Nine Days

by SirJeff

- with original illustrations by PeterPD.
- do not use without the author's and artist's permission.

Day 3.

"Very well," I said. "You have chosen to become my property. This decision is final and permanent. From now on, you may not even talk unless I give you permission."

I blindfolded her, cut her down, and rode her home. There, I cut away all her clothing. Still bound, naked and deprived of sight, I fed and watered her by hand.

Laura ate and drank whatever was placed to her mouth. Somehow, even exhausted, she felt some kind of childlike worship of her powerful new Master, he who could give to her or deny her whatever he wished.

When I lifted her into the warm water of the tub, and sponged her confined body, she practically purred.

I towelled her dry, cut away her ropes, and made her kneel. After I retied her wrists behind her, I tied her elbows too. I was delighted that she was so supple that she could touch her elbows together, and reveled in how her breasts thrust out. I unbraided her hair and let it fall luxuriantly - it reached the floor.

At last she was ready to meet her Master and begin her training. I thought it would be better to have her introduced to the cane still blindfolded, and so I whacked her across her generously offered breasts, fairly firmly. This I repeated four more times.

To her credit she did not draw back, nor cry out. She merely whimpered at each stroke and held her kneeling position.

I removed her blindfold and let her see her new Owner.

Laura opened her eyes, blinked away her tears and looked at me. I was amused as the recognition came to her. But then I was delighted as she gave herself away, her brown almond eyes betraying her delight and not fear at who her Master turned out to be!

Laura gasped. She had given herself away unconditionally, and the fates had given her to the very man whom she desired the most.

There would be no mercy. I pinched her engorged left nipple. Wordlessly, Laura threw her head back and submitted to the throbbing pains and the surprisingly wondrous pleasures.

For the entire day I continued the same conditioning. I kept her in her ropes. She'd kneel by my bed, blindfolded. I'd feed and water her three times during that day. And each time I would slash her breasts with the cane five times and pinch one of her nipples.

She accepted it in silence, but I knew that the pain and pleasure her Master meted out were mixing in her psyche.

Then, near midnight, after her caning, while pinching her right nipple, I pierced and ringed her without warning. Laura gasped but kept her silence, even when I repeated it for her left nipple. Finally, to make her status crystal clear, I buckled a leather slave collar around her graceful neck.

Shamefully, Laura realized she would submit to anything to have this man pay attention to her. Attention was a funny thing, because her Master went to bed. She was expected to sleep that way, blindfolded, kneeling and bound, chained by her collar to the bedpost, her nipples throbbing and heavy with the unaccustomed weight of her new adornments.

Day 4.

Early next morning I started her nipple rein training. After pulling her long blond hair into a ponytail, I clipped some chain reins to her very new rings and removed her blindfold.

Laura felt herself drawn up from her knees by her new leash. She was so helpless, yet her sensitive, violated buds gave her no choice. Where she was drawn, she followed. Resistance was futile.

Only her thoughts were her own. She wondered why she acquiesced to it all, so acceptingly, so passively. She was even more surprised at how her womanhood was so aflame, lubricating. She felt ready, no, wanting to be taken, roughly used by this man!

I drew her once around my bedroom, always by her reins, pulled her back into her kneeling position by my bed, and left her there, her leads tied to the bedpost. Every few hours I repeated this procedure.

Interestingly, by the evening her knees were betraying her feelings, nearly buckling as I led her around. I could see she was aroused, both by the flush on her beautiful face, and by the scent of the dew between her thighs.

Laura watched as her Master replaced her reins by a short silver chain, and stuck its middle in her mouth. He waited till she bit down on the chain, then made her raise her head slightly, so it would tug. She was still nipple reined, but now that chain also became her bit!

She dared not move her head, but did gaze into her Master's eyes. Wordlessly, with her eyes and body she begged him, "Take me, Master."

I watched her from my bed as she pleaded and squirmed silently, smiled at her and went to sleep, leaving her to her thoughts and needy desires.

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SirJeff, March 2004