by clay3570
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My ponies they weren't always, but they are now. When I first acquired them, oh how they fought me! They kicked me! "That's OK, ponies need strong legs" I tell them.

Then they hit me! "That's something I can fix. Remember ponies don't really need arms," I let them know. They never knew how long they slept! But now the ponies don't have arms!

Oh, how they cursed me! Oh, the language they used! When they quieted down, "ponies don't talk," I calmly let them know.

I heard one pony told me where I can go! And now only one pony can whinny for me - the other, I took her voice.

"Just remember fuck toys don't need legs, so if you want to keep them..."

Now they behave, my ponies, now they prance for my entertainment, and they pull my cart. So, now they are my very obedient ponies!