Allene as a Pony Girl.

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One of my good e-mail buddies asked me to write a story about Pony Girls but the only thing I knew about them was a picture someone sent me with a girl wearing a short skirt, a helmet, and a leather bra. I assumed it was some kind of costume thing which I am used to since I have been dressed as a bad girl for spankings, a sorority girl for an initiation, or given a huge blonde wig to be a lion for training.

I asked Mike about it and he said that Marge, my sister in law, had been a pony girl and that George and her could show us when they dropped by for a visit on the way to Thailand.

Marge called a couple of days later to say they would arrive at Seatac at 5 pm on Friday and hoped Mike could meet them to fly them to our ranch since they would be too tired to rent a car and drive there. I told her that would be no problem and asked her about the Pony Girl thing.

She laughed and said I was in for a new thrilling experience and that she had already talked to Mike and was bringing me a costume from Germany. I asked her what I would be doing, but she just laughed again and said she didn't want to spoil the surprise but that she hoped I was still in good shape. I told her that I was still doing an hour of aerobics everyday since Mike liked to watch me doing them naked. She laughed again and said, "Good. You'll need it. I have been working out every day since I heard it would be an event at your ranch."

I said,"Damn it Marge. Don't keep me in suspense. Tell me about it."

"No way Darling. It was sprung on me as a surprise and that is the way it will be with you."

She evidently changed her mind as I received a package by overnight mail. I saw it was from her but it was addressed to Mike so I didn't open it although I was dying of curiosity. I was badly punished once by Mike for opening his mail when the package turned out to be my anniversary gift which was not supposed to be opened until our anniversary.

Oh God. My e-mail buddy just sent a message telling me what Pony girls do. I really sounds strenuous and Mike is real mean if I don't do my aerobics right.

He came home from work and I told him about the package. He said,"Oh good. That will give me time to make any adjustments necessary."

He had me take off all my clothes and opened the package. He pulled out the "Uniform". It was not what I expected. It just seemed to be a bunch of leather straps. He started by having me hold my arms high in the air buckling the "Bra" on me, if you could call it that, by buckling it behind my back then buckling the shoulder straps to keep it up with the one quarter leather cups pressing gently under my boobs.Then he buckled another strap around my waist that hung from the bra.

He told me I could put my hands down to my sides which made the thick leather of the bra push up on the bottom of my boobs like a wonderbra. I complained that the bra was cutting into my boobs but he just said it will soften up once you get it wet with sweat.

He picked another strap out of the box and pulled it up between my thighs so the edge of the leather dug into the crease between my thigh and pussy and buckled another strap riveted to the crotch strap around my wrist. Then he buckled another strap to my other wrist.

I let my arms droop to keep the edges of the leather from digging into my pussy but when he saw the leather loosen he tightened them another notch.

Then he took a strap dangling from the waist strap and pulled it up between my legs to make me gasp as it slid into my slit and pressed on my clit. He came around to my front and pulled my pussy lips apart to let the strap in deeper then tightened it a notch.

I whined, "Honey would you loosen the straps a little. When I walk the damn bra will cut into the bottom of my boobs and that pussy strap is going to make me crazy."

He just grinned and said,"That is the idea."

Then he had me sit down but I had to sit at attention to keep that damn bra from cutting me. He pulled a pair of leather boots out of the package with the tallest heels I had ever seen. At least five inches and buckled on the boots. He took a helmet out of the box with a huge plume of ostrich feathers on top and buckled it to my head with a chin strap.

He said, "Okay. Get up and look at yourself in the wall mirror."

It was hard to get up with my wrists bound like that so I just kind of lunged up and stumbled a bit which really caused the leather to dig into my boobs and my crotch. I said, "Can you release my wrists it is really hard to keep my balance with them tied down this way."

He said,"You will learn."

I walked over to the mirror with little steps to try to keep my balance but even then I would stumble a bit and that would make the leather bite into my boobs and pussy. I noticed walking caused the crotch strap to also rub my anus.

My image in the mirror reminded me of pictures I had seen of girls in bondage but they were not expected to walk around. The bra was making deep creases in the underside of my breasts while they lifted them almost to my chin and the short walk had made the crotch strap go clear out of sight in my pussy slit.

I whined, "Mike the bra is really hurting my tits and the crotch strap is making me crazy the way it rubs on my clit and anus."

"It will get better as your sweat soaks the bra and your pussy wets the strap. Now walk back over here. There is more to the uniform."

I went to him gasping as my little stumbles dug in the leather. He took out a black leather blindfold that snapped into the helmet. Loss of sight made it hard to keep my balance just standing and I said, "I could never walk with the blindfold on."

He took it off saying,"Not now but eventually you will be able to because you will be punished for stumbles. Now then as a Pony girl you will stand proudly at attention at all times."

I thought that would not be a problem since the slightest slouch threatened to cut off my tits.

He brought out a gag that looked like a short fat penis. He said, "You shouldn't need this since you never scream but you may as well know what it is like if you do."

He pushed it into my mouth and snapped it to the helmet. It was awful it was just long enough to go to the back of my throat to make me gag and I could only breathe through my nose. I made up my mind that I would not scream no matter how bad they may hurt me.

