high on her head. “We’ll take of that soon, Sarah Jane. Now we need to make sure you adapt well to your new diet. You’ll be eating a high protein, high fiber diet so you can be completely fit for your new life. It is monitored quite carefully, and any vitamins or supplements you need are added to it.” He paused and nodded to his helpers.

Sarah Jane felt one of them touch her ass and she stiffened. She couldn't resist though and her cheeks were spread and a tube inserted. “Mmmow!” she mumbled through the gag.

The tube was inserted quite a bit before the fluid was released.

Mac stepped away now. “I’ll leave you to finish up here, Patty. Make sure she is completely cleaned out. Give her another bath after that. It should be time for supper after that. Bed her down for the night then.”

She had awakened this morning feeling drained after the prolonged enema session. Almost immediately after her dinner last night though, she had to empty her bowels. She wondered if that was the intent. So far she had not received her breakfast.

Nothing had prepared her for this—restrained on an exam table in a different section from the barn than she’d seen before. Everything looked very clean and she was reminded of a surgery room she’d been in when she had tonsils removed as a child.

A man came towards her and she realized it was Mac but he was gowned like a surgeon, including the mask. “Today’s your big day, Sarah Jane. You’ll realize finally there is no going back. All right, let’s begin.”

A mask descended to cover her mouth and nose.

It seemed silly since her mouth was filled with the gag…then she drifted to sleep.

Day 4

“You’ve been asleep for a very long time. You need to wake up and get moving. The more you move the sooner you will feel better.”

She heard the voice as if from a great distance. Turning her head, she looked around. Realizing she was back in the stall she’d gotten used to didn’t surprise her. Moving one arm to push up with she groaned in pain, stopping. For a moment she couldn't tell where the pain came from.

“It will fade as you move around, Blaze.”

Several pairs of hands pulled her upright, removing any choice she had to stay down. On her feet, she stumbled, feeling unstable. Shaking her head, she lifted one hand to push her hair back. She realized her chest was bandaged. Horrified she tried to scream. Only a high-pitched whinny sound came out. Trying again, and again, the same sound, varying slightly, continued to issue from her throat.

Mac took her hands. “Relax, Blaze. Your voice was altered so you can whinny and neigh like the other ponies. Your breasts were enhanced so they compliment your appearance. You’ll appreciate the adjustments once your track training starts. We fitted your feet with your new shoes, or hooves. Your muscles and tendons required a little adjustment, not a lot because you are already in excellent physical condition by most standards.”

Scared to look down, she glanced anyway. Both feet were encased in elongated boots, except for the lower part which narrowed into a horse hoof shape. Somehow she was balancing like a ballet dancer. Of course, Pete and Patty were on either side of her, keeping her upright she realized a second later. If they weren’t she’d probably fall forward, crushing her big chest!

Mac looked at the two helpers. “Go slow and take your time today. Plenty of rest is needed between short sessions.”

After his departure, she fed her breakfast by hand today, given small frequent sips of water. They bathed her carefully, keeping her dressings dry.

That evening after a slow walk using the treadmill, she was bathed again. To her surprise, instead of receiving her dinner, she taken to another room. A chair was in the center and she was placed in it, strapped down. A band encircled her head, keeping her completely immobile. Now she was getting worried.

Mac approached from the far door. “Good evening. How is the newest pony to our stable doing?”

Glaring at him, she was unable to wiggle a millimeter of an inch.

He smiled. “It’s time to complete your first stage of your initiation to the new life ahead of you. Blaze is the name you have been given, and you will be marked accordingly. First of all we are going to take care of your hair. We have a professional so you needn’t worry that it won’t be attractive. All right Francoise, you can begin.”

A slender man approached, nearly bald. He removed the head strap, raising the chair slightly. He combed her long hair straight back from her forehead. He tied it tightly near the base of her neck. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him pick up scissors. Knowing she had no way of stopping him, her body slumped in acceptance.

She felt every slice and sawing motion of the shears as they cut off her pride and joy, her crowning glory. She’d been so proud of her shining long locks. A minute later the hair was passed off to Patty, who laid it out on a long table nearby.

Long moments passed and she felt her tears on her cheeks.

A loud click followed by the hum of clippers made her jump nervously. She only had a second before she felt the hum touch the side of her head. Without pause, it dove into her thick hair. His powerful machine didn’t hesitate or pause as it mowed off the glossy locks. Relentlessly its teeth gobbled up hairs from her scalp, both sides and all the way back until she was left with a four inch wide Mohawk strip of hair all the way to her nape.

Patty carefully collected the cut hairs from the floor, placing them all in a clear plastic bag.

Francoise combed her hair again, and then lifted the section at the front straight up and cut it straight across the teeth. He continued working his way back, elongating the hair not cut until he reached the base, leaving it where it had been sheared by the scissors, other than straightening it slightly.

