Here are some of my favorite links:

Leviticus - The wonderful writings of my late friend Leviticus and his many guest authors.
The 3D Art of PeterPD - Website of my friend PeterPD.

Sites of Friends and Contributors: - For pony vids, pictures and gear.
Marquis De Panasewicz - Tour the galleries of the Marquis De Panasewicz
The House of Gord - A treasure trove for ponygirl pictures and books. Paysite. - For many delightful stories.
MasteRay (and Gypsy) - Excellent quality pictures and movies, including lots of ponygirls, in his paysite.
Michael Kraemer - A truly artistic website.
Gerard Titsman - A true lover of female breasts, very artistic view. Adult check required.
Equus Eroticus - Website of Equus Eroticus Magazine.
Amateur Bound - Website of my friend Moe and his stable of lovelies. Paysite.
The Ponygirls Club - Website of my friend Wolfie and his stable of lovelies. Paysite.
Fetish Model Pupett - Website of delicious Pupett. Paysite.
JGLeathers - Website of BDSM legend and icon JGLeathers.
Rope Affairs - Website of Rope Affairs. Paysite.
Kinkyponygirl - Website of Ponygirl Anna Rose. Paysite.
Geetwo Erotic Stories - Website of Geetwo.
Pet and Ponygirls - Website of my friends Matt and Nikki Kantaka. Paysite. See also their new site Simply Restraints, wonderful photography.
The Blog of Ponygirl Tinna - An interesting Blog.
Bound Heat - Videos exclusively dedicated to the genre "Women in Prison" or "White Slaves", but among the films are good scenes with pony girls.
Wild Passion's Pony Shop - They sell custom made gear and hooves and anything which is needed for ponyplay.

Ponygirl Equipment Sites: - For pony vids and gear.
Punitive Shoes. - For pony boots.

Other Ponygirl Sites:

The Tawsingham Book Shop.
The Pony Pages - Pony play in the roleplaying bdsm scene.
The Stampede - The San Francisco Bay Area Animal Roleplay Society.

How to make your own equipment:

Destrier - Destrier's wonderful Human-Equine Transformation Site. Shows how to build your own hooves.

3D ART sites:

Renderotica - Wonderful site with lots of adult art, including mine.

Last Updated: July 4, 2009
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