The Bar None Stables I

- written by Kilogram, for use on SirJeff's Ponygirls.

Chapter 1.

The sun settled toward the horizon, an orange ball of fire in the midst of an ocean of smog that illuminated the landscape with a fluorescent haze. For a few minutes the hustle and bustle of Metro City slowed as it passed from day to night. The pace would increase when the darkness triumphed.

One place where the activity never ceased, was the Central Library at Metro University. The lights were on around the clock so there was no transition. The college students brought their holograph tubes there to study and to use the library's vast resources.

In a study room on the 11th floor, thoughts turned away from study and to the ever popular topic of boys.

"I swear, these boys can be such…such…boys!"

Molly Molloy looked across the table at Penny and tried unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle. Of the three roommates, only Linda Lawrence studied seriously. Blonde Molly and redheaded Penny Posy studied only enough to keep themselves from flunking out.

"What is so funny?"

"Oh, come on, Linda. The guy was cute. I mean he was real cute. And you treated him like he was…"

She looked to Penny for assistance.

"One of your term papers?"

The blonde responded by sticking out her tongue. She then turned her attention back to Linda.

"I mean, the guy was cute and he seemed nice and I don't know why you wouldn't go out with him."

"We are here in college to get an education. We are not here to socialize."

"Some of us do both."

Linda glared at Penny who gave her an innocent look in exchange.

"All these guys want to do is get in your panties."

"What is wrong with that? Sex is a great stress reliever. You could have guys swarming all over you if you wanted. You have the body of a ponygirl."

The body of a ponygirl could be either a compliment or an insult, depending on the context. Linda decided Molly meant it as a compliment.

"How do you relax with some guy on top of you sweating and grunting?"

"I usually go: Oh! Oh! Ohohoh!! Oh that feels so good. Oh! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Linda leaned across the table to whack her friend on top her head with a holographic tube.

"Earth to Penny! Earth to Penny! I think fake orgasms are prohibited in the library."

When the redhead looked around, she realized everyone in the room was looking at her. Slowly she hunched down in the chair trying to hide.

"Come on, Linda," Molly said leaning forward. "Having a little fun won't kill you!"

"I think she is a virgin!" Penny said in a whisper.

Linda pretended not to hear as Molly's eyes opened wide.

"You are a virgin! How did you make it through your freshman year of college and still be a virgin!"

"That's because they don't allow sex in the library."

The two laughed a little louder than they should have. Again, people turned to look at them. Someone was liable to call the librarian if they kept it up. For someone who was as conscientious a student as Linda Lawrence was, that would be a fate worse than death.

"I'm not a virgin," the brunette said through clenched teethed as she tried to read her philosophy notes.

Linda had turned down many offers to go out when she came to college. She knew she was beautiful but she preferred to be admired for her brains. She wore her long dark hair pulled back behind her head, secured in a languid ponytail that hung down to mid-back. She wore a loose polyester top to hide her curves. She did not want to go through the school day having guys stare at her chest. In her nineteen and a half years she had learned to hide her physical assets.

"Details, we want details."

Her two friends leaned forward.

The coed ignored them as she pretended to read, but the light flickering in her face from the holographic text told them she was scanning the words, not reading them.

"We are not going to leave you alone until we hear the details."

"What details are there? I was on my back with my knees against my chest and my feet up toward the ceiling. He was on top me grunting. End of story."

"How many times?"

"It only happened once and it won't…"

"No! How many times did you come your first time. I came twice."

Linda continued to ignore them. Her deflowering was an episode she would just as soon put out of her mind. She was an eighteen year old coed. He was her sociology professor. She admired his knowledge and learning. He admired her tits. She knew she would have enjoyed it more if she had not noticed the holographs of his wife and children on the desk next to her head.

"Twice," she answered in a whisper, hoping in vain it would shut them up. She heard the little sounds they made as they leaned forward. "I was about to have a third when he came."

She glanced up. They sat back satisfied. She hoped that telling a small part of the truth would cause them to lose interest in her meager love life.

The professor had propositioned her after class one day. She would get a guaranteed "A" if she kept him satisfied. She had an "A" average so she turned him down. During final exams she had three tests on the same day. She called him and earned her "A" without having to take the exam.

"You know you could be pretty if you tried."

Slowly Linda looked up at Molly. She knew she was pretty. Some people said she could be beautiful if she tried. She chose not to try.

It had been a humiliating experience her senior year in high school. The chess club had nominated her for Homecoming Queen. She went to the principal to get her name removed from the list of candidates, but he told her it was too late.

She suspected they wanted someone with half a brain to be up there with all those bimbos. She had to pay her cousin to escort her to the dance. She wore a gown that showed more cleavage than she wanted to but still she lost to a blonde cheerleader who probably slept with half the guys in the class.

She did not want anyone to think she was pretty. She was a serious student. Serious. No matter how cute the guy was, she was going to spend Saturday night curled up with some novel she had to read for English class.

"The library will be closing in thirty minutes," the amorphic voice intoned through the building.

"Let's go. I hear the Oldies Channel is going to play some music videos?"

Linda crinkled up her nose as she asked, "What are those?"

