Robin Between the Shafts

Written in 1994, by Steve Masters.
Found on a news group and edited by SirJeff for use on SirJeff's Ponygirls.

Author's note: A fictional account, all the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Chapter 1

It was to be quite a day for Robin. Max and Cary led her out into the sunlight of the back yard. Each held a firm hand on her tethered elbows. Max held his free hand clamped at the nape of her tender neck. She wore only the green panties Jim had given her earlier after her morning spanking. Cary smiled as he watched her tits jiggle as she descended the steps.

Robin was in a daze. After only three days at the farm, she knew only the immediate moment and fear of the riding crop that had been liberally applied to her body. She hardly noticed the wheeled contraption that waited in the drive. Only when her two taskmasters bent her over its forward bar and began strapping her into it, did she realize that it would be an instrument of her ordeal. It was a beautifully crafted riding carriage. The shafts were too close together to harness any horse or pony. No, they were designed to accommodate the hips of a much more petite draft animal, a girl. Robin was to be trained in one of the more exotic demands of female erotic slavery; service as a human filly, a pony girl.

The sun illuminated her pearly white skin as the two men strapped her down, bent over, hands before her. In one swift movement, Max drew down her panties, leaving her naked in the harness. Next was the bridle. The metal gag she had already worn. But it had now been altered to fit her face and features exactly, strapping her head and jaw into one immovable unity. Her lips slobbered around the metal disk held in her mouth. Large chrome rings dangled on each side her face just behind the gag. To these were clipped long leather leads.

Holding these leads, Max stepped up into the seat of the carriage to survey his latest charge.

"Well, my girl. Life is full of surprises! Just a few days ago you were a feisty and free college student with a multitude of options. Today you are strapped before me, naked, with a swollen red rump. Every hour of every day is determined not by you and your egocentric whims, but by your masters here."

As he spoke, Max slowly pulled back on the reins, drawing the girl's head up and back. Having achieved the desired backward tautness in her neck, he tied the reins to the bar before him. The girl was held motionless; her naked rear thrust out towards her driver as if to show off its angry weals, her ample breasts thrust forward by the backward stretch the reins imposed on her back and neck. Such was the strict "display" position of pony girls at the farm.

"Soon you will be sweating in your straps with nothing on your mind but how to avoid my riding crop through obedience." Max continued.

Chapter 2

Robin's mind raced. How could this be happening. She had agreed with her boyfriend to undergo "training" to make her more sexy. But this? Torn from her daily routine as a graduate student, now she was stripped naked and fastened to this device. How had she come to be at this place, this farm, as they called it.

But before she could find any answers to the questions that swirled in her mind, she felt an additional weight on her hips. Max had stepped up and positioned himself in the seat of the carriage to which she was attached. The reins that held her head back so rigidly were loosened. Her master made a clucking sound with his tongue, which the nude girl suddenly realized was a command for her. Then came the pain.

"Obey your driver, girl." Max said in a monotone as he brought the riding crop down on Robin's already red crossed rear cheeks. Robin lurched forward, out of reaction as much as obedience. The carriage, complete with rider, followed. Another slash with the crop brought another straining step forward. Again and again, the sound of coed flesh impacted, until the whole assemblage, pony girl, carriage and rider were slowly moving across the back yard.

Cary stepped forward to open the gate. As he did, he smiled into the girl's face, a red mask of tears and surprise. Their new pony, frantic now to escape the whip, strained forward towards the open gate. As they left the back yard, a strong pull on the reins accompanied by another smack on her rear was all Max needed to drive his new slave out onto the bridle path.

For Max, it never got better than this, the first trip out with a new girl. He smiled as he surveyed her sinewed thighs pumping and straining in her efforts to pull the carriage. Her red striped rear cheeks rolled back and forth almost inviting additional strokes of his riding crop. Now and then, he caught a glimpse of one or the other of her breasts as they bounced and wobbled beneath her as she pulled and ran.

Max always enjoyed training, and his charges knew him to be fair and firm. Though he obviously enjoyed the erotic aspects of such work, his goal was to train young fillies. He wondered why these young women would agree to undergo such training. He smiled again, and again his riding crop smacked the girl's bottom. After only three days, Robin was well on her way to achieving an understanding of this peculiar discipline. Her master, Max knew, would find her sexually irresistible once she had been trained in the way between the shafts.

Flies buzzed in the fields around them as the strange carriage, its rider, and its naked and pink filly trundled along the path.

Chapter 3

After half an hour of pulling the carriage Robin was sweating rivers. No longer resisting, she found that this bizarre role of pony girl wasn't as hard as she at first feared. The carriage she pulled was so well designed that once in motion it required little effort to keep it moving.

Scarlet lines criss-crossed her rear cheeks and the backs of her thighs. But most of that had been earned in the first 10 minutes of her ordeal. Once she learned to pull her driver at the pace he required, his crop ceased punishing her hindquarters. Quickly too, she had learned to respond to the subtle jerks of her driver's reins. Attached to her bridle, a slight pull to the left or right would be enough to pull her head to the desired direction. Her pumping thighs and the carriage would soon follow. When she was required to pick up the pace, she could feel the leather snap on her back. A slow firm pull back, often together with the admonition "Whoa!" would be her signal to slow her pace or stop. Over and over again she was put through these simple paces. Robin was proud of her ability to learn this strange and arcane discipline.

