Galaxeena's Chariot Steed

- by unknown
- based on an illustration by E. N. Cuire


Blundie's eyes had widened in terror when she saw Galaxeena holding up the leather harness. This was a harness to put fear into any self respecting Amazon who saw the metal nails imbedded through the material. Nails, Blundie was sure, were not to decorate the exterior of the garment. She was right. Again.

What had happened to her dear friend (and oft times bed partner) Blundie didn't know. Gala was behaving like a cruel Dominatrix and already had Blundie's crimson gloved arms bound behind her back so her wrists met up and behind her neck, a position so many had bound her in many times before so her jutting monuments jutted forward and out at torturable angles.

Galaxeena hummed along, seemingly in glee as she attached nipple rings to the long-ago pierced appendages and then used monumental Alien strength to tighten the harness garment over the opulent body she wanted it on. Blundie tried to issue a scream of intense hurt as so many three inch nails were forced into her girl flesh as Gala went about her labors, seemingly unaware of Blundie's distress.

Things were already changing, however. As Galaxeena had witnessed before, Blundie's well known defences had swung into high gear and her unadmitted masochistic bent was raging at full throttle, allowing first the dampening and then the flow of femoil to drool down those long booted legs. Gala seemed to be enjoying herself.

Blundie would have surely given Gala a piece of her mind had not Gala had the forethought to strap what looked like a gag and head harness on Blundie, effectively cutting off intelligible conversation. Blundie just had to accede to the piercings of her lightly tanned flesh before Gala pushed her outside to the muddy stables where Blundie noticed with relief the absence of any horses of equine breed.

"At least she'd not going to make me mate with a horse..." Went Blundie to herself before her eyes opened again in fright. "Oh, no... Surely Galaxeena can not mean that... chariot for *ME*???"

Gala did. Her eyes were vacant as if she was under some kind of hypnotic spell and, as Blundie fought against backing toward the tongue of that chariot, belted the Amazon several times where it hurt the most. Then, for good measure, as tears coursed down Blundie's visage, belted her some more before Blundie decided that the fight had left her.

The fourteen inch knob at the front of the tongue, about as thick as one of Blundie's arm muscles, was not the one that caused her most pain or anxiety. T'was the one to its rear that, although smaller by some two inches and only as thick as Blundie's wrist, caused deeper distress since the hole it was intended for had not lubricated itself. Blundie's muscled and well formed body bent in absolute pain as both prods slowly entered her, abetted by strength Blundie never realized Gala possessed.

Tighter, now, Gala pulled the harness about Blundie's form while latching nipple rings to their mates on the draw bar of the chariot and before Gala examined her handiwork and mounted the chariot for a morning ride in the fields. Now Blundie was to regret the ultra high heels of boots she loved so much to wear. Rains the previous night had turned the fields to quagmires. Blundie was to sink knee deep at every whip-induced step, dragging the cart and it's passenger, wheels cutting deep furrows as they went along. Blundie was trying hard. She was trying hard because, if she didn't, the Galaxeena aimed whip would cut her there and here, forcing her body to jerk in agony and allowing the many, many nails to deeper impale her flesh.

Additional problems were the number of orgasms that shuddered the distraught Amazon and deeper impaled the nails and, as she slowed in orgasmic cumings, the whippings that induced yet more agony and shuddering from her. Her eyes were rolling around loosely in her head already and the prods well held in her holes were slick and sloshing around now loosened holders. How long Blundie could keep up a pace pleasing to her driver was a question only time would tell...