Peppergirl's Ponygirl Breeding

- by Kodiak

Author's Note:

This is a true story. I met the principal player, Mr. Clark, and saw a video of life on the island he lives on. I do not know the location of the island except it is somewhere in the south Pacific. The island is not overly large I'm told which is one reason it is not on maps. I have no reason not to believe what I have been shown. It is too unbelievable to have been made up.

I have expressed the story in my own words. Mr. Clark has answered many questions for me and I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but where necessary to keep the story moving I have used literary license. I have viewed four videos thus far and have been promised more by Mr. Clark. They have been coming at approximately four to eight week intervals. I have no idea how long they will continue to come. I feel compelled to put down what I have seen. I would very much like to visit the island but I fear that will never happen.

I have many friends and move around the country often because of my job. I met Mr. Clark through one of these friends and for some reason we seemed to hit it off right. Well one thing led to another and eventually it led to this. I have made an outline of each of the four videos. I hope you enjoy them.


Chapter 4

Ponygirl Breeding


I ran for two more miles at the pace Mr. Clark set for me. I must have come at least ten miles so far; double what I had ever run before. I was in good condition when I came to the island and now I was in even better condition. Still, I had to do the return trip back and I dreaded it. Even with Mr. Clark whipping me, I knew I could not make it. A shudder ran through me as I thought of that. I was so much in Mr. Clark's control, that I prayed he would manage me well so I could make it. Even though I knew I was helpless, could not complain or refuse, I knew in the deepest part of my body that I was only an animal, Mr. Clark's ponygirl, to be used only as he saw fit, without the slightest thought to my desires.

I was breathing deeply when I came into a clearing. Mr. Clark slowed me down to a walk and I was grateful. Then I saw a structure ahead that appeared to be a barn with a corral. As I came closer this was confirmed and I made out the three young ponygirl trainees leashed to a post in the corral and still harnessed. Mr. Clark brought me to a stop outside the gate where they were leashed.

Two girls in tunics like Sarah's came out of the barn and walked to the carriage as Mr. Clark stepped down. They were both lovely and as they came closer I saw both were slightly older then my twenty years. They stopped a few paces from us and waited for Mr. Clark to speak.

"How have my three young fillies been doing, Vicki?"

"They just came back from their exercise a few minutes ago. They were marvelous. They have not been pushed to their peak yet but that will come shortly. Cathy and myself were just going to rub them down and let them rest for their afternoon exercises."

"That is fine. You are doing very well." At this Vicki and Cathy beamed their appreciation. "I have business at the house and will be staying overnight. This is Peppergirl. Groom her also and feed her. She has had a very hard day."

Both girls said yes together, and Mr. Clark left.

Vicki came to me, stroked my udders, and spoke.

"So you are Peppergirl. I have heard so much about you. Sarah told me you would be coming here for you first outing. You made me loose a bet. I have never known any ponygirl to make it on their first try.

She must have seen the fright in my eyes, for her next words suprised me. I had found out with Sarah it is not nice to disappoint the training-girls.

"Do not worry. I will not punish you. It is a bet I gladly loose. There is no telling what you can accomplish as a ponygirl after making this morning's run."

Just what did she mean, I wondered. I was at my limit as I pulled up to the corral. Would they expect me to do more? Yes they would, I thought, whether I liked it or not. Mr. Clark would do with his property, his ponygirl, me -- Peppergirl -- exactly what he desired and I would do it. Animals may not like what they are trained to do but they do it, and I knew Mr. Clark would train me to perform as he wanted me to.

Cathy moved to one side of the young fillies, "You first Pertnose." She slipped a bridle over her head and a bit into her mouth. Pertnose did not object. She appeared to look forward to having the bit between her teeth. She almost lovingly moved it around in her mouth. I always accepted mine -- after the first refusal you learn to accept it -- but always with resignation. I accepted mine because I had to. Pertnose must have been broken to the bit for some time or maybe it was because of the way she had been raised. She never knew another life.

