The Bar None Stables III

- written by Kilogram, for use on SirJeff's Ponygirls.

Chapter 5.

Using the reins attached to the ends of her bit gag, a groom led her inside the stable. The beautiful brunette glanced to her right where there appeared to be an endless series of stalls on both sides of a corridor. The floors were concrete so her footsteps echoed down the corridor with a loud "Clop! Clop!" She had only a second to look as the man led her into the tack room on the left.

The man led the lovely captive to a low platform in the middle of the room. As Linda stepped up on it, two men approached, one before her and the other behind.

Linda's nudity kept her from realizing the bondage items were there. Hanging down from the ceiling were long chains with leather cuffs at the ends. The length of the chains was not adjustable, but that did not matter. Another matching pair lay on the floor next to the platform. One end of each had a leather cuff while the other end was attached to a ring on the side of the platform.

They freed the captive from her bondage but that freedom was short lived. Her wrists went into the leather cuffs so she had to hold her arms over her head. They had no need to lock the cuffs on her as there was no way she could get free.

The men next pulled her legs apart so they could fasten the other set of cuffs about her ankles. When they finished, the luscious captive stood spreadeagled without any chance of protecting her body.

The two began by fastening the leather cuirass about her slender waist. The man in back held it in place while the man in front fastened the four smaller straps that kept it about her waist. When he finished, the man stepped across the room to get a pair of short, broad straps. He buckled one end to the cuirass at her left arm. He ran it diagonally across her chest before tossing it over her right shoulder. While he repeated that operation with the second strap on the other side, the man behind her pulled the strap down to secure it to the top of the cuirass. As he fastened the other strap, the man standing before Linda crossed the room for another pair of straps.

These straps were shorter and only half an inch wide. He squatted in front of the naked captive to attached one end of the first to the bottom of the cuirass. He passed it between the brunette's spread legs. The second man attached it to the bottom of the cuirass in back.

When they finished, they had the leather training device secured to the captive's body. They did not have it on very tightly, but even as loose as it was, it could not come off without two or more straps being undone first.

Linda thought they intended to free her at this point as the man before her examined the leather cuff holding her right arm in the air. He did not remove it though. He merely examined it to insure the cuff would not be in the way for the next step. After examining her left bond, he selected a pair of leather arm sheaths.

These leather sheaths were auxiliary bondage devices that ran from the wearer's wrist to her upper arm. A gap in the leather made it possible for her to bend her arm.

When he finished with the first arm, the man behind her removed the leather cuff from about that wrist. He pulled Linda's arm behind her back so her hands were near her fanny. A small padlock, fastened between a ring at her wrist and another on the cuirass at her waist in back, secured that arm in place. Another padlock ran between another ring on the top of the sheath and a ring somewhat to the outside of the cuirass. When fastened, she could move her arm a little, but it was not enough to protect her body or to free herself.

In seconds they had both arms locked behind her back. The small padlocks kept her helpless. She could struggle some if she wished but could not get free.

They then began the long and arduous task of getting the proper shoes on her. Once the chains were removed from her ankles, they led her in front of the x-ray scanner that analyzed how her feet fit in those ponygirl-shoes. The x-ray data was digitized and fed into a computer that analyzed the fit. In a few nanoseconds, a recommended shoe size appeared on the screen. They replaced the shoes she wore with the new ones. Back in front of the scanner, the computer recommended changes to the fit.

The computer continued to suggest changes, major alterations to the straps at first, then gradually smaller ones. The trainers knew the fit of the shoes was important. Linda would be no good to them if she developed foot problems as the result of the high heels. At the end of an hour, they had the optimal sandals on their ponygirl, adjusted so they fit perfectly.

They then turned their attention to the cuirass. The X-ray scanner they used was similar to the one they used on her feet only the area it scanned was larger. The shape and contour of the brunette's spine were digitized and fed into the computer.

First they scanned her standing still. The computer suggested changes to the various straps. When the computer was done, they led her past it at a walk so the computer could scan her in motion. They made more adjustments suggested by the computer.

The leather cuirass was an important tool of training a new slave girl. A woman walking around on those high heels could develop back problems if her posture was not perfect. The cuirass insured she held her body in the proper position. When they removed it, she would maintain that position by habit.

The only remaining items were her ponygirl bridle and her ponytail. Linda already wore a training bit so they only had to encase her head in the leather straps of the bridle. One man bunched her long hair into a ponytail that they held in position with a pair of rubber bands. Using a metal hook, he pulled her bunched hair through a ring on the bridle harness. When he had enough hair through, he pulled the hook out so he could grab Linda's lovely tresses and pull her hair through.

