Eli’s Ordeal

- by Mr. Bushida

Unexpurgated novel available from Posted with permission of author and of pinkflamingo.

[The author marries the literature of extreme Western Pony Girl servitude with strict Japanese Nose Play and Nose Bondage.]

Excerpt 1 (of 4)

An early fall dinner at this spectacular French Chateau continued to be the intimate elegant affair for the young Master Joseph and his mature wives, as it had been in America. Eleanor and Judith were required to dress up every night, in long slinky gowns bought at a little dress shop in Paris that had been recommended for their tight silk creations and ‘old time’ discretion. It was a place where the richest government officials brought their mistresses to be fitted for something a bit too tight or a bit too revealing…

Dining with his long-term slaves, both thirty-odd years his senior, showcased their servitude as well as their detailed instructions to act as naturally and cheerfully as humanly possible under the degrading circumstances. That these women may well have been just freshly back from the stables after a stint as his ‘pony girls’ could make the moment even more debasing. Here were two adult women… wonderfully proud women, who had spent their mature years isolated from the real world and immersed in the perverted world of white slavery. Here were two human beings with no function other than to serve their young Master’s sadistic whims. Here were two human ponies!

"Joseph…" began Mr. Bushida, "I know we’ve been through this countless times, and I hope not be so repetitive as to be disrespectful to you and your great father’s memory. But I must at least inform you once more that there is no sum of money I would not pay to take your Eleanor back to Japan with me as my own!"`

"Please, Mr. B., you could never be disrespectful, and your offers have been nothing but obscenely generous. Yet I still hesitate to part with my sweet old school teacher…she still has so very many ‘classes’ to attend at my little school here!" replied Joseph with a wry chuckle.

Eleanor and Judy tried not to look up from their dinner plates, yet their hearts always pounded when these topics came up at dinner right in front of them.

After dinner, Joseph asked Eleanor if she would mind going for a little walk with Mr. Bushida on this lovely late August evening. A terror drove through her chest. She knew this consummate sadist all to well…

Mr. Bushida … held her arm softly in his strong hand as they went out into the beautifully preserved eighteenth century flower gardens and walked along the gravel-dust path. The jasmine was almost overpowering at this time of year, and living in the moment, Eli could almost have enjoyed herself… except that Mr. Bushida’s grip on her arm just above the elbow suggested that he was walking her…not walking with her.

Mr. Bushida lit two lanterns near the first or the ancient horse stalls, sufficient to give an almost romantic glow to the proceedings. He motioned for Eleanor to stand before him in her long white and obscenely tight silk dinner gown. She did so, complete with hands behind her head

Mr. Bushida drew a very deep breath to steady himself, and from his vest pocket produced a bright silver ring…a nose-ring...a temporary bull-nose ring! There was a slit in its two-inch circumference, the ends of which terminated in silver balls the size of tiny peas. He expertly stretched the ring apart with his old strong fingers, just enough to slip it under her nose and into her nostrils. The obscene bullring clamped itself tightly at the front of her septum and hung obscenely from her sparkling nose. She winced. For the first time that evening she became terrified of this grandfatherly looking man….

"You would do me a great honor by bending forward at the waist." His voice was soft but powerful.

Mr. Bushida…tugged her too-tight silken skirt up and over her firm and womanly backside. He neatly let the silken folds drape over her incredibly narrow waist, and slid his warm firm hand beneath the waistband of her panties until his middle finger rested on her anus. He stroked her sphincter gently, then dropped her panties to her thighs while simultaneously withdrawing his belt from his trousers.

Mr. Bushida proceeded to whip Eleanor’s proffered behind with long sweeping and devastating strokes. Each deafening blow was as hard as he could make it…the mark of an accomplished Japanese sadist….

Joseph soon appeared at the stables with his Aunt Judy on his arm as if she were his date…a very odd date with an older woman. This boyfriend also had a leash hanging from his date’s neck collar in his other hand…

Mr. Bushida paused from his sadistic rapture just long enough to offer his young host a small bow. He ‘finished up’ Judy’s stable mate with a professional flourish of viscous strokes…

Joseph released his aunt so she could run to Eleanor’s side. She placed her arm around her poor friend’s shoulders and dabbed at the tears that still flowed over her reddened cheeks and nose with a handkerchief. The two women braced themselves…reminding each other of their duty with mutual looks of support and appreciation. They would, as always, attempt to return to "normal companionship" for the two men, who had come to the conclusion they should get back to their 1948 Croft Porto in the library.

"It’s really too nice of a night to go indoors!" Joseph complained to the old gentleman. "I could go for a ride around the grounds for an hour or so before turning in!"

It was too good an idea to pass up, and even at the 11:00PM hour, Sara was sent down the road to fetch the young groom, William, from his home in the village.

h h h h

Though William was asked to bathe and harness women old enough to be his grand-meres, it did not seem to slow down his passion a bit... Most mornings, having attached the ring-collar to Miss Kolton’s soft neck, he would simply lead her down the grand staircase and out the library door toward the stables. On other occasions, he would approach his charge and gently hug her body to him…a moment Eli cherished in her own desperate way.

Next, with poor Eleanor on the washing table at the stables, William would bathe her womanly body with deliberate care and thoroughness, though showing little sexual interest in her face, breasts or pussy…though he was not above the occasional stroking of the latter. Before applying her pony tack, he would often continue his dalliance with her well-soaped anus.

That young William was in any way an ‘innocent’ in these matters was purely a hope

conjured up in Eleanor’s mind for her own sanity…her own comfort. There were even the few occasions after her bath, when he would take her to the stable floor on all fours, apply her bridle, her harnais de tete, and mount her ‘bare-back’…

But most often in these early morning hours after her bath and the application of her full sulky tack, William would simply and summarily lead his gleaming charge, usually by her penis-gag reins…with the sulky clanking behind her, out into cobblestone courtyard. Even in the colder months, she would be hitched, shivering, to a railing where she would have to wait for her master to appear.

The driver would most often be Master Joseph, and without a word to her, he would take her for a morning ride of the grounds, surveying the flower and vegetable-garden, and the extensive oak woodlands… looking for tasks to be performed later in the day. She would do her best to prance with knees high. It was a far different gait to the one she needed later if she was required to face the drudgery of pulling the plow or a heavily laden cart…

End excerpt 1