by admriljamestkirk
as edited by SirJeff
- do not use without the author's permission.

It was another terrible morning in hell and Lucifer the princess of darkness was standing by the shore of the lake of fire enjoying the endless spectacle of condemned souls emanate from numerous portals from the ceiling of hell and plunge into the lake of fire. Lucifer, who was wearing a fancy black medieval dress, was a lovely blond haired demon with bright red eyes and the evil ruler of hell. As the spirits of the damned continued plunging to their eternal doom, the pretty demon caught sight of a lovely brunette female spirit dressed in a sexy skin-tight black leather biker outfit emerge from a portal above the lake of torment. The lovely demon immediately noticed the girl in the biker outfit was extremely gorgeous and appeared to be worthy of a close up inspection before she took her place among the damned in the flames of hell. So, the lovely demon snapped her fingers and the girl immediately stopped descending towards the dreaded lake and fell gently before the devils feet.

Lucifer smiled at the girl in the biker outfit with her red eyes, and when she looked up at her said in her soft voice, "Welcome to my kingdom darling. What's your name?"

"My name is Megan Foxx, where am I? Where's my bike? Who are you?" the girl replied in a bewildered tone.

Lucifer grabbed Megan's hand and helped her stand up. She looked at the sexy biker girl with her red eyes and said "I'm the princess of darkness darling. It appears from that sexy skin-tight leather outfit you're wearing that you probably had a fatal accident while riding a motorcycle."

Megan looked angrily at the powerful demon and growled "Stop fucking with me! I want to know where's my bike and where I'm at. I want some God damned answers!"

Lucifer smiled at Megan, let out a lovely but sinister chuckle and said softly "God damned is right darling, look behind you." A few seconds later Megan turned around and was mortified by the sight and sounds in front of her. As far as her eyes could see she saw untold thousands of poor souls suffering and screaming in agony in a huge lake of fire. Numerous others were falling, and splashing violently into the flaming lake.

Megan quickly realized from what she had just witnessed that she was in hell. She turned around and said in a frantic tone "This has to be a mistake... I'm a good person... I don't belong here... please help me".

Lucifer smiled at Megan and said "Sorry sweetie, I'm afraid you are condemned to suffer here for all eternity. If it's any consolation, you have to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen enter my kingdom. You certainly look hot in that tight black leather you're wearing. Speaking about how hot you are, I think it is time for your swim now, darling".

Megan made a gulping sound and asked the sexy queen of the damned "My swim?"

"Oh yes, my condemned darling. There's a place in my wonderful lake reserved just for you" the devil replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Megan was understandably terrified by the words the devil had uttered and tried to run away from her, but a powerful invisible force stopped Megan right in her tracks the second she tried to dash away from the princess of darkness.

Lucifer laughed at Megan and said to the condemned girl in a lightly scolding voice "Bad bad girl! Now mommy's going to have to send you into the lake without supper."

Megan felt her body levitate off the ground and start moving backwards towards the fiery lake behind her. "Wait, I'll do anything you want! Please don't put me in there... please!!!" Megan screamed frantically as she approached the lake of fire.

A few seconds after Megan was done pleading to the devil to spare her from the torments of the lake of anguish she began drifting back towards the devil, and in a few moments she was once again standing before the queen of evil. Once the leather-clad beauty stood before her, Lucifer, closely inspected Megan with her shiny red eyes and said approvingly "I suppose you are too hot and sexy to toss into my beloved lake, so I'm prepared to keep you as a pet - but if and only if you do something to satisfy me." The pretty demon released her invisible grip on Megan and ordered her to drop to her knees and crawl up to her. Megan immediately got down on her knees and crawled towards the princess of darkness. When Megan was abreast to her, the devil lifted up her skirt and covered her up with it. Once Megan was underneath the devils gown she noticed her mouth was next to the demon's wet and moist pussy. It was very clear to the condemned beauty what the devil expected her to do. So the leather-clad beauty stuck out her tongue and began licking the wet pussy in front of her.

For the next several hours the Devil enjoyed countless breath-taking sensations that where being produced by Megan swirling her loving tongue deep inside her hot wet pussy. "Yes, yes, yes" the sexy demon would scream out with pleasure each time Megan's skillful tongue caused her to orgasm and her pussy juices flow like a river. Each time the devil's juices flowed Megan quickly licked them up and continued swirling her tongue inside the demons wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. For hours and hours, Megan licked and licked and swirled her tongue knowing full well pleasing the devil with her pretty mouth was the only hope she had from avoiding the flames of hell. Eventually, after several hours and countless orgasms, the queen of perdition became exhausted by the sensations produced by Megan's pretty mouth, so she lifted up her fancy skirt and ordered the tongue swirling beauty to stand up on her feet.