The leather harness fit snugly about Linda's head. One strap encircled her head at her eyebrows. A protruding black plastic strip prohibited her from seeing straight ahead. She could only look down at the ground before her. Another strap encircled her head from under her chin to the top of her head. They attached blinders to this strap so she could not see to either side.

Linda knew what they were doing. They were fixing her harness so she could only see to perform. They confirmed this by attaching check chains between the harness and the cuirass in front, and again in back. These chains prohibited her from moving her head more than an inch in any direction. With the chains and straps, she could only see the floor before her.

One man attached reins to the ends of the bit on each side of her mouth and used them to lead her about so the others could inspect her. Linda felt too humiliated by the whole experience to care that they stared at her naked body. She pranced where he led. After three circuits of the room he led her to another low platform.

"You feet go in those stirrups so you will have to spread your legs far apart. That's good. Now move your right foot outwards a little. A little more. A little more. That's it."

The man guided one foot in one stirrup, then the other foot in another. By stepping on a pressure plate in the floor, he caused the leather stirrup to tighten so she could not withdraw her feet. She had no choice but to stand with her legs spread.

At the press of a button, a chain descended from an overhead pulley. He attached the end to the base of the cuirass at her waist. With a nod, he signaled the operator to shorten the chain. When the man stopped the chain, the tautness prohibited Linda from lowering her fanny.

The trainer stepped in front of the beautiful brunette where her reins dangled down to the platform. By pulling on them he forced her to bend over and then looped them over a hook on the platform so the captive beauty could not raise her head and upper part of her body.

The man disappeared behind her where Linda could not see him. She tried to look over her left shoulder but the check chains prohibited movement of more than a couple of inches. She tried the right side with the same lack of success. "Maybe…" she thought as she tried to lower her head to see between her legs.

"Whhhaaaaawwww!! Whhhaaaawwww!!"

Linda bucked, twisted, and turned, but nothing she did could stop the man from inserting the plug into her ass. The well-lubricated shaft slid in despite the captive's frantic efforts to stop him.

The three-inch shaft was rubber tubing over a short steel rod. When the trainer had the shaft all the way in, he attached an oversized handle to the exposed end. As he turned the shaft to the right, threads turned through the ring on the outside of Linda's ass. The rubber tubing expanded into a donut-shaped plug that pressed against her sphincter muscle from the inside. When unscrewed all the way, the plug would not come out.

To the protruding steel shaft he attached a long ponytail, the color matching Linda's own hue. Linda was ready for training as a ponygirl.

Chapter 6.

"I swear! These ponygirls are getting dumber every day! Where did they get this one?"

The back of each thigh ached from the periodic slaps of a switch. Linda sobbed, large tears running down her cheeks as she tried to do as the trainer demanded.


"Toe! Heel! Toe! Heel! Do it right so you don't turn an ankle!"

One man took the reins attached to Linda's bitgag. Using them, he led her from the tack room to a smaller training area behind the stable. In this special training area, they gave new ponygirls their first lessons on behavior. The beginning lessons for every new ponygirl were boring but very important.

With the stiletto heel of her shoes, Linda could quite easily turn an ankle and permanently injure herself. She would be no use to them hurt. The first lesson was simple – they taught her to raise each knee in the air so her descending foot would land toe first, the ponygirl-shoe before the narrow heel.

The trainer led her to an arm of the automatic walker. The man positioned the lovely ponygirl to allow him to pull the end of the rotating arm over before her. A pair of clips attached it to the bit. When the arm rotated about the central post, the beautiful ponygirl had no choice but to follow it. The trainer walked along on the outside, half a step behind her, his eyes trained on her feet. When she did not plant her foot properly, he flicked the switch across the back of the offending leg. The intention was not to inflict pain, but to teach the lovely animal the proper way to move.

With her head held in one position by the various straps and check chains, Linda had no idea how many times she circled that post. The pace was slow and sometimes the trainer had to warn her to slow. The only thing they wanted Linda to learn was how to walk in ponygirl-shoes.

And she did want to learn.

The terms of the contract with Bar None Enterprises was quite complex. She tried to read through the pages of fine print but with her mind numb in shock, none of it registered. The basis of the contract was that they would pay her 50,000 at the end of the term. The 50,000 was a loan that she borrowed at 10 per cent annual interest. She had to pay off the costs of training her as a ponygirl, plus rental costs for the equipment she wore. On top all this there was a 20 percent markup.

"We have to make a profit on this," Ms. Hawkins explained to her with a smile.

Repayment of these expenses would not begin until Linda was thoroughly trained. As she signed the contract, she recognized the psychology of the terms. The sooner she was trained, the sooner she would earn the company money so she could pay off the debt. And the way to become trained quickly, was to work harder at it.

Linda knew the only way to stop being a ponygirl was to work hard to be the best ponygirl possible.