"I dunno. Let's go find out."

She wanted to stay until the library closed but did not want to be there alone. They had already disappeared into the elevator tubes by the time she turned toward the exit. Halfway there she paused in mid-stride.

He was there. Ken was his name. He was cute and she was getting bored studying all the time.

Her left hand moved toward her hair.

"Would it be too obvious if I removed the band and let my hair hang free?"

Molly and Penny and already disappeared from sight in elevator tubes beyond the receptionist's desk. They would never know what she did without her telling them.

She took two steps before pivoting suddenly. She moved quickly before she lost her nerve. He looked up at her and smiled. The smile was warm and friendly.

"I changed my mind. I am free tomorrow."

Chapter 2.

Molly and Penny insisted on helping their friend dress for her big date. Linda emerged from her bedroom in the dorm wearing black slacks and a matching knit top. Halfway to the two of them she slowly rotated with her arms extended.

"Well? What do you think?"

"I think you are perfectly dressed – for scrubbing floors."

"Don't you have anything shorter and tighter?"

Molly disappeared in her own room, reappearing seconds later her arms full of dresses and skirts. She held the first up against Linda's front. She looked to Penny for her opinion. The redhead shook her head at each one.

"That one!"

"I have a white blouse that will go with it."

Linda stepped over in front of the sofa where the university had a standard-issue mirror riveted to the wall. Slowly she slid the waist down her front until she had the waistline at her hips. The hem of the short skirt was much closer to her crotch than it was her knee.

"I look like a slut in this."

"Perfect!" her roommates shouted in unison.

"Now we need heels," Penny said as she disappeared into her room.

"No!" Linda said firmly. "Flats." She bit her lower lip as she reconsidered her statement. "Maybe a little heel."

"Not these?"

Penny held sandals up for her to see. Besides the straps and five inch stiletto heels, there was little to them. The coed held both shoes by one finger.

"No!" the beautiful brunette said, more forcibly than before.

Molly looked at Penny who held the shoes up in front of her face.

"Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is wearing heels like that?"

"Yes. Have you ever worn these?"

Linda's silence answered the question.

Penny pointed toward the empty chair next to Molly. "Sit down."

By the time Ken came to the door to get her, they had her dressed in the frilliest of lingerie, that short skirt, the impossibly high heels, and an almost transparent white silk blouse. Linda felt as though she was a piece of cheese cake on display in the cafeteria. Molly and Penny signaled her that they thought Ken liked the way they had dressed her.

They rode the tram across down to the Atlantis Diner, an organic food restaurant that specialized in seven course meals created from bio-engineered sea weed. The maitre'd led them to a table in a dark corner. At first Linda had trouble seeing as the only light in the restaurant came from the undulating blue-green patterns radiating from the walls' interior lighting system. The entire setting was exceptionally romantic which was why it was so popular among the college crowd.

Linda smiled at Ken, and for a few seconds forgot her feet hurt.

During the third course, Linda discovered there was more to Ken than simply being a jock. While he was captain of the men's precision swim team, he was also a member of the student senate and a socio-political economics major. His eyes were blue, and much to Linda's surprise, he did not bleach his hair blonde, the sun and chlorine did that.

"Would you like to go for a ride?" he asked as they emerged from the front door. The sun was now a red ball hidden by the city's towering spires.

"A ride?"

She knew he did not own a jetcar as he was a struggling college student.

"Come along. I'll show you."

He took her down toward the ocean. From the vantage of the heights, a person could see several miles out to sea. The sun had all but disappeared over the horizon.

They had already turned on the outdoor lighting as they approached the rental booth. Linda's blue eyes opened in amazement. She had never seen so many ponygirls in one place before. Gradually it dawned on her that he meant for them to go for a ride in a sulky drawn by a ponygirl.

She had never done that before. She felt her heart pounding in anticipation of the event.

Linda stood behind Ken, watching in silence as he rented the ponygirl and cart.

"Do you have any preferences?"

Ken chuckled nervously, then glanced back at Linda.

"No. This is only the second time I've been here."

Linda permitted herself a partial smile. He was not a regular customer. He did not pick up girls and take them out here.

"I'll get you a good one. One of more popular ponygirls is in the stable. She has had a chance to cool down from her last rental so you can take her out."

The Convention of ‘69 allowed women to become ponygirls. The ostensible reason was as a form of population control. Take nubile women out of circulation and you have fewer babies.

Linda knew a little about ponygirls. She had stumbled across an article about them and felt compelled to finish it. She learned several reasons for the popularity of ponygirls. One entire school of philosophy believed that a naked woman in harness was the extreme work of art. Lisa had heard stories of women, beautiful women, beautiful sensuous women, who had become ponygirls merely to raise themselves to a higher level of aesthetic beauty. The expression "the body of a ponygirl" meant virtually no body fat, precisely toned muscles, and perfectly sculptured breasts.

There were many reasons a woman would become as a ponygirl. Some needed the money and signed on for a few years of servitude. The tabloid news shows reported that one ranking senator earned money for law school by being a ponygirl for several years. Others used it to avoid being sent to the lunar penal colony. It was better to spend a few years on earth as a ponygirl than being on the moon making widgets.