"My darling, you've certainly gained my affection with that sexy mouth of yours, and have earned a place by my side as my personal pet and ponygirl" the devil said lovingly to her leather-clad slave.

"Mistress, what is a ponygirl?" Megan asked respectively of her new mistress.

"You'll see" Lucifer replied. She snapped her fingers and instantaneously a bright red light engulfed her lovely pet. The demonic light transformed Megan from a sexy biker chick to a heavily bound ponygirl. Once the light dissipated, Megan was dressed in a skin-tight black leather catsuit and thigh-high boots with spiked heels. Her mouth was stuffed with a huge penis gag, and over the penis gag there was a leather mask with 2 horns on its top that covered every part of Megan's head except for her eyes. In addition to the above items, Megan was wearing a spiked metal animal collar with a leash attached to it, and a leather arm sleeve which tightly bound her arms behind her back. And underneath the catsuit, Megan was wearing a rubber panty that had 2 gigantic 12" dildos attached to it that painfully stuffed both of her holes, a tight fitting corset which squeezed her stomach. Lastly horrible metal nipple clamps with sharp teeth were attached to both of her leather-clad breasts.

"My don't you look sexy, my condemned ponygirl. I can't wait to start using and abusing you for my amusement and pleasure," Lucifer said with a twinkle in her eyes, as she looked at Megan's new outfit. The devil continued admiring her evil handiwork for several moments and then continued "I think the first thing I should do with you darling is to teach you how to trot like a ponygirl." The lovely demonic princess walked up to Megan and grabbed the leash connected to her animal collar. She winked her red eyes and a second later both her and Megan vanished from the shores next to the lake of fire and rematerialized in a large hot cavern. In the center of the cavern was a weird and ominous looking horse-walking machine. The evil-looking horse exerciser had a frame in the middle of it made of numerous human skulls and in the center of the skull frame was a glowing red metal pole which had a metal arm connected to it that extended about 10 feet away from the walker's center. At the end of the walker arm were metal hooks with chains attached to them. At the bottom of the chains were two large glowing metallic hands which were moving and appeared to be alive.

As soon as the Devil and her pet entered the cavern, Lucifer commented "Isn't this walker pretty darling? I can't wait to see you hooked up to it!" She pulled on Megan's leash and forced her to follow towards the device. As Megan came close to the walker, those hands connected to the walker arm chains suddenly snapped towards Megan, grabbed both her leather-clad breasts and squeezed down on them. Megan tried to scream through her penis gag once the hands clawed down on her nipple-clamped tits, because both of the walker hands were scalding hot and pinching down on her breasts with so much force that her teats felt like they were being squeezed by gigantic vice grips. The pain inflicted by the mean walker hands was so intense for poor Megan that she began to cry. Soon tears from her beautiful eyes began flowing down her leather mask.

The lovely princess of darkness smiled when she saw the tears flow from Megan's eyes and wiped the liquid off her leather mask with her hands. She said in loving but mocking tone "Tut, tut, my dear, you better save some of those tear drops for later, because you are going to need them. Now listen up sweetie and listen good...". The evil queen of the damned allowed poor Megan a few seconds to regain her composure and continued "... in a few seconds, I'm going to teach you how to trot and act like a ponygirl. I will tolerate nothing but perfection from you my dear, so every time you make a mistake I'm going to punish you. Now let us begin. The first thing I want you to do is raise your right leg 18 inches off the ground." Megan immediately lifted her right leg as instructed and then the devil said "Very good darling. Now lower your right foot and once it touches the ground raise your left leg up 18 inches high, and then lower it, and then raise your right leg 18 inches in the air. I want you to do this forty times in place." For the next several minutes Megan raised and lowered her legs as instructed, and when she was finished the pretty demon complimented her pet for her actions. "Well done darling, you've just learned how to trot like a ponygirl. Now let's see you trot while moving around with the walker." A few seconds later, the devil clapped her hands and the animal exerciser Megan's tits were connected to began moving.