At one point her driver stopped and got out to survey her predicament. He smiled approvingly at her nakedness, tapping her here and there with the butt of his leather crop. Robin could not bear to look the man in the eye. She felt ashamed but also knew, instinctively, the man would like her better that way, with her eyes averted. Suddenly he reached below her and grabbed one of her nipples. The pressure on the pink nub caused the girl to groan.

"I'll bet these are beginning to hurt," Max said with some gentleness as he massaged the girl's hanging breasts. In fact, Robin's teats had become rather tender bouncing around beneath her as she ran. She had been so caught up in her emotions she had hardly noticed her discomfort. She shook her head up and down in an affirmative response. The clips of her bridle and reins clicked noisily.

Max laughed at her horsey demeanor "Quite the pony girl, eh? I suspected these babies would cause you some trouble. Well, I have just the something that'll ease their pain."

Robin could hear the man behind her rummaging around in the carriage. When he returned he began massaging a cool lotion on her breasts, kneading them. It felt good. As he reached down to scoop another dollop onto his hands, she saw, with astonishment, the label on the can. "Udder Cream" it read. Robin closed her eyes under the man's thick fingered tit rub.

A strange shudder overcame the girl. Again her thoughts raced. They were making her into an animal! She wondered at her own sanity, agreeing to such an ordeal, all for the love of a man.

With some reluctance Max stopped rubbing the cream into the girl's breasts. He grinned at the hanging globes, glistening and greased. He saw too the redness of Robin's face. He knew this was becoming a deeply psychological afternoon. Max rubbed the excess cream on the girl's scarlet rump, playing idly with her sex as he did so. A few extra fingers of cream was deemed necessary, slicking up the smooth rear curves of the girl. Then he encased each tit in an elastic fishnet bra, open enough to see the pony girl's charms but enough support to prevent any unnecessary discomfort. Picking up the reins and sitting back in the carriage, Max had only to click his tongue and his young coed filly began to pull. A certain straining urgency was in her step as the driver's crop splatted against her oiled rear. Driver, carriage, and naked girl became one as they headed back to the farm. Robin panted wide eyed while Max smiled.

Chapter 4

It was uphill the last leg of the journey home. Although Robin kept herself physically fit with her aerobic classes, she was beginning to show the strain of pulling this carriage/driver assemblage. Sweat ran down her temples and spit dribbled out of her bit gag onto her breasts and stomach. Max found it necessary to give her repeated encouragements to keep the pace as they climbed that last hill. Clicking his tongue, snapping the reins and smacking her bottom and legs he had spurred his 22 year old human pony into a final fast gallop.

As she pulled the carriage through the gate, she caught a glimpse of a group of men watching her. Robin's face was scarlet as she blushed. She shook her head pony fashion and tried not to look at them.

"There she is!" she heard a voice say. It was a voice she recognized! It was her beloved Jim. She shook with excitement, embarrassment and delight. But her attempts to see her lover were quashed by Max's firm hand on her reins. The crop smacked sharply on her tender rear cheeks bringing her back to the matter at hand.

"You'll see your Master soon enough," Max laughed, "After we clean you up. Now get your sweaty ass into the barn!" Robin didn't wait for another reminder from the driver's crop, she quickly trotted into the open barn.

Pony girl and carriage were met by two young darkly tanned grooms. As she entered the barn they came forward and held her reins while Max stepped out. Robin could feel the weight shift on the shafts but the grooms prevented her from turning her head.

"Clean this one up," Max ordered as he cupped a rear cheek, "And as she's new, use the heavy brush on her so she gets the idea. Then bring her inside."

The two grooms said nothing but they began to unfasten her from the carriage. Soon Robin was standing . "What a relief!" she thought as she continued to catch her breath and take inventory. She was covered in spit and sweat and road dust stuck to her wherever Max had spread oil on her. The burning pain of her hindquarters claimed her attention now that she wasn't running. But as Robin turned her head back to see herself one of the grooms snapped at the reins. Quickly her head was pulled around to face him. He smiled at her knowingly and reaching forward swiftly ripped the riding bra from her. Again Robin's fat breasts bounced free. The other man had fastened her hands together and was pulling her towards a shallow stall ahead of her.

Her hands and bridle were tied above her, streching her almost to tip toe. The men obviously approved of her charms, she could see them grinning to each other. Then one of the grooms began to wash her down with a stiff brush and a soapy pail of water. Robin cried out as he roughly washed her sensitive areas, her breasts, her sex and especially her crop crossed nether cheeks and thighs. She shivered as they hosed her down. The cold made her nipples stand out embarrassingly erect, a situation the grooms appreciated as they took turns pinching them. Rough as they were Robin was glad to be clean. Her thoughts went out to her Jim for whom she had endured this ordeal. She remembered how he had sternly told her that he was a "demanding lover" and how she would be expected to willingly undergo a period of "training" if she wanted to continue a relationship with him. It had all sounded so exciting, and it was!