By JG-Leathers

(Selected text excerpt and Benson art by permission of JG-Leathers and The House of Gord)

The Eunuchs quickly removed my Travelling Uniform, leaving me clad only in basic restraints, then washed and groomed me in a large tiled area; treating me as just another animal to be taken care of, before I was led back to the outfitting area. The process of harnessing went rapidly, for our measurements had been sent ahead, and the school, well acquainted with the out_fitting and training of Horse Women (and sometimes Horse Men!) had developed a very efficient system. The Eunuchs and other women viewed the process with interest, observing how I reacted to being required to wear my Breaking Harness. I was to find out that there was more than one type to be worn during our stay here. They went from very light and decorative networks of straps, to the medium weight Breaking and Training Harness that we were all soon to wear, to a heavier Work harness, and finally up to the most fearsome of them all, the Discipline Harness!

My Breaking and Training Harness was snug, very secure, and surprisingly comfortable, at first. It was locked tightly to, and over the Chastity Belt by making use of the D_rings around the upper edge of the waist crushing, cinch portion, the use of which, until now, I'd been unable to fathom a purpose for. In moments, my upper body was ensnared by heavy sculpted pieces of thick, rubber_lined leather, they being liberally endowed with restraint rings and a plethora of adjusting buckles. The only areas free of covering by this piece were my breasts (which seemed to stick out even more vulnerably now!), highlighted by the thick rings and locking posts at their tips, and the dangling and swaying chain connecting my nipples: it adding immensely to my bound and distressed appearance. I was left gagged until it was time to be fitted with my bit; but as the harness was tightened, I couldn't help the gasps and moans that were forced from me when the crotch_band and plug were pulled into ever more firm, intimate contact. My hands and wrists were briefly released from their locks at the side of my 'Belt, one at a time, still encased in the thumbless mitts, then the Eunuch slowly forced them up behind my back between my shoulder blades, and strapped them to the shoulder piece, rendering them totally useless! This posture was extremely uncomfortable and rapidly grew to an agonising cramping, and finally, long hours later, they went numb. As soon as they'd pulled my arms as high as they'd go, my elbows were also pulled in, to be strapped firmly. Every day from that point forward, the Eunuchs would tighten all the straps that secured my arms, for the tendons and muscles stretched slightly with the passage of time. Eventually they stopped, as my forearms had become pressed tightly against each other all the way up my spine, resulting in my shoulders being kept constantly pulled back, forcing me to stick out my chest. If I'd been allowed the use of my fingers, I knew that I could easily have touched the back of my skull from behind; but, being buried in the confines of the mitts, there was no possible way to use them! From that point forward my arms were there to stay, for my entire time as a Horse Woman!

They finally got to the 'prime controller' part of the harnessing; draping a web_work of straps over my head and still_short hair, then adjusting it until it was quite snug and virtually irremovable. It was made even more so when he snapped the locking buckles closed, one after the other. The bridle left my face clear of straps; but the rest of my head was thoroughly ensnared! The Eunuch had taken care to fit my heavy, golden ear_rings with their locked-on identity disks and silver bells through the apertures of the bridle, then one of them picked my bit up from the table and came over to me, holding it up for my inspection before the fitting. It was a complicated, clinical looking, chromed steel device, with a thick bar between two large swivelling cheek rings. In the middle, a long, smooth, wide, and thick U portion projected backwards, curving down slightly along its length, and I could see small slots in the underside of the projection when he slowly turned it before my fear_filled eyes. I was allowed to thoroughly inspect the thing that would control and torment me so utterly for the next three years of my life (although at that moment, I was blissfully unaware of exactly how long I would be kept as a female, human equine). I knew with certainty that the jewellery embedded in my tongue would be incorporated into the bit and somehow lock there, so that I would be unable to remove it from contact with the U, as was the case with my gag-pad. When I tried to shake my head in denial of what was to come, the Eunuchs laughed with relish at my obvious distress and reluctance to have to wear the horrid thing, and I felt a couple of loose straps on the bridle flip around my head when I tried to avoid what was about to be done. A moment later one of them unlocked the straps holding the gag in place, then extracted the silencer from my mouth.

"Slave 11_91," the one on my right said in an authoritative voice underlain with steely command, "you are about to be fitted with the penultimate symbol of being a Horse Woman! This is your bit, which you will wear from this moment until you are released from your role as a human, female horse. You will learn to eat while wearing it, drink with it on, and sleep in it! Do you have anything to say before you are bitted?"

"M-Master?" my voice quavered a little, "M-Must I wear it, all the time?"

