Pretty Princess

by sinnerdom
- do not use without permission.

She really is a princess... or at least used to be.

She was originally a standard commision gig. An admirer paid us our usual fee for a standard abduction. Well... twice the usual fee since she was after all a princess.

Strangely, during the usual reconnaisance we not only realized that she was truly beloves by her father's subjects, but that she lacked those elements which usually make princesses such attractive targets. You know... arrogance, assumption, cruelty. None of those classic traits were evident during our information gathering, which was unusually difficult thanks to the loyalty of her servants and subjects, all of who were unusually reluctant to betray her.

The abduction took place nonetheless... the client is always right after all.

On delivery, however, our client... revelling... described to us... and to his newly capture princess... his exact reasons for desiring to own her.

He described in extreme detail his defeat and banishment at the hand of her father and his burning desire for revenge that he had harboured all these years (that part wann't unusual).

He had waited till she had aged... that's how he put it... sufficiently to serve as a fitting vehicle for his revenge.

Eggs were to be implanted in her... eggs that would hatch in her flesh... eggs that would produce maggots that would feed on the rotting flesh around them (since their growth deprived its host's flesh of nutrients and rendered the surrounding flesh as ripe and rotting feed for the hatchling maggots) before spawning with a nearby maggot and planting more eggs in nearby available flesh.The end result being the host's being gradually reduced to a mass of rotting flesh and crawling maggots.

As far as extremess of exquisite cruelty go... I had to admit it was pretty well thought out.

At that point we took our leave and left the helpless and hysterical princess to her fate.

But... of course... it did not end there.

Phantom pony of course had to intervene... if only to prevent the waste of such a potentially wonderful piece of ponygirl flesh.

Within a short period of time the princess was once again in our care and the carefully planned revenge was being wrought on a vat-created non-sentient substitute (there were worse options, believe me).

Since then the training of "pretty princess" has also been shown to her father. I am sure he is relieved... certainly her erstwhile subjects are entranced, and recordings of her training broadcast with unlimited availability have become the number one must see viewing for the entire kingdom.

Since pretty princess is fully aware of the terrible fate we saved her from, she has never been anything less than completely obedient. Further, her submission, nature and desire to serve have made her more than just another pony.

Pretty pincess is often used for our demonstrations for new ponies and almost inevitably as an ambassador for our stables when we are displaying the quality of our training to new customers.

I think she is happy...

Aren't you, pretty princess?