Eli’s Ordeal

- by Mr. Bushida

Unexpurgated novel available from Posted with permission of author and of pinkflamingo.

[The author marries the literature of extreme Western Pony Girl servitude with strict Japanese Nose Play and Nose Bondage.]

Excerpt 2 (of 4)

William was half asleep as he approached the library. Joseph, Mr. Bushida, Eleanor and Judith waited, enjoying the warmth of the fire in the ancient stone fireplace, the men with their drinks and the women on their knees in nervous anticipation. As if in a trance, and totally disinterested, the young groom attached leashes to the collar rings of both humiliated women and motioned for them to stand. He turned quizzically toward Joseph.

"La bimoteur, I should think!" said the Lord of the Manor, and William led them out and back to the stables….

Joseph Damon’s aunt and ex-school teacher stood side by side at the business end of the ‘bimoteur’…the two-mare rig…a two-seater, doubled over in the proscribed ninety-degree position. William, without instructions to the contrary, bridled both women with the traditional horse bridles but omitted the wooden mouth bits or penis gags. If the Master was to use the nose-reins this night, it was not the groom’s responsibility to install them.

In the groom’s haste at this late hour, he neglected to apply a thin coating of salve to each mare’s pussy lips before threading the belly strap through this strategic area and back to be tied off below the sulky seat. The strap was designed to keep them doubled over at the exact angle Joseph desired, and in spite of the obscene intimacy of the act of being ‘greased’, the poor women appreciated the relief from the severe chaffing that could result from a long ‘pull’….

Before ‘turning them out’ of the stables, William remembered to lock a pair of ten-pound weights around Judith’s ankles – a compensation for her greater strength when she was hitched in tandem with her stable-mate Eleanor….

The ill-matched pair dutifully moved toward the exit, and was led the hundred meters to the portico outside the French doors of the library. William went to the door, opened it and stuck his head in. That he had passed up the opportunity to sit in the sulky and drive the women attested to his wishes to get back to sleep as quickly as possible. Handling Joseph’s pony girls had become more of a job than a game to him.

"Monsieur…I may go home now? You put the femmes to bed ce soir, s’il vous plait?"

"Go on, William, I know it’s late for this sort of thing. I will take care of it…merci, bon soir."

The two gorgeous women stood side-by-side, bent over in full tack and motionless. With their heads no more than a meter apart, they each went through their mental adjustments to being used in tandem.

Without so much as an instruction, Mr. Bushida went to each of Joseph’s ‘wives’ and held their head steady in his strong arm as Joseph pushed the awful nose-rein shafts up their unwilling noses. Their minds may have been obedient but their sweet faces could hardly hold still for this ultimate assault. But with just a few delightful snorts and shakes of their sexy heads, the painful intrusion became nearly tolerable and they settled down.

The two men mounted the sulky and were off down the path to the formal gardens, the reins held high in the host’s capable hands. Both men beamed at the obscene sight of Eli’s and Judy’s full-blown rectal display as the bimoteur creaked in the silent night down the two hundred-meter moonlit path to the entrance of the Nationally Registered gardens…

Joseph left the horse whip in its cradle as he simply and expertly rippled the reins over both proffered backsides when he wished a little more speed. And the pair of mature pony girls moved the sleek magnesium-titanium sulky and its two passengers with ease on the level ground…

The directional control he had through their noses was exquisite, and he loved showing it off to his father’s old friend Mr. Bushida. He loved to see their courage, even at a full gallop into the dark abyss. In a way, their blind obedience may have been the culmination of his equine training regime.

It was not much of a workout really…these two well-conditioned mares were considerably more pussy-power than was required. The two women lumbered along the gravely paths, and then, in response to the whip and a ripple of the nose-reins, would break into a trot or a canter. Their mature backsides undulated and yawned-open in unison, presenting their furtive anuses to visual inspection and the flick of the whip when required, or simply desired by their tormentors. Steam rose from their overheated bodies. It was getting quite cold out.

A contented Joseph turned to his comrade: "I tell you, old friend…I am a lucky man indeed!"

"Your father, and not without considerable help from you I must add, worked very hard for what’s been achieved." answered the equally content Mr. Bushida. "Why don’t you turn them to the barn, and we can show them how much we appreciate their sacrifice…what do you say?" offered the old gentleman.

"Are you ready again so soon…you old bastard!" Joseph joked rhetorically as he took the whip from its sheath and cracked it hard over Eli’s and Judy’s shoulders, the beleaguered women lurching into a synchronized canter as if they had rehearsed it…providing transportation to the unhappy fates they had clearly overheard.