"Yes! You'll eventually used to it and how easily it controls you." he answered with a chuckle, then spoke again, "Open your mouth, Slave Girl, and stick out your tongue!"

Hopelessly, tears trickling down my cheeks, I obeyed him, remaining silent while I stuck out my tongue as I had learned to do - without resistance - then closed my eyes in shame and humiliation while they fitted the little balls on the tops of the rods into the slots on the long, choking, bit mouth_piece. I felt a series of distinct, solid sounding little clicks, then an uncomfortable tug from each piercing. These immediately told me that my tongue was once more a captive and he slowly pushed the quickly_warming metal deeply into my mouth. It projected so far back that I almost gagged when I felt the thick bars pushing at the corners of my lips, making me bite down on the solid, rubber_coated steel, emphasising the compression of the rings in them and rubbing on the others in the corners of my mouth. He quickly ran the bridle's securing and mounting straps for the bit through their mounting rings on it, and in seconds the controlling device was held firmly and irrevocably in place. Through tear_brimming eyes I stared at the other girls who watched with horrified fascination, knowing that they were soon to be similarly adorned. Their chained tableaux was framed in my vision by the bit's long, down_curving arms, these projecting some four inches forward from my face. At the end of each sturdy projection, strong little rings jingled when I moved my head to try and ease the strain of having to wear the constantly embarrassing and humiliating device and I could both feel and hear the rings when they moved.

The process hadn't finished.

Behind me, I felt the presence of one of the Eunuchs while he attached something to rings on the upper body harness, then to the sides of the bridle up behind my ears! Short seconds later came the sounds of straps running through roller buckles and my head was gradually pulled backwards when the bearing/check reins were tightened to the point that they kept my chin up and my head almost motionless. He came around to my front and clipped another short set of straps to the rings at the ends of the bit arms, then joined the snap_hooks on their other ends to the front ring of my 'Belt and took up the slack in these too!

This addition prevented me from tossing my head or moving it in almost any way! I tried to protest against this horrible immobilisation, only to have my tongue twist painfully against its fastenings! All that emerged from my mouth was a strange kind of whinnying sound, which until now, I'd only associated with horses. I had become one! Blinkers were the next pieces to be attached to my bridle. With these fully mounted I was forced to stare straight ahead, robbed on my peripheral vision by the thickly padded leather panels and I rolled my eyes wildly, trying to see more.

Suddenly, there was a painful little tug on each of my dangling breast_chains! The Eunuch had picked them up, clipped them to the bit rings, then tightened them until the painful tension on my nipples made me dance and whinny frenziedly at the end of my leash! It was so unfair and so humiliating!


The last part of my bridling and bitting was the addition of leading/control reins and these were clipped to the central rings of the light chains between my nipples and the bit. One of their effects was that their weight always pulled down slightly on the bit's arms, causing it to pivot around the bar between my teeth that pulled my lips back so uncomfortably. The other effect was that they also pulled at the inter_connected breast chains! As a consequence, the U portion projecting into my mouth rose and pushed firmly against my palate, pulling my captive tongue up with it, thus forcing me to open my mouth, almost choking from the terribly restrictive and intimate sensation. The bit was cunningly designed to ensure that its capabilities for control could not be reduced in their effectiveness by the wearer. This was achieved by the fact that my teeth clamped only onto a rubber_covered tube, within which the actual axle of the bit could rotate freely! No matter how hard I bit down, I could not stop or even slow down its movements! I tried desperately to eliminate the actions of the bit in my mouth, biting frantically into the rubber between my teeth; but it was of no use whatsoever! The U fastened to my tongue moved to the command of the reins and my juddering breast flesh, punishing me mildly, at first. I tried to cry out when this happened, shaking my head as much as the various reins allowed, now with a deep understanding of why horses did it. All I could manage was to whinny and twitch my head slightly, and now, even a small motion pulled very painfully on my nipples! One of the Eunuchs adjusted my bearing reins and I was able to move my head somewhat more freely, although it was still held uncomfortably back and upwards.

They released my hobble from the floor_ring and one of the men picked up the long leather straps that would control my life for the foreseeable future. With a small twitch on them he led me over to a high stool bolted to the floor off to the side. I couldn't help but follow him closely, concentrating fiercely on avoiding any tension on my reins because of their painful and intimate connections to my body. It was embarrassing to be unable to stop drooling around my bit.

"Sit on the stool Horse Woman!"

