The Drow Twins

Sweet aren't they?

Unlike most of our elven ponies they weren't targets that we had to rescue.

Instead, these two were the owners we had to rescue some ponies "from".

They were running a breeding stable for what were supposed to be Grand Elves.

Buyers thought they were acquiring purebred Grand Elven ponygirls and ponyboys bred from pureblooded royal stock.

We uncovered their little "ponyfarm" while doing research for a client. A sample we purchasedon spec was soon revealed to be of common forest elf stock, mixed with some dark elf, and even human blood. Human? Yes, human DNA was indeed detected. That farm's breeding practices were a "nightmare"... but we won't get into that now.

Well... needless to say we were horrified to think of what their little con was doing to the quality of the blood of "actual" Grand Elf we shut them down... with extreme prejudice.

Well... "we" didn't... but we have friends who have friends who are in touch with the Phantom pony...

The boy...he seems to like his boobs and other body mods. He's just sooooo obviously grateful that we let him keep his dick that he has become far more co-operative and responsive... oh yes... compliant than his unmodified sister.

From what we've learned, they are natural twins with their own share of Dark Elf royal blood and they've never liked each other.

How do we know? Research. Oh they are telepathic... but we hear everything they think to each other... and no, they don't know we can do that. Yes... it si sweet... and we make sure we never let them find out we can hear them.

Anywy, working together is now their only focus. That is all they are allowed to do. as a perfect pair of matched night elves they are worth a LOT of money as a team, and it is especially key that their movements and their teamwork be absolutely in sync with each other.

They hate it!

Unlike most of our ponies, these two are yet to learn to take pride in their status.And while ostensibly they learn and work as a team, we know from reading their thought that they are from reconciled to their new status. As such we cannot sell them... "sigh"... so they are stuck here and we are stuck with them.

Breed them? A brother and sister? Oh really, do I look like Caligula? ye I know, that's been pointed out before, thank you.

They have been extremely sexually deprived... and there are plenty of hoods and sensory modifiers in our breeding area... ha ha... yes... exactly...

Next you'll be asking if we have mother and daughter pony teams...

Yes we do...

Follow me.