Tough Choice

by Integral
- do not use without permission.

"So, Mistress Alison, which do you prefer? Owning the Mercedes or owning the ponycart?'

"That is a very tough choice to make - Each has it's own thrills.

When you're driving the Merc' you get this wonderful sense of power from having all those horsepower in your control and the sense acceleration when you put your foot down is wonderful.

Then again, while driving a pair of rubberclad ponygirls is a far more sedate affair, the sexual thrill of controlling a pair of lovelies who have been robbed of their human identities is just as great - as is the smell of their fear when you 'put your foot down'.

In the end I suppose it all comes down to maintenance..."


"Well, both the car and the ponygirls ARE high maintenance - they both need valetting, grooming and looking after...'


"But when the car behaves badly you have to take it to a garage where the mechanic invariably draws in his breath through clenched teeth and spins you an expensive tale about it needing this and that; whilst if the ponygirls behave badly you can easily rectify matters with a few quick slaps to their pussies with a heavy leather tawse."

"So the ponycart wins out over the Mercedes?'

"Until I can find a female mechanic who likes being enslaved as a ponygirl - yes."