The sides all the way back shaved with a razor twice, leaving it completely smooth.

The cut was finished so she had a graduated Mohawk starting at two inches in the front, which was combed straight up with gel, and finished about four inches at the crown, left to grow in to one length at the nape.

She expected to be shown a mirror to see how she looked, but none was offered.

Patty and Pete quickly removed all the clippings, cleaning the floor.

Distracted by the movement, she didn’t at first see that Francoise had moved. The clippers sounded and she lifted her head and saw him press it flat to her lower abdomen and push it downwards.

He was shaving off her pubic hair!

She screamed in her head. Only a sobbing whinny was emitted.

Almost too quickly, he was done. A thick cream was then applied, rubbed in well. Soon it started to feel warm. She lost track of how long, but eventually Patty returned and washed the cream off. She finished by rubbing oil into her skin.

Blaze thought the other woman took an excessive amount of time rubbing it in. not that she cared as Patty kept dipping one finger in to touch her clit.

“Enough of that, Patty. You know better than to tease a new pony.” Mac castigated the young woman who moved away from the chair immediately. He rubbed his hand back and forth across the short hair in front. “You have a lovely mane now, Blaze. With proper grooming, it will compliment your overall appearance quite nicely.”

She bristled as he ruffled the hair that stood straight up. It pissed her off as she realized it was like he was petting her!

A moment later he lifted a syringe. “It’s time for you to sleep for awhile. Your dressings need to be changed and final accoutrements need to be added. Dream of soft, clean hay and fresh oats,” he whispered as he injected the drug.

Blaze fell asleep to the feeling of Mac stroking her new mane.

Day 7

Blaze awoke slowly, turning over carefully. She realized the dressing was gone from her chest. It surprised her because she remembered Mac saying it needed to be changed.

The rumbling in her stomach brought her upright. Shaking her head, she felt her mane ripple with the movement.

Instantly she was aware of her naked breasts—bouncing slightly. She looked down and saw her breasts jutting up and out quite proudly with nipples poking out at least three-fourths an inch. That position of arousal was maintained by the one inch round gold rings piercing each one.

The stall door opened and Patty walked in. “Good morning, Blaze,” she greeted the pony-girl in training. “You slept clean through yesterday. Mac had to treat you with an intravenous infusion and some antibiotics. You gave everyone a scare.”

She helped Blaze get to her feet and held her until she was steady on the hoof-style boots she wore. “Okay, I’ll much your stall out and get some fresh hay while you eat.”

Blaze didn’t fight any of her preparation today. She was made aware of the new earrings that decorated each ear—six small to large gold rings accented the rim to lobe. The bath was done gently, mindful of her healing wounds. Oil was rubbed into her skin and lastly her hair was dried with a blower and made to stand straight up all the back to her crown.

At noon she was led from the barn to the outside fenced enclosure. In the distant she could see several paddocks and fields, all separated by white fences. When she glanced back, she saw the barn was much larger than she had originally thought. There were also several other barns scattered about. Atop a small knob was a very beautiful house. All the buildings were in perfect condition.

Patty walked with her slowly, getting her used to her footing.

Mac appeared after about twenty minutes, standing by the fence with one foot resting on the bottom rung.

Blaze tossed her head when she saw him. She wanted him to come over to her.

He called out to Patty. “Is she ready?”

“By tomorrow, she should be.”

“Have her ready by nine and we’ll get her fitted then.” Without acknowledging her he walked away.

Blaze stumbled a little, hurt that he’d ignored her.

Patty shrugged. “He’s like that. It’s how he gets to you ponies. Come on, we need to go around the perimeter a couple of more times.”

That afternoon Blaze was taken to another area of the barn. In the center was a ring, with pole and spokes coming out from the center like the spokes on a wheel. She was surprised to see two women attached to the spokes, walking in circles.

Everything stopped as Patty approached. She brought Blaze to an empty bar and fitted the leather straps around her waist. Two more straps around her shoulders and back, as well her forearms to the bar. There was minimal leeway, but padding prevented any chance of chafing.

“Just walk with the bar, Blaze. It might speed up or slow down now and again, but you should do just fine. If you have to stop, there is a button right here. Too many stops will be penalized against you.”

Starting out slow, Blaze began to walk in a circle. She couldn't help but notice the other two women attached to the wheel.

The nearest was shorter than she was, had smaller breasts and her brown hair was cut in a much shorter Mohawk, about one inch all over, and sticking straight up. On her right butt cheek, Blaze saw a tattoo of a red rose.

The other woman was quite tall, slender except for truly large breasts, which swung and bounced with each step she took. Her black hair was like a V-shape, with the point at her nape. The hair in front was short, maybe quarter inch, lengthening to twelve inches at the base of her neck, where it was plaited and tied with a short piece of rawhide. Only when the woman was removed from the wheel and moved past her could she the tattoo on her right cheek was a black and white domino.