He took out the gag and said, "There is one other thing. Get on your knees with your head on the floor."

I did and he took the strap out of my pussy and began pushing KY jelly into my asshole.

I said,"Oh good. You are going to butt fuck me. That will be nice."

"No. I am going to put in your tail."

He showed me a thing that looked like a turnip with the greens still on it except the greens were more ostrich feathers.

He began pushing it into my anus while I whined,"It is too big. You will rip my asshole."

He ignored my pleas and kept pushing until just as I was sure my anus would rip I felt my sphincter muscles slam shut on to the feathers.

He hooked up the crotch strap again and told me to walk around.

There was just too much stuff going on. My tits being cut, the crotch strap rubbing my clit and the plug in my butt overwhelmed me and I stumbled at nearly every step.

He said, "You need to concentrate. At every stumble I will hit you with this.You know I don't want to hurt you so try harder."

He showed me a long skinny whip that I knew would really hurt.

I really tried but I was so unstable on those heels with out being able to use my arms I still stumbled. The whip came around my side to make a super painful stripe on my stomach which made me stumble again to get another. Finally I forced myself to concentrate in spite of everything but by then there were nasty red stripes on both my tummy and tits which stung even more from my sweat running into them.

I made a couple of trips around the room without stumbling realizing he was right. The leather had softened as it got wet and now no longer hurt. Mike said, "Very good. Now you won't look like a fool next to Marge. You wouldn't want that would you?"

He knew I was in competition with Marge accepting any punishment she received and more to prove I had more courage than her. I said, "No I would not like that. Thank you for training me. I am sorry you had to whip me so much."

"Me too Darling. One more thing then I will take off the harness and make wonderful love with you."

"What thing?"

You will make one more trip around the room high stepping. I want your knees above your waist at each step just like a circus pony. Your punishment for failure won't be as bad. I will count aloud each time you stumble or don't get your legs high enough. At each count you will get two lashes with the strap on your breasts and pussy after the uniform is off."

I started around and that was hard. As my feet hit the floor my tits would rock and roll on the leather and the high steps pulled the crotch strap in even tighter. Try it sometime and imagine what it would be like in high heels and constant stimulation to your tits, pussy and asshole.

I did my best but he yelled "Six!" just as I approached him.

"Okay. You did well for the first time. We have a few more days to practice."

I moaned at that but brightened as he said he would take off the uniform. He removed the crotch strap first and I winced as it slid out of my inflamed pussy. Then he removed my tail. Again I was sure my anus would be ripped but it felt so good to slip out it was worth it. He unbuckled the uniform and took it off then inspected my tits and pussy. He said "Your pussy is all right but the skin on the bottom of your breasts is worn until there is some blood. You may soften that leather a little with oil."

"Oh thank you. I was afraid they would be cut off me."

He laughed and said, "I doubt that but you know I don't like to see you cut."

"The whip made some nasty welts. Go take a look."

I rushed over to the mirror and traced the welts with my fingers. He knows I like to look at myself after punishment because seeing the marks reminds me of how it felt to get them, which excites me.

He called me back to him to take off the helmet saying, "What will happen when this helmet is off?"

"I will be strapped for my failure."

"Will that hurt?"

"Oh yes. But I deserve it."

"Good. Go get your strap."

I ran to our bedroom to open the closet containing an array of whips, canes and paddles to pick out the strap and return to him. He knows it excites me to pick out instruments and take them to him knowing as soon as I hand it to him the punishment will start.

He said, "Do you want to be courageous or wimpy?"

To be courageous I had to hold my position untied knowing if I got out of position I would earn another lash. To be wimpy I would be tied and would not have to concentrate on staying available for the next. I have good days and bad. Especially during PMS I am much more sensitive and know I won't be able to take it without bending over or twisting. This was a good day and I said, "Courageous."

He said, "Get into position."

I knew what he meant. I locked my hands behind my head and pushed out my boobs and opened my legs.

The first one on my right tit caused it to explode in pain. I gasped and then looked down to see a nasty red blotch and my nipple sticking out as if asking for more.

He hit my left tit and it also hurt so much I moaned "Aii!" and fought to stay in position.

He said, "Are you ready for the next on your pussy or do you want all four of them at once at the end."

I blinked back tears and said, "All four."

He finished with my tits and as usual something happened that made the last two cause more excitement than pain.

He told me to get on the ottoman. I sat on it then leaned back until my head was on the floor which raised my pussy and then opened my legs. He straddled my stomach and began bringing the strap down on my pussy. The lips jerked and burned as he made a short delay between slaps to let me feel the painful but exciting sensation go into my womb.

I was having orgasms by the third, and when he finished the fourth he knelt to let his tongue flutter on my oh so sensitive clit. To continue my orgasms then drove himself into me to make even stronger climaxes, until I was squealing and sweating like a pig.

He carried me to bed and we snuggled until I went to sleep.

My training continued and every day I became stronger and more graceful.

Then finally it was Friday. The big day. During the day I put on the boots and took a long walk in the woods around our ranch. I was really proud that I could now even walk on the uneven and rough ground without stumbling.

That night, over beers, I asked Mike if he wanted to whip me, but he said, "No let's save that for tomorrow. You know you like an audience."

We snuggled and finished the pitcher then went to bed.