"Good Girl! Good Girl! Keep those knees in the air."

After fifty minutes of training, she was allowed to rest. By pressing a button on a remote control device, he stopped the arm from moving. She was not permitted to sit, ponygirls never sat, but she could rest by standing still.

Linda's eyes opened wide when she saw him approach her with a plastic bottle. He wedged the protruding straw between the bit and her upper lip. Squeezing the bottle, he squirted water into her mouth.

He was well versed in taking good care of ponygirls.

At the end of ten minutes, he turned the walker back on. The rotating arm moved away from Linda around the central post. The beautiful ponygirl had no choice but to follow.

They followed this routine for several hours. A woman replaced her original trainer but the routine remained the same. Around and around, toe, heel, toe, heel. Once in a while the brunette would step down the wrong way, but she was learning.

Late in the evening, they gave Linda a potty break. One man held her reins while another removed the buttplug. Once it was out, the man pulled the luscious ponygirl forward so she had to straddle a pair of plastic panels. These panels moved apart to reveal the pit below.

"Go and get it over with. We don't have all day."

As soon as Linda was done, they cleaned her off with jets of high pressure water. The panels moved back together so she could walk forward.

"Spread your legs apart and bend over."

Linda knew the futility of resisting the buttplug. The man inserted a fresh one in her ass. In seconds he had it locked in place.

"Come along."

Linda trotted back to the automatic walker where they had her prance around in a circle for another six hours. A trainer no longer followed her around. Once in a while she placed her foot down wrong, but she knew she had to do it correctly to keep from hurting herself.

Long after midnight, the trainer brought the automatic walker to a halt.

"Good Girl, Good Girl," the trainer repeated as he patted her on the bare fanny. "Here is a treat for being such a good girl." She felt him pushing something in between the bitgag and her lower lip. With her tongue she tried to push it back out but could not. She felt it melting in her mouth. When her tongue probed it, she tasted the sweetness.

He had given her a sugar cube!

While she wondered whether she should be pleased or insulted, he freed her from the protruding arm of the walker. Using the reins, he led her across the yard.

The restraining chains still allowed her only to see the illuminated ground in front of her so she had no idea where he took her. She stared at the ground before her. Toe, heel, toe, heel.

After another potty break, the man led the new ponygirl into a stall in the barn. Most of the other ponygirls were already asleep. Their contented snoring echoed throughout the barn.

Linda had never seen inside a stall so she did not know what they intended to do to her. Two other trainers were present, one male and one female. The female fastened a leather blindfold over the captive ponygirl's eyes so she could see nothing.

Linda felt them fasten a leather belt about her waist. Hands pushed her forward so her weight rested on that belt. She could not see them attach chains to rings on the sides of the belt. They attached the other ends to the sides of the stall. Pushing her head down, they attached the back of the leather harness to a chain dangling down from the ceiling. Another strap and pair of chains under her lower thighs held her feet off the floor.

She thought, "What am I supposed to zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . "

Exhausted from the physical training she had undergone during the past few hours, Linda fell asleep.

"On your feet, ponygirl."

They had lowered the beautiful ponygirl's legs while she was still sleeping. She struggled with her bondage while she wondered what had happened to her.

"Come on, it's a new day, and day for new adventures as a ponygirl."

It took a while for the previous day's events to register. While she tried to remember why she could not move her arms, she moved forward.

They removed the bitgag and shoved her face forward. Some type of oval tube slid deep into her mouth. She tried to pull her head back but a restraining chain kept her from doing that. She could do nothing but stand in darkness until they finished with her.

While they had the bitgag out of her mouth, they removed the remainder of her head harness. Unseen hands shampooed and conditioned her long, dark hair. Once they had it dry, they subjected it to one thousand strokes with a brush. Her long hair glistened when they were done.

"What food does this one get?"

Linda's mind had cleared. She remembered the mess she had gotten into.

"The mammary mix, maximum dosage."


Linda's protest sounded like the neighing of a pony so they ignored it. The mixture flowed through the tube and into her mouth. Linda tried not to swallow but discovered she had no choice.

She realized she was to have the body of a ponygirl. The constant exercise they subjected her to would remove any excess fat she might have. Her body would become sleek and lean.

Except for her chest. Silicone was out, artificial hormones were in. Her body would react to the hormones, making her breasts as large as they wanted. She had no choice in the matter. The contract specified they were to train her and she knew having the body of a ponygirl was part of the training process.

When they finished feeding her, they put the harness back on. She did not resist as leather straps encircled her head.

The back of a man's hand caressed one nipple, then the other. Though she did not want to enjoy it, her nipples reacted by becoming hard and pointed.

"Come on, Ponygirl."

Linda had no choice but to trot after him. Her second day as a ponygirl was beginning.