Blaze wondered if she would receive a tattoo as well, and what did they signify?

Day 8

Blaze stood quietly looking around the room. She guessed it was the tack room from all the leather straps and saddles and bridles in the room. Some looked quite worn and others were raw strips still to be molded into something.

Both Pete and Patty had prepared her this morning. Her skin gleamed and her mane danced with every move she made. She couldn't help but feel that she looked good, for a pony girl. Although she had very little so far to base her observations on.

The door opened and three men entered the room.

Mac she recognized, leading the way.

Next was a short man, stocky and balding. He had muscular, broad arms and she noticed the stains on his fingers from leather stains.

Last was the man she had first seen the first day. He was dressed quite fine in riding kit as he was going for an English fox hunt. His black was sleeked back and he held a black high hat in one hand. He spoke first. “Quite a difference from that first day, hey Mac?”

“Yes indeed William. She has responded quite nicely to all the plans so far.” Mac walked over to where she was tethered to a ring in the floor. “She has healed quite well and her temperature is normal.”

Blaze whinnied. That had been quite unpleasant having a big rectal thermometer shoved up her butt this morning.

“I was a little worried with that set back after surgery,” William said, coming towards her. He paused about two feet away, looking her over from head to toe like she was a horse.

Blaze whinnied again, stomping one hoof. She didn’t like being talked about as if she wasn’t there.

Out of nowhere she felt a sharp slash against her buttock. She jumped and neighed in pain. Turning she saw that William had a riding crop and he had used it on her! She started to turn when Mac grabbed the rope restraining her hands.

William allowed a small smile to curl his upper lip. “I see she has a good degree of feistiness still. I was concerned she’d become one of those milquetoast, docile ponies. All right then, I’ll leave you to getting her measured and fitted Mac. Continue as we’d planned with her training. I’ll see you tonight at dinner.”

Mac looked at Patty. “You are being soft with her, I can tell. You have a tender heart with some ponies, girl. Let’s fit her with her bridle to start.”

Blaze was stunned that they actually forced her mouth open and placed what somewhat resembled a real horse’s bridle into place. Her lips felt swollen and tender by the time they finished.

The short man, whom Mac called Gus, started measuring her.

It was embarrassing all the places he put his tape measure on her body. The circumference around each breast, her inner thigh length and even the distant from front to back between her crotch.

“Gus will make you up a daily harness to wear as well as several special kit outfits for occasions. We will begin your serious workouts beginning today. Your final fittings will be in a few weeks so as to take advantage of your new physique that will develop with your exercise routine. Now we’ll fit your work harness.”

She didn’t like the sound of all that. Choice was not an option she discovered as her arms were fitted into leather sleeves. Next a corset of leather was put on and strapped and cinched up to cover her stomach from waist to just below, but not touching, her breasts. Her arms were gently brought behind her, bent and strapped to her back.

“This is the position you will be maintained in for running, pulling a cart or carriage and pretty much all the time. Your muscles will soon get used to the position.” Mac reached out and lifted her nearest breast. “This pulls your shoulders back and straightens your spine giving you a near perfect posture. This helps you maintain your balance and has the added benefit of thrusting your tits up and out.” He paused to check her breast, squeezing and then bouncing it in his palm. “Very nice, especially the nipple rings are the perfect size. Most ponies get smaller sizes, but these were so big I was sure they needed a much bolder ring.”

Next came the straps, crisscrossing her chest and one coming from front to back between her legs. She struggled against it. Mac slapped her butt twice, stopping her immediately. Reins were attached to the bridle and she was announced ready!

Ready for what, she wondered.

Day 11

For three days she had been running in circles attached to the walking bar. Her legs burned from the over use, but it didn’t let up. If she didn’t lift her legs high enough to suit Patty, she started from scratch. The gentleness from the young woman shown her was gone.

Having healed, she was bathed with the brush and her skin glowed red each day from her bath. The oiling made her gleam. By the end of each session, she was sweaty and tired. Allowed to rest and drink, she worked from morning until evening when she was washed again, although lightly this time, dried and then rubbed down with special liniment.

Even though she was still angry and chafed at what had happened, she acknowledged that she’d never been healthier. Little physical things that had bothered her were gone. Her diet was ideal and her inner workings seemed to function better than ever. Her muscles were developing all over, except her arms. Those were released each night and massaged. She was given several different hand exercises to use to keep them functioning. She could run at a full gallop for two hours without dropping immediately in exhaustion. No health club or spa she’d ever visited had managed that in the same space of time she admitted reluctantly.

Day 15

She was now running outside on the track pulling a light weight single passenger curricle, or small buggy, and able to run for long periods of time. Since Patty was small, only about a hundred pounds, she had not yet experienced pulling someone much heavier.

To be continued...