Cathy unleashed her, moved her ten feet away to some planking. She took her harness off, leashed the reins to a post and wet her with a hose, keeping her hair dry. She then filled a bucket with water, put some soap in it, and with a sponge began soaping her. I noticed though that while no part of her body was overlooked, and while it was washed when Cathy decided to do it, Pertnose enjoyed the washing and tried to offer her body as she saw fit. This was overlooked by Cathy except when she spread her legs so she could wash between them better. It suprised me but Cathy thanked her for the help.

She than took the hose and holding Pertnose's hair up, washed her down. All the soap was removed from her and the planking around her. Cathy then bathed her in the water for five minutes. Then because of the cold water Pertnose started whinnying. She was led off the planking, dried, and led into the barn.

Vicki performed the same operation with Longlegs, and Cathy again with Firehead -- for the color of her hair. They all acted the same. All were trained very well for lives as ponygirls.

Vicki came for me after Firehead was led inside, disconnected me from the carriage, and led me by my reins to the planking. Here she took my harness off but bound my hands to my side with a leather strap explaining that I may not be used to the way they washed ponygirls here.

She tied my hair on top of my head and then proceeded to wet me down with warm water. It felt wonderful against my body as she sponged me with soap, being very careful where I was whipped. She was as thorough as Sarah leaving no place unwashed. When finished she washed the soap off me and the planking. I looked and felt refreshed. Even my hooves were clean. She then turned the water back on me and gradually it became cold -- very cold. After a few minutes I whinnied and tried to escape but she followed me around the planking with the hose for the full five minutes. I was shivering before she stopped.

"Come now Peppergirl, it was not that bad," she said, as she led me off to be dried. After drying me she led me inside the barn to a stall, put me in and took the bit and bridle off me. She left my arms tethered and left.

I looked around and saw the three young fillies across from me. Pertnose, Firehead, and Longlegs, were in separate stalls left to right across from me. They were not harnessed in any way and Firehead was moving back and forth across her stall between Pertnose and Longlegs reaching up and kissing first one and than the other. The other two were giggling and whinnying for attention. It was a game and they were enjoying themselves.

Before I could look around further Vicki and Cathy came back with a bucket each. Vicki passed out a sweet smelling gruel while Cathy poured water into our troughs. The three fillies waited by their stall doors eyeing the food and I did the same.

"Eat," Vicki said and the three fillies plunged their heads into the feed troughs and then I did the same with mine.

I heard Vicki tell Cathy to stay and feed me more if I wanted it. I did and she poured more gruel into my trough. I was ravished from the morning's workout. She kept the water trough filled for all of us and after we finished she told us to rest and she would be back later.

The fillies across from me dropped to the floor of their stalls and disappeared from my view. I laid down on some straw and quickly fell asleep.

* * * * * *

It was pleasurable between my legs as I lay on the straw on my back. I was twitching slightly and spread my legs. I was still partly asleep. I moved my body so the pleasurable sensation would continue. My legs were wide apart and my cunt lips were eager for the finger between them. Finger! I awoke and saw my Master, Mr. Clark, kneeling to my right side with his right hand playing between my legs, exciting me.

A warm glow was coming over my body that I had not had since I slept with an aquaintenance before I was captured. My hips, of their own volition were thrusting themselves towards my Master's fingers as he played with my clit. His left hand moved to my udders and quickly the teats hardened. I loved to have my teats sucked while making love and as Mr. Clark sucked them I felt exhilarated. The milk flowed freely as he sucked and I tried to raise my upper body to place the teat further in his mouth but he pushed me back telling me to relax. I whinnied my pleasure. My whole body was afire.

