Amelia 2

- by o-girl

Chapter 6.

Fortunately her lover was away on business, while she had her back door taken care of. Her friend would come by every evening. Help her tightening the belt, take the enema and insert the dildo.

After three days, it was routine, both the ritual of being emptied, having her belt adjusted, and inserting the dildo again.

She had moved up one size. Even though this one was slightly larger than her lover’s natural flesh, even on the small piece right under the head. She looked from time to time at the other sizes, and thought that she would never need the largest one. Her opening would probably be much too wide for him if she did.

She had the last regular session at the beauty parlor. This time she was wearing both the belt and the dildo, which of course made the women comment and discuss this during the whole session. By now she felt at home with these women. They were kind of business-like, when they handled her body, and at the same time, like good friends when they talked before, during and after the treatments. They simply moved the thin straps to the dildo, when they were in the way of their search for hair to get rid of. Nothing sexual about that, just business. She almost felt at ease lying in the chair.

He came back after almost ten days of business travel. She had been very nervous and talked for hours and hours with her friend about how to go about the situation, when he came home. Finally they had agreed on how.

He had phoned her from the airport, and asked her to come by the same evening. It was Friday.

She had been at work for all the time he had been away, but had been very careful to wear something that efficiently hid her belt and the plug, she was wearing constantly. It had been hell. She had been very much aware of the belt and device, and had been thinking about it constantly. She had not dared to take her lunch break, being afraid that somebody would notice her strange ‘underwear’ while she was ‘out in the open’ in the company cafeteria. Nobody seemed to have noticed though, and she was glad it was over.

He had ordered food from a local restaurant/caterer and was ready for her when she rang the bell of his house. She had removed the dildo and belt and put on her regular clothing. As soon as he opened, she put both her arms around his neck, whispering in his ear how much she had missed him. He immediately let his hands explore her body. Oh, how she had missed his touch, and how she felt herself wanting him with all off her body right here and now.

They spend a long time in the doorway, caressing and kissing and feeling their joint horniness rise and rise until he finally managed to free himself and tell her, he would like to postpone their first fuck till after dinner. She agreed, realizing that it would just increase her want of him, and probably her enjoyment.

So they had dinner and small-talked about his trip, and how she had been while he had been away. Her eyes practically never left his, except when absolutely necessary and then just as shortly as absolutely possible. Finally they went into the sitting room, leaving everything for the cleaning lady the next morning.

After they had seated themselves, he asked, ‘Well, my love. Have you been a good girl, while I have been away?’

She looked into the floor. This was what she had been waiting for, Her chance. ‘No, I have really been missing you, but I have not been as good as I ought to be.’

‘Well. What do you suggest we do about that?’

‘Wait here. I’ll be right back. Have another coffee and Cognac. I promise I will hurry.’

‘OK, but don’t be too long I have missed you too a lot’.

She rushed to the bedroom and got the stuff out of the lower drawer. She also grabbed her bag from the hall on the way up.

Less than five minutes later she came down the stairs and walked over to him and knelt in front of him. She had put on the red cape, but not the hood. When she moved it revealed that she was naked underneath. She had also put on the cuffs, collar and belt. Only this time the old leather belt was tightened to the last hole, showing her thin waistline in all its splendor. She had a silver-serving tray in her hands - and on the tray was one item, the crop she had gotten as a ‘bonus’ from the shop.

She held out the tray for him, and he looked down at it and he smiled at her. He was going to go along with the game he even seemed pleased. ‘Hmm. This is a surprise’. He picked the crop up and turned it the air. ‘Nice workmanship. And you think you have been bad enough to deserve this. Get up and take the cape off.’

She rose and did as he told her. Letting the cape slowly slide onto the floor.

He looked at her body: Perfect hourglass shape. Her upper body with the beautiful round, full breasts, and the small nipples with the tiny silver rings in them. The belt, underlining her slim waist, and then her hips sticking out inviting him to the hairless line between her legs. The heavy red-edged leather contrasting her soft skin and thin arms and legs. ‘Turn around slowly walk to the door and back So I can see you.’

She did as required, as she felt her breath getting shorter and quicker, and her face getting warmer.

He admired her butt, that looked even more round and inviting as it was contrasted by her waistline. ‘Beautiful. You have been working on your waistline. Suit’s you. I love it.’

‘Thank you.’ she muttered, but this time she felt like she had deserved his praise. It had been really a 100% or more part of her everyday life to wear the corset.

‘Now you want me to punish you right?’

‘Yes, Sir.’ she answered. Sounded a bit wrong in her mouth, she thought. A bit awkward.

‘OK. Go to the little stool over there and bend over it.’

She did that too, and he came over and locked her wrists to her ankles. Then started walking slowly around her.

She looked straight down at the floor in front of her, and was almost shivering in anticipation.

He caressed her with the whip, making her body shake slightly under the soft touch of his hands and the whip. Then he hit her butt. Softly, but the swishing sound and the sudden jab, made her jump.

Her friend had again been right. It did feel sexy and exciting. To be helpless in his power, and feeling the whip caress her skin and then the short smacks, generating a hot spot radiating throughout her body - making her warm and horny.

He worked her butt from the top, sides and bottom but only with slight force, not really something that hurt, but enough to emphasize the strokes. Soon she was moaning and making little noises in response to his treatment. He stopped and released her hands.

‘Now, my love. What can you suggest now?’ he whispered in her ear.

This was it she bit her lips, and there was a minute of silence. To her a really long minute. Then she thought, ‘Let’s do it. It’s what I have been working on for a long time. She closed her eyes and let her now free hands slide up to her butt, grabbed them with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart. ‘Take me. Please take me.. She whispered. ‘I know I have been bad, fuck my ass’. This was the critical moment. Would he do it, or would he be put off and maybe even get angry?

He just pushed her off the couch, sat down and grabbed the ring in front of her collar. Then with the other hand he opened his trouser and pulled his member out. ‘First you gotta prove to me, that you really deserve it. Now let me see how good your bitch act is.’

He pulled her closer and she lifted his soft member up with her mouth and tongue. Then she sucked as she let the tip of her tongue play with the little opening in front. He gave a slight moan. Then he leaned in over her, grabbed her hands and locked them to the back of her belt. This came almost natural to her now. She sucked energetically on him, getting an almost instant response, he got bigger and harder.

Just as she was really enjoying herself, he pulled her head back, got up and shoved her in over the chair. Then he spread her legs and caressed her behind.

Again she was looking at the carpet in front of the stool, but she tried closing her eyes most of the time. Trying to get a feeling like the time she had been blindfolded, and she did in fact feel that everything felt stronger and better, if she closed her eyes and concentrated on his touch. She felt his hands getting a good grip of her hipbone, and then his member slowly entering her pussy all he way. His hair was tickling her naked skin and his balls were hitting her clit every time he hit home.

She came almost instantly, and reacted wildly to his fucking her. Since he had such a good grip of her hips, it was no problem for him to hang on. She began to realize one of the practicalities of having ones waistline really slim. It made the hipbone the perfect handle. When she had exhausted herself from the orgasm, he slowly pulled out of