There have been many questions asked by email. Here are some of them, with my answers:

Do you answer email?

- Yes, I have been answering 99% of them.

Do you do interviews on TV, radio or in print?

- In 1999, when I started my website, I made two resolutions. First, that it would remain a totally free, non-profit enterprise on my part. Second, that under no circumstances would I reveal my real life identity - namely I'd remain anonymous as SirJeff. Thus I have declined many a tempting offer of an interview

I just LOVE your free website. How can I help you keep it free?

- I don't need nor accept financial contributions, but could use help in other ways.
- Several webmasters have generously provided me with free webspace and much bandwidth to make this all possible.
- Some have provided me with free ftp servers, so I could be sent large files.
- Most of all, it is easy to help by voting for me as best free website once a year around November in the Signy awards.

My partner and I are interested in making me into a ponygirl. Can you teach me how?

- A great way to learn about being a pony is to, jointly with your partner, read the stories, look at the art and pics, and watch the vids on my website.
- Together you can identify through clear communications which aspects turn you on and which aspects do not. Some enjoy being a show pony, others a workhorse. Some enjoy sexual elements, others do not.
- Additionally you need a pony name to identify your pony persona, and pony gear. The gear can range from inexpensive home made, to pricy commercial.
- There are several regional groups you can join, depending on where you live, and some quite good pony groups on yahoo groups.
- If later on you feel comfortable about your pony life, send me photos, or a story or a diary about it, for the benefit of others.

I wish to join the scene as a ponygirl. Can you teach me how online? Perhaps I could become your ponygirl? I need ponygirl gear.

- I rarely am on messenger or icq, nor do I run a ponygirl irc channel any more. After years of doing this, kind of chatted/scened out I suppose.
- If you get into the pony scene, exercise common sense and caution about who you meet real life. Fantasies like ending up a rubber pony on a ponyfarm are one thing, reality can be a much starker other.
- I have found that many males and females secretly fantasize and erotically delight in helpless ponygirl thoughts. This is where my website helps. Only a very few actually dare or have the opportunity to act it out, even once.
- As to pony gear, you'll find some are quite expensive. Depending on your means, you can make your own with leather straps or rope. Can even google to find some how to do webpages. A tight head harness and bit is the key gear in my mind. The rest can be simple restraints, cuffs, clips, bells, as you build up a collection. A tail, buttplug or otherwise is a personal choice. I personally hate the look of the basic commercial buttplug-tail - does not hang right.

I'm afraid I haven't been able to look at your site for a fortnight, so I missed the previous update. Therefore I wonder if you please could send info on last week's updates of movies and the rest? I don't want to miss any updates.

- Look in the History section. The summary for each week is there, with the name of the movie, and links to the rest.

Do you sell movies, drawings, stories or pictures? Why do you do this for free?

- No, I do not sell anything! I am a long time collector on the net, and was collecting well before the PC was even invented. I am simply trying give back, by sharing my collection with others who enjoy ponygirls.

Can you tell me where to buy the movies?

- NO! I do not advertise for others. This is a nonprofit FREE site. I have tried to provide some hints, so use a webcrawler like google and go find it yourself!

The pictures (or art) in your update of "year-month-day", "xxxx.jpg" and "yyyy.jpg", do you know where they from originally? Also where can I get more of them?

- For some of them I mention it, or the source url is shown on them, or on their thumbnail page. But for many, I simply do not know, nor do I keep track. I always try to retain the original file name and give credit when I can. For these kind of email's, I will rarely respond, as there have been way too many. Sorry.

How do I download pictures?

- With Internet Explorer, click the right mouse button and then click the "save picture as" feature. Netscape has a similar function, "save image as".

How do I view pictures and drawings?

- Drawings and pictures can be viewed on the internet browsers. I also like to use a program called ACDSee, made by ACD Systems Ltd.

How do I download movies?