Once the animal exerciser was in motion Megan was forced to circle around and around with it. As she continued trotting around with the walker, tear drops began flowing down her leather mask again, because for poor Megan the walker was a merry-go-round of pain. Oh the agonies of the scalding hands of the walker clawing down on her nipple-clamped breasts, the metal-teethed clamps underneath her catsuit biting down harshly on her nipples, the gigantic 12 inch dildos of her rubber panty grinding inside her tight pussy and ass, the increase in her body temperature caused by her skin being encased in tight black leather from her head down to her toes, the agony of the tight corset inside her catsuit squeezing her stomach! All these factors were too much for Megan to bear. She started to pass out from her ordeal until she felt a horrible stinging sensation against her leather clad outfit which caused horrible burning sensations to ripple throughout her entire leather clad body.

"It's not yet break time, darling," the devil said in a condescending tone to her tormented pet. Megan looked in the direction of her new mistress to see what had caused the searing agony throughout her body, and noticed the devil was now holding a bullwhip which the demon had just conjured up with her powers. The whip the princess of darkness was grasping had a black leather handle and cord made up of strands of fire. When the evil demon noticed her sexy leather-clad pet look at her, she snapped her flaming whip at Megan once again, causing her pet so much agony she had to bite down on the huge penis gag stuffing her lovely mouth. "Keep your eyes forward darling, and focus harder on your trotting! And remember darling, every mistake you make will bring you pain." the devil said to her sobbing pet. For the next several hours, Megan did her best to trot correctly and please her cruel demonic mistress. But despite her best efforts Megan constantly had problems, due to her exhaustion and agony, trotting correctly and keeping pace with the walker her tits were painfully connected to - each time she strayed, she paid with a horrible lashing from the devils whip.

After several hours and countless flailings from Lucifer's cruel flaming whip, Megan's ordeal on the walker finally ended and her evil mistress ordered the hands of the walker to release their vice-like grip on Megan's anguished teats. Released from the diabolical device, she immediately collapsed to the ground from utter exhaustion. The devil put down her bullwhip, knelt down next to Megan and loving caressed Megan's leather clad face. She said in a motherly tone "Did Satan's ponygirl have a fun time today? You look so tired darling, I think its time for your bed." As the lovely demon was done talking, she winked her eyes and both her and Megan disappeared from the cavern. Seconds later they reappeared on a bed that was in the center a fancy bedroom. It had a huge window that overlooked the lake of fire.

When Megan rematerialized on the bed, she noticed that now there was a leather face harness over her leather mask that had a nine inch plastic dildo attached to it. She was laying down on her stomach on a huge bed with black leather sheets and her face was once again in-between the spread legs of the sexy princess of darkness. Her mistress grabbed the end of the plastic cock attached to her mask and slid it into her hot moist pussy and once it was inserted the devil ordered her heavily exhausted pet to fuck her with the huge plastic dick by bobbing her head up and down above her vagina. Megan did what she was told and soon Lucifer enjoyed the luscious sensations of the face dildo grinding up and down inside her hot wet twat.

"Faster, darling, faster!" the devil screamed in ecstasy to her sexy pet.

Megan did her best to bounce her head up in down as fast as she could to please her cruel mistress. She hoped desperately that her all-powerful owner would finally let her get some much needed rest once she got off from the plastic cock strapped to her head. Eventually after several bobbings from Megan's head the sexy demon experienced an earth shattering orgasm and cried out in a rapturous delight "Yesssssssss!!!" It took several minutes for the devil to recover from her mind blowing orgasm. Finally, the devil carefully removed the plastic cock connected to Megan's face harness from her wet pussy and then she used her hands to wipe her pussy juices off her clit and smear them on Megan's leather mask. Once the devil was finished rubbing her sticky vaginal fluids on Megan's mask she patted her pet on the head and said in a adoring tone "Well done, my precious ponygirl. You were wonderful. I would love to play with you some more but it is my bed time now darling - I'll see you in the morning." The devil blinked her eyes and Megan vanished off her spacious bed and rematerialized inside a large birdcage that was 500 feet away from the window of the devil's bedroom.

Megan noticed she was locked in a huge bird cage that overlooked the devil's bedroom window. She began to feel extremely hot all over her leather encased body. Megan was horrified to realize the reason she was toasty warm all over her tormented leather-clad body was because the cage she was trapped in was hanging from a chain connected to the ceiling of the lake of fire and her cage was suspended just inches above the dreaded hot lake of fire itself. For the rest of the night, Megan would be forced to endure ever increasing, horrid and inhumane temperatures in her cage. And while poor Megan suffered from the soaring heat that emanated from the hot lake of flames just inches below her, her cruel and beautiful mistress lay nearby in her cozy and comfy bed, dreaming up countless terrible things to do to her sexy toasty-warm leather-clad pet roasting outside her bedroom window....