This particular type was a standard piece of furniture, unique to The School. Its seat portion was split down the middle by a longitudinal slot. At the front, a wide; but rapidly tapering Y permitted a female's Inhibitor Bar to slip in, then be centred in the tail of the slot, thus permitting her to sit and place her buttocks on the seat portion. Under the seat though, along the sides of the tail of the Y, there was a set of jam_clamps that permitted the descending 'Bar to slip through their jaws; but prohibited any upward, length_wise, or side_wise motion! In effect, once the wearer of an Inhibitor Bar, of any length, sat on the stool seat, there was no way for her to escape her seated status unless the clamps were released, something she was unable to accomplish on her own.

My reins were looped then tied to a convenient wall_ring and he unlocked my high_heeled boots, keeping one of my legs chained at all times. He washed and powdered it thoroughly, and for a moment I was left to sit in silenced, harnessed misery; twisting on my seat and feeling the thrust and fulfilment of the rigid, disciplining dildo embedded within my body. The other girls continued to watch my transformation, knowing that they too would soon have to endure the same process. Moments later he returned carrying a specialised pair of thigh boots. These had leg tubes that rose all the way to my hips; but the feet were shaped into horses hooves, complete to being shod with a shiny steel horse shoe! Within the actual foot portion, my foot slipped into a hidden six_inch_high, woman's high-heeled pump which was, really, quite comfortable and well padded. He gartered the tops of the thigh_tubes to the rest of my harness, then quickly laced the boot very tightly to the top, its rubber_lined leather encasing my leg completely. The steel wire laces were clamped and cut short, then he buckled a wide flap over the upper portion, locking it closed. There was no way that the boot would come off, unless someone had the keys and a pair of very sharp wire cutters. A moment later, my leathered leg was again chained to the floor_ring and he rapidly repeated the process on my left leg. They released the clamps holding me to the chair.

"Stand up, Horse Woman!" one of them commanded, and I rose shakily to my feet, my reins looping to his fist.

I stared silently and helplessly out at them from within my blinkers while he inspected me, sucking noisily on my bit while I tried to get used to it.

"Oooohhhh! Uuunnnhhh!" I whinnied at the sharp pain when the device locked into my mouth flapped up and down and jerked painfully at my also-captive nipples and breasts!

"Okay, Pony Girl! Walk around the room! I want to see how the harness fits."

I stepped out tentatively, writhing helplessly in the controlling and humiliating leather web locked onto my body. He turned slowly, keeping a tension on the inner rein, so that I had to walk in a circle around him. I knew enough already that I didn't try to move in the direction of the tension, and kept my distance from him despite the discomfort of feeling my head and breasts being pulled inwards to face him. What could I do to escape? Nothing! He held my reins and my destiny firmly in his gloved hands, and any indiscretion or fighting on my part would only garner instant retribution for my rebelliousness!

The hidden heels of the boots compressed slightly with my every step, much like a horse's hoof springs downwards, then the hidden shock absorbers and springs bounced back, making each small pace into a prancing little bounce that lifted my leg against its hobble chain! Of course this jerked at my ankle-length Inhibitor Bar and forced the vaginal plug to twitch within my belly! The heavy steel horse shoes on the soles of each boot created the classical, hollow, clip_clopping sound while I was made to prance around in a circle and once more my tears flowed freely. I blushed furiously with acute embarrassment at my newest, humiliating, bondage. He tugged firmly on the reins to remind me just how much under outside control I was.

"Whoa, girl!" he commanded, and for a split second I thought he was speaking to someone else, until my reins suddenly snapped angrily!


"NNnnyyaaarrrrgghh!" I howled, attempting to shake my head against the commanding, painful tug of the bit and the rings in the tips of my breasts!

It flapped inside my mouth again! I continued to whinny with stifled screams of terrified distress when I stopped before him, prancing on the steel horse shoes in a panic of quivering obedience. He approached, sliding his hands along the straps until they were just inches from the connections to the chains, then shook them sharply again, forcing my head and breasts to move uncontrollably to his bidding! Another scream of misery and pain automatically surged from my collared throat, and for the moment he seemed satisfied that I now understood my utter helplessness within my new harness. He grinned at my terror and pain, then pulled me to the far wall where he took two, double_ended snap_hooks from his pocket. These, he clipped them to my bit_arm rings and pulled on the free portions until I was near the concrete, then connected them to two closely spaced rings! I was left there with my face only half a foot from the white_painted wall, unable to escape! The tips of the posts protruding from my nipples brushed irritatingly against the cement surface with each breath I took, and I shivered with tensed despair. After I'd been thus fastened I was left alone, tugging fruitlessly against the simple steel hooks that held me so easily and securely a prisoner, tears of terror trickling unheeded down my cheeks ......

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There is a lot more of this great JG-Leathers story and of the wonderful Simon Benson art in the book:
The Contract - Part 2, available from The House of Gord

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