The Bar None Stables IV

- written by Kilogram, for use on SirJeff's Ponygirls.

Chapter 7.

Linda's routine remained the same for her first three days as a ponygirl. On the fourth day they considered her sufficiently trained so she did not need constant attention as she walked around the track. That morning, the trainer took her to a walker where she joined three other new ponygirls. Except that she did not have the undivided attention of the trainer, nothing had changed in her routine.

The sixth day began as the previous two had. In midmorning, when the luscious ponygirls were allowed to stop and rest, Linda could tell something was going on to her left. She tried to turn in that direction, but the harness and blinders combined to prohibit her from seeing anything. A couple hours later, at another break, she knew something occurred again but still could not tell what it was.

In early afternoon, a man disconnected her from the radiating pole of the automatic walker. Attaching reins to the ends of her bit, he led her across the training area.

Linda had no idea where he took her, and certainly could not see anything but the ground before her.

When he stopped, he tied the ends of the reins to ring on a fence. Linda could only stand there helplessly until someone came for her.

Her wait was not long. Another man freed the ends of the reins so he could lead her forward through a gate into the corral. Four trainers, not busy at the time, sat atop the fence to watch. Watching a ponygirl in motion was aesthetically pleasing to all.

"Okay, Ponygirl, now it's time for you to start learning how to earn your keep."

From the movement about her, Linda sensed there were more than three people there. From the sounds of their footsteps, she knew one was a woman.

A man pulled her forward by the reins and had her turn a little to the left.

"Back up. Back up. A little more. A little more. There! Stop!"

As soon as the beautiful ponygirl stopped, she saw something descend before her. Hands pushed her forward so her waist touched something. She felt a leather strap press against her lower back, forcing her belly against something cold, something hard.

She felt them do something to the harness on top her head. When the hands withdrew, she still felt something there. She wiggled her head back and forth a little, feeling the weight of the thing on her head. After a few second she realized they had attached a tall plume to the top of her harness.

"Now, Ponygirl, we are going to teach you how to pull a sulky. You will not find it difficult. All you have to do is walk and the sulky will follow you."

They all laughed at this joke, but Linda did not find it amusing. What concerned her was this device behind her, secured to her body.

She felt the pressure of the object before her change. It was some sort of metal tube. Someone had climbed into the seat of the sulky, causing the weight to shift. She felt that change reflected in the metal tube across her belly.

"You just go forward," said a male voice from behind. That came from the man seated on the sulky. "When I want you to turn to the left, I will do this." He pulled on one of the reins that caused the harness to pull her head around to the left. "The harder I pull, the sharper the turn. If I want you to go to the right, I do this." Tension on the right rein pulled her head about to the right.

"Left." He pulled on the reins, pulling her head in that direction. "Right." He forced her head in that direction.

"Now, Giddy up."

Linda started forward. To her amazement, the sulky was not hard to pull. Sure, she had to work harder at stepping forward, but pulling the sulky was not difficult.

What the beautiful young ponygirl did not know was that the designers had created the sulky to make it easy for a woman wearing high heeled shoes to pull it without hurting herself. The wheels were slightly forward of the seat so the rider's weight was directly over the axle. The Ponygirl did not have to lift the rider, only pull him forward. The actual task of pulling the sulky was made easy by the countervailing ball bearing disks on the end of the axles.

Linda took a tentative step forward. The weight of the sulky brought her to a halt. Discovering she had to lean forward a few degrees, she started the wheeled carriage moving forward. Once in motion, the sulky became easier to pull.

The beautiful ponygirl's first route was straight forward. She trotted from one end of the enclosure to the other, stopping when the driver pulled back on the reins while yelling "whoa! ." With some difficulty, Linda managed to get the sulky turned around. With a flick of the reins and the word "Giddy-up" she was told to start forward again.

Where Linda started and where she ended up being were many feet apart. As she pulled the sulky forward, she had drifted to the right. On the return trip she drifted across the axis of her original route.

The driver said nothing other than the usual commands to get Linda to turn around. Drifting from one side or the other was common with new ponygirls. Even experienced ones had trouble maintaining a straight route without being able to see some point ahead of them to aim at. The intent now was to get Linda used to pulling the sulky.

After an hour of practice, they returned the dark-haired beauty to the automatic walker where she spent the remainder of the day walking in an endless circle.

The next day they took Linda back to the corral for another session with the sulky. Midway through the training the driver changed the procedure. Instead of having Linda stop so she could turn around, he pulled the reins to have her turn to the left or to the right. Late in the session he began applying tension to the reins to correct the drift.

That evening, just before halting the walker so the ponygirls could take a break, the trainers increased the speed appreciably. The sexy animals made three circuits around the ring at a trot before being allowed to rest.