- With Internet Explorer, click the right mouse button and then click the "save target as" feature. Netscape has a similar function, "save link as".

How do I view movies?

- Most of the movies can be viewed with RealPlayer from A free version is downloadable from there.

I know how to play .rm movies. What is .ram?

- It is the same thing. If you cannot associate .ram with your player, just rename the downloaded movie to .rm extention.
- Also a .ram file can be created to easily view a series of .rm vids in sequence. For example, make a test.txt file with:
in three lines, save and rename to test.ram. Play it and it will try to play those three. The test.ram and the 3 vids should be in same directory, if you don't want to get fancy. This technique may no longer work with newer versions of RealPlayer.

The vids play jerky on my player. Why?

- Chances are your PC is older and too slow. Or you may have insufficient RAM.

The vids do not play on my player. Why?

- Chances are you downloaded only a partial vid. Or you could be missing the video driver required.

The vids play with no sound on my player. Why?

- Some vids have no sound. Also, remember to turn your sound on! I had one person write who forgot to do that.

You put up a some vids with a .viv filetype and it does not play on my player. Why?

- RealPlayerG2 long ago had a free plug-in that played the vivo file type and automatically download it if you open the file once you have the player open. Unfortunately, the newer RealPlayer7 does not play vivo. There are also other players, like vivostatic, designed to play vivo files.

My browser does not show your site well. What do I do?

- I design it using Internet Explorer, for the way it looks on my notebook PC. Now and then I do peek at it with Netscape, but not as often as I should. It may not work on your browser as well, so then let me know. Or the pixel resolution of your PC's monitor may be less.

Why is it that I have seen a picture, drawing, story, vid, etc. under another file name?

- I try to retain the original filenames and file sizes to the greatest degree possible. Some files have been renamed by others before I found them, and can be duplicates.

Are you interested in adding to your collection from things I have? And how?

- Yes of course, but do not email me the file, in case I already have it. Instead email me a file list (using .txt, not .doc), or send a jpg of a thumbnails index. If you have a lot of material or large files, write me and I'll provide you info on how and where to load them to my upload ftp server.

Can you make the pictures smaller so I can view them?

- I can, and have for some of the drawings, with tools I have like Corel Photo House 3. But I have chosen not to do so. You can reduce them for yourself with similar tools. It is easy.

Could you add ponyboys?

- Of course I could, but rarely do, as I happen to enjoy ponygirls. Sorry.

Are you real?

- Hehehe, very cute! Unless you believe in some existentialist philosophy, I am indeed very much real.

Do you produce your own movies and pictures?

- No, and I have no plans to do so whatsoever. But I have tried my hand at 3D computer generated ponygirl art.

Do you write your own stories?

- I did not for a long time. But I have written some poems and a few stories now. One of the poems was even published in an issue of Equus Eroticus.

I am a ponygirl author, poet, artist, photographer, or movie creator. Will you feature and sell my work?

- I delight in featuring the quality work of others, with full credit to them. And if they wish, I point to their email or website. But I am not selling anything for anyone.

How do I get to see the messages and files on the sjpg2002 yahoo egroup??

- You can join the sjpg2002 yahoo group, but do not forget to register yourself with groups first, on, and to turn the Family Filter to Off after you have registered. If it says "welcome guest" then you have not yet registered or joined. Guests do not have access to read the files and messages. All of this is easy to do and free.

I am seeking to become involved with ponygirls and guys. Do you know how I can contact the local scene? Do you have links to events that we can go to? How can I find and buy pony gear where I live?

- Sorry, I choose not keep track of any of these. There are ways to find out about them on, in groups such as EQUUSEROTICUS, ukponyplay and ponyplay. And it depends on where you live.

How do I play the vid clips with the ".asf" extention?

- With Windows Media Player, it is a Microsoft video format.

I do hope you enjoy my website.

Last Updated: Dec. 2, 2008

Write me if you have another question SirJeff