Mr. Bushida took the whip from Joseph and applied a perfectly aimed shot to Judith’s proffered anus… Mr. Bushida, proud of his efficacy with the whip flashed it against Eli’s anus…as he tormented the poor women all the way back to the barn.

With the bimoteur parked outside the stables, Joseph unhitched them both from the sulky arms. He release their belly straps from the front of the rig and with them still bent forward, he grasped a handful of each woman’s hair and led them inside. As a farmer disposing of his livestock, he strung them up to a rafter by their neck collar rings. They both had a degraded and imploring look that begged to be left a bit of dignity. It was not to be.

After a quick rinse of the mares under the hose at the barn, the self-satisfied men returned to their vintage Port. Eleanor and Judith, their sight just beginning to return, had to redress themselves into their slinky Parisian gowns, adjust their make-up and fix their hair before rejoining their Masters. They looked radiant and refreshed…

A present from the Turks…

Once every couple of months, Joseph’s perverted mind ran to the four-mare sulky rig he had received as a very generous gift from his wealthy counterpart in Turkey. A large moving truck had pulled up to the Chateau one weekday morning, and the surprise gift unloaded with great care. The few passersby were rubbernecking, trying to see what the strange, rich American was up to now.

With Mr.Bushida still visiting, it seemed like a nice way to spend the next afternoon after a very long night.

The rear of the rig was a two-seater, not much different from the standard one or the two-mare sulky. The front was simply made of two double rows of aluminum T-bars. The overall length was impressive, however…fourteen feet as it stood and nineteen feet from the rear whip scabbard to the tip of the lead bitch’s noses, when fully manned with a full complement of four ninety-degree bent-over mares. William called it the ‘de quartre-cheval de trait’ (for four draft horses).

Along with the impressive rig came four sets of nose-reins, inspired by the camel- reins used for centuries (used more in India actually than in Turkey). Each pair consisted of two three-inch long, three-eighths inch diameter tapered, ivory shafts, with silver eyelets on the broader end to which slender leather reins could be attached…

It was quite a big job for William to place all four adult mares in their pre-determined positions and to bridle and harness them in a reasonable amount of time. They were reluctantly cooperative, but organizing four full-grown women was quite a challenge…

Eleanor and Sara were always placed in the front row due to their smaller physiques. Eli, stronger in the thighs than Sara, was on the left side to compensate for the younger woman’s tendency to pull-right. The taller and leggier Judy and Beth tandem filled the second row, their upturned yawning backsides in the most vulnerable positions to the whip.

To compensate, this time for Judy’s tendency to pull left, the slightly stronger calved Beth took the right position.

Joseph would appear when William had had enough time to bathe and harness the four souls…he would first lay the reins out, from the sulky seat hob to over each bare shoulder.

Joseph went first to Sara, then to Eli… held their heads steady with a fist full of their hair…and slowly inserted the ivory shafts up their noses as deeply as they would go. When each shaft arrived outside the last inner septum to be breached, he would have to wiggle it a bit to find the small bony entrance hole before shoving it home with an palpable pop. Only the silver loops protruded from their noses, to which were attached the rein clips.

No matter the degree of experience with this most frightening of disciplinary acts of sadistic bondage, every woman, every time, would try to move their faces in avoidance. They would snort and cough, shaking the entire rig as if to toss the invading ivories from their gorgeous faces. The remaining three mares would strain to hold the whole rig steady as their comrade suffered her fate…

The mares of Chateau Damon pranced with knees high. The heads of all four women would shake involuntarily in a shameful effort to shake off their drool, though it was not easy to shake one’s head wearing the taught nose reins. The power of eight well-trained legs pulling the lightweight two-seater made expert ‘horsemanship’ essential. Like the four horse chariots of ancient Rome, the four-mare was a bitch to drive. And as always, Joseph’s penchant for mares to be harnessed in the bent over position created an inherent instability.

Joseph usually used both hands to handle the four sets of reins…much like a puppeteer. And it was only on the straight-aways that he dared to take the eight slim strands up in one hand and grasp the long single strand whip with the other. He would flick the tip across Eleanor and Sara’s shoulders but concentrated on the closer anuses of the more powerful Judy and Beth.

Joseph Damon drove his team of mares smartly back to the house to pick up Mr. Bushida who was sleeping in after the long night. He hopped aboard and they were off for a spirited drive through all of the Chateau property.

Master Joseph drove his mature pony girls hard without rest or watering for nearly two hours, sufficient time for even the bitch-ponies of so over-pussy-powered a vehicle to tire and work up a sweat. An unearthly steam would rise from their naked haunches in the early frost. The clanking of four sets of human tack and eight high heels on the gravely paths was intoxicating. But the pleasant interlude went without serious incident, and Eleanor, Sara, Beth and Judith were headed back to the stables.

End excerpt 2