After another day of training with the sulky, the trainer decided to advance Linda's training to the next level. Though she could not see them when she arrived in the corral, a line of barrels stretched across the enclosure.

"This is going to be more difficult, Ponygirl. Ahead of you are eight barrels. I want you to weave back and forth between them. You don't have to see them, just follow the directions given by the reins."

Linda started forward. After several feet, she felt tension on the left reins. She turned in that direction. After several steps, the tension changed from one rein to the other. She continued forward a few steps until the tension changed over to the left again.

That was how Linda spent half her day in training. The remainder she spent in the automatic walker. Each session she spent less time walking, and more trotting. When the trainer led her from the barn to the walker, from the walker to the corral and back, he ran across, forcing Linda to trot along next to him, toe, heel, toe, heel.

Since Linda was more intelligent than most ponygirls, they decided to accelerate her training. Thus far she had learned the basic functions of a ponygirl. To the inexperienced eye, she knew how to perform as a ponygirl. Bar None Stables had the reputation as the greatest trainer of ponygirls. The products of their training set the industry standards.

Linda's training had only begun.

When she arrived in the corral the following day, they removed the blinders to replace them with a set of leather blindfolds. A black leather pad covered each eye so she could see nothing.

"Being a ponygirl is a matter of trust. You have to trust the driver that he or she will not do anything to hurt you. From now on, they will give you no orders verbally. The only orders they give will be through the reins."

A flick of the reins, the barely noticeable jerk on each side of the bit, was the signal for her to start forward. Pressure on the right rein, pulling the end of the bit back, caused her to turn to the right. The tension eased so she moved forward. A little tension on the left end of the bit. She turned a little in that direction. More tension. She turned in that direction.

When they paused to give her the chance to rest, the trainer slipped a sugar cube in her mouth.

"Good Girl," he said as he rubbed the back of his fingers across her nipples.

Chapter 8.

Linda had gotten used to the continuous circles in the training area. She was only one of sixteen ponygirls hitched to the wagon. She did not know that she was only one of two new ponygirls. True, the others had little more experience than she did, but they had advanced in their training to such a point that the trainers had no doubt they would do exactly as directed by the reins.

Linda trotted forward without realizing the route had changed. The sudden blast of bright light told her they had left the basement training area and were out on a street. Someone might see her! She tried to stop, but the momentum of the others carried her forward.

The next step in the beautiful ponygirl's training had begun. They would teach her to be proud of parading about naked in public.

It had taken Linda six weeks to reach this point from the time they first hitched her up to a training sulky. Once she knew the mechanics of pulling the device and obeying commands from the reins, they altered her harness. Leather pads covered her eyes. Not that she could see much before, but now she saw only a faint yellow glow from about the edges of the blindfold.

The ponygirl now had no distractions. She learned to obey every command from the reins. In a matter of days, they had her weaving back and forth among the barrels. Once she had demonstrated to them that she would be following the orders given her by the reins, they removed the blindfold. They changed her harness and bit to a regulation ponygirl harness and bit, complete with blinders. She could see only the ground before her where she was to put her foot. The check chains and harness prohibited her from raising her head or moving it to either side. The blinders prohibited her from seeing what was to either side.

This was only part of her training though. She spent long hours in the automatic walker, only now they had changed the routine. Each day they decreased the amount of time walking while increasing the amount of time trotting. Within a couple of weeks, Linda spent all her time trotting around in a circle. Her stamina increased. What little body fat she had when she first came there was burnt away by the strenuous exercise.

That was not the only change to her body.

"She certainly is developing quite a pair."

The hands lifting her boobs and allowing them to drop told her what they talked about. The change to her bosom had been so gradual, she had forgotten about the hormones in her ponygirl feed.

This forced them to take her back into the tack room periodically to scan her body. The large boobs changed the distribution of her body weight - they made her top heavy. Changes to the cuirass compensated for these changes. This leather device forced her to hold her body in the proper position so she would not hurt her back.

Every time Linda performed well, they would reward her with a sugar cube. If they forgot, she found herself snorting and stamping a hoof on the ground to remind them.

Linda's training progressed quickly. Though she was unaware of it, she moved ahead of other ponygirls who had arrived before her.

They placed her with three other ponygirls who were nearing the end of their training. These three knew what to do. Their job was to teach Linda by example.

The trainers wrapped a leather strap about each leg just above the ankle. Attached to each were a dozen circular bells. The straps were marked "left" and "right" (though Linda was quite unaware of this). The bells on the different straps were different diameters so they gave a different pitch when they jingled.

"Keep in time! Keep in time!"

They used the switch freely on the luscious ponygirl's upper thighs. Quickly she learned to move her legs in time with the others. Not only did the four ponygirls trot around in the circle at a rapid pace, they moved their legs in unison, up, down, up, down, around and around.