They waited for a couple of minutes while they brought the ponygirl and cart around in front for him. Linda permitted herself a little smile when Ken put his arm around her waist. She responded by putting her head on his shoulder. At every opportunity she let her tits rub against him. She wished he would move his hand up to take her right tit but was too shy to suggest it.

The ponygirl brought forth for them had long, dark blonde hair. Linda could see the woman was beautiful, (but then again weren't all ponygirls beautiful?) with blue eyes. A series of black leather straps encircled her head, holding the steel bit in her mouth. Blinders kept her from seeing to either side. About her waist she wore a green satin corset. The edges had black lace ruffles. She wore a garment that hid nothing.

"Have you ever ridden in a ponygirl sulky before?"


Ken raised his right hand to the ponygirl's exposed tits. He turned his hand to rub the nipples with the back of his hand.

"What are you doing?"

"It's like petting a dog or horse."

"Can I do it?"

"Sure. You use the back of your hand like this. You reward the ponygirl for being good without copping a feel."

Beneath her knuckles, Linda felt the hard nipples of the ponygirl. Linda stared into her eyes. The ponygirl had a wild look of excitement on her face. The brunette could tell that this woman enjoyed having her nipples rubbed.

Linda bit her lower lip. She would not mind a bit if Ken got frisky with her. Another woman? That was a different story. She could not imagine that under any circumstances she would enjoy being fondled as much as this ponygirl did.

"Come on, let's ride."

As Linda stepped back toward the seat of the sulky, she noticed the brand on the ponygirl's left thigh – the null sign, a small circle with a diagonal line through it, and a horizontal line over the top.

She let him take the reins. With a flick of the reins he started the ponygirl down the path. The brunette had never ridden in a ponygirl cart before so she did not know what to do. She snuggled up against Ken when he flicked the reins to get the ponygirl started. She clung tightly to his right arm as the ponygirl pulled the sulky forward.

After only a few steps, just enough to get the sulky moving forward, the ponygirl broke into a trot. Linda watched the blonde ponytail protruding from the ponygirl's fanny swing from side to side with each step.

They followed the trail along the ridge for a couple of miles. Ken knew a turn-off where they could be alone. Using the reins he guided the ponygirl behind some trees, so no one could see them from the path. He jumped down, then ran around the cart to help her down. She enjoyed being in his arms. Maybe Molly and Penny were right. There were others things to college besides studying.

"Oh, I almost forgot," he said. Pulling the reins forward, he tied them to a tree trunk with a simple hitch. Linda knew she could undo it easily, but doubted the ponygirl could, not with her hands and arms secured behind her back with leather and chain restraints.

"We don't want her to wander off and get hurt," Ken apologized as he put his arm around Linda.

He led her to a secluded spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Though they could see for miles up and down the shore, several thick pine trees hid them from the trail where they had left the ponygirl and sulky.

After several minutes spent observing the fading sun and in inane conversation, he pulled her head toward his and kissed her. This kiss was only the first of many. Each one became longer the one before it. With lips parted, they explored each other's mouths with their tongues.

Ken's left hand began at Linda's lower back just above her bottom. Slowly he slid it up the brunette's body until he could cup her right tit.

Linda did not object. She was glad Molly and Penny had insisted she wear this little lacy bra. Twisting her body slightly, she rubbed the nipple back and forth across his fingers. She could tell that he knew what she did.

With a slight roll to the side, Linda was on her back on the ground with Ken diagonally across her. As they kissed, he drew his left hand down from her breast toward the hem of the short skirt. His fingers touched her thigh. Slowly and ever so gently, he moved them toward her crotch.

"Damn kids! Always fornicating in public places."

Ken rolled back off Linda. The brunette grabbed her skirt to pull the hem down as far as it would go.

"Why don't you go rent a motel room like we did when I was young?"

A figure emerged from the trees beyond them. Somewhat bent over, it needed a cane for support as it scurried forward.

"Get a room! Do it in private! Get out of the public parks!"

With a swing of the cane he whacked Ken in the side. He came to his feet as another blow landed on his bottom. Grabbing Linda by the arm, he pulled her to her feet and behind him so she would not be struck. A third blow caught him on the knee.


As they made their way around the trees toward the road, they had a voice yell, "Get a room next time!"

By the time they reached the sulky, both were laughing so hard tears streamed down their faces.

The shadows were quite long when they started back with the cart. He had his right arm around her, holding her tight. There was no need to, as she clung to him as well.

"Can I see you tomorrow for lunch?"

Linda's eyes were on the ponygirl as a groom unhitched her from the sulky. She trotted along behind him toward the stable behind the rental booth.

"I have a meeting tomorrow with Bar None Enterprises. I am up for a grant from them for graduate school. It's funny. I don't remember applying for a grant with them. I've never heard of them"

"Yes, you have. That's the big ponygirl conglomerate."

Linda realized that was the brand she had seen on their ponygirl, the null sign with the bar over it.

"Oh, yeah."

Before she could say anything else, he moved his face close to hers. She closed her eyes and leaned forward until their lips touched.