There was a soft buzz and between my legs I sensed Mr. Clark using a vibrator. I was beside myself with delight, I shook my head yes and whinnied and thrust my pleasure hole at him. He placed the vibrator beside my cunt lips and I started to thrash wildly, whinnying the whole time. He placed it inside me and I felt as if I were in heaven. It had been such a long time ago since I had been made to feel such pleasure. My arms jerked at my side but they were bound tight. I could only lie back and enjoy what was being done to me.

Then I heard Vicki speak and even though I looked at her and became frightened that she should see my humiliation as my owner controlled my body, my body still moved of its own volition to the tune Mr. Clark was making.

"I have a bigger dildo with me. It's knobbed and will cause Peppergirl much pleasure."

She handed it to him and he pulled the one that was inside me out and plunged the bigger one in. I choked back a scream as it was plunged into me with the knob rubbing on my vaginal walls. He kept turning it and pulling it out and plunging it back in. I raised my mouth trying to reach his but he pushed me down. Then he pulled out the dildo and rose.

"Well that is enough. She is quite randy don't you think, Vicki?" Mr. Clark asked and the stable lass nodded her head in agreement.

"If only she was not such a doll as a ponygirl I would have her for my bed." he continued.

I started at that -- bed -- no more life as a ponygirl, but Mr. Clark quickly dashed my hopes. "No, a ponygirl you are and a ponygirl you shall stay."

Throughout the whole conversation I did not stop jerking my body and offering my cunt for use. I was aroused so much that Vicki remarked, "She is in heat in a bad way Mr. Clark. Should I bring Fury in for her."

"I do not wish to breed her at this time Vicki. She knows her future is as a broodmare, why rush it."

"I understand Mr. Clark. I just do not like to see her suffer." Mr. Clark looked at her and she continued, "She is in heat and knows only one way out of it. To offer herself to a male."

Mr. Clark looked at me squirming on the floor. They were talking about me as if I was a helpless animal. That they were so talking did not even humiliate me. Some part of my mind had taken over me and what she said was true, I was in heat and needed a male in a bad way. I think that is why I did not come earlier with the dildo. I looked pleadingly at him and whinnied.

"Very well, bring him in Vicki." She left and he continued to me, "You will have to arouse him and then present your backside to him." I looked at my bound hands and he continued, "You will find a way. Here he is."

He was a magnificent male and well hung. Vicki was speaking to him, "She is in heat. If she can arouse you and you wish to take her go ahead."

She let him in my stall and Mr. Clark and Vicki withdrew to the other side of the gate. Fury's arms were not bound and I thought he could hold me but my need drove through me and I rose to my knees and walked to him on them. I applied my mouth to his organ and tried to arouse him. He would not become hard.

My need was even stronger and I grew desperate. I must arouse him. I took my mouth off his cock and first took one ball and then the other into my mouth, sucking each in its turn. Still nothing. I kneeled back, my hindquarters on my hooves, my knees spread far apart, cunt lips spread waiting for his penetration and I whinnied pleadingly to him. I then lowered my mouth to his feet and licked them. I looked up ready to debase myself further when I saw him getting hard. My lips eagerly sought his cock to make it harder yet.

He pushed me away and motioned for me to roll over. I turned and realized I could not support myself since my arms were bound. Fury took me and threw my face into the ground and raised my hindquarters. I automatically spread my legs for him and felt him grasp my flanks and pull himself into me.

I moaned as he started pumping in and out. It seemed as if hours went by as he was pumping. His hands cupped my udders and helped him pull himself into and out of me even further. Eventually I felt my body getting ready to explode and he was pumping faster. We both came at once. He filled my insides with his semen and I came and came and came. Never before had I come or felt like this. As Fury pulled out, I fell to the floor exhausted, ready for sleep.

I heard Vicki and my master speak though.

"The drug works fine Mr. Clark. You should have no trouble inducing heat in her when the time comes."

"Yes, I see. It's a shame she isn't like the other ponygirls who know their duty. Now I wonder if she is pregnant."

So it was a drug that made me behave like a bitch in heat. I did not care just now. I was exhausted and fell asleep.



More to come...