The next step was to teach Linda to work as part of a coach-and-four. As the new ponygirl to the team, her position was on the left in the rear row. About all she could see were the lower back and bottom of the ponygirl before her, a blonde ponytail protruding from the ass of the ponygirl.

As she waited for them to finish getting the team harnessed to the coach, Linda thought about her own ponytail. She had worn it for several weeks now. She was so used to having it stuck in her that she felt strange when they pulled it out so she could relieve herself.

When they slid it back in, her nipples became hard and pointed. The trainers had commented upon this. She had come to enjoy having that plug stuck up her ass.

As she stood there thinking about it, they became hard and pointed again. Linda wondered if she was blushing. She had become quite proud of that ponytail dangling down from her bare fanny. She could feel it swinging from side-to-side as she trotted along. From the comments the trainers made, she knew she made a beautiful sight.

Linda's training thus far had been in the stable compound. For the advanced training on the coach and four, they took her on a trail outside. They were not the only team to go out so they had to wait in line. Five minutes after the team ahead of them left, the driver shook the reins.


The four started forward, pulling the coach and the driver behind them. By then Linda knew how to maintain the same rhythm as the other three. The bells on their ankles jingled together.

The route they took was a mile long, a gentle loop that brought them back to the stable. Hooves pounded at the soft track as they sped along at a trot. In ten minutes they were back at the stable.

After a brief rest, they started out again on the same track. The pace was about the same as before, though they did knock a few seconds off the time. The driver knew they were not in a race against the clock. They were learning to be good little ponygirls.

The next break was longer. They then took a different track. It too was about a mile long, but had more twists and turns to it. The four ponygirls made the various turns while maintaining the same rhythm to their pace.

After four days of this type of training, the lead ponygirl, the one in the front row on the right, was removed. Linda moved to the right while another ponygirl was added to the team in her former position.

After the first day, Linda noticed a change to the ponygirl before her. Her leather training cuirass was gone, replaced by a black corset.

In days, Linda moved to the front row, first on the left, and then on the right. Almost immediately, they removed her training cuirass. She wore a black corset now.

The change did not occur without testing. The trainers attached sensors to it and to her harness. The position of her body was scanned as she trotted along. The computer analyzed her movements and issued its judgment: Linda trotted along as a ponygirl with the cuirass to keep her in body in the proper position. Her training was almost complete.

One morning Linda was taken and loaded into the back of a jettruck with three other ponygirls. Linda felt them attach one strap after another to various parts of her body. When they finished, it was quite impossible for Linda to fall over, bang against the sides, or slam into another ponygirl.

The trip was uneventful and less than an hour long. When they emerged, they were in the basement of the Bar-None Enterprises building though none of the ponygirls knew that. All they could tell was that they were inside some building. Most noticed the sweet smell of the country air was gone.

For two days, Linda trotted around in the basement training area. She wore a black and red corset, the colors of the Bar None Stables. There were sixteen ponygirls in the team and they no longer had the belled straps, but other than this, nothing had changed from her previous training.

Then she was out in public where people could see her. But because of the blinders though, she could not see anyone. She imagined everyone was staring at her naked body, pointing and laughing.

As had been her training back at the stable, Linda worked her way forward through the team until she was in the front row where everyone could see her body. After the first day the team was kept outside. They returned to the basement only for sessions on the automatic walker.

"Look, Mommy! They're beautiful!" a little girl squealed as they trotted past one day.

Linda had to think about it for only a few seconds, because she concluded that the girl was correct. She had the body of a ponygirl, oversized boobs and long, lean legs. She began to take pride in herself as a ponygirl belonging to the most prestigious stable in the country.

Once they felt Linda was accustomed to being in public as a ponygirl, the trainers moved her to a coach and four. These were the executive coaches. If a VP needed to go somewhere, he would summon a coach and four. Occasionally, they would go out to pick up young women, just as Linda had been.

Though Linda had been a ponygirl was almost four months, she still had not earned any money for the company. During that time she had run up training and feed bills. As new ponygirls moved into the basement, it was time for her to move out to where she could earn her keep.

One day Linda found herself in a most unusual position. Instead of being in front of the coach, she was hitched behind it with five other ponygirls, two columns of three ponygirls secured front to back. The team of four was hitched to the front.

The coach, the driver, and the ten ponygirls moved across town. There, in that very park where Linda had gone on a date, she found her new home.

That was where she met Him. Because of the blinders and the harness, she could not see above His waist.

He rubbed the back of His hand across her nipples.

"Boy! You are a real beauty."

He slipped her a sugar cube though she had done nothing.

Using a curry comb, He brushed the ponytail dangling down from the back of her head.

"I don't think I've ever seen a ponygirl as beautiful as you," He said as He slipped her another sugar cube.

He led her to her stall so she could rest. In the morning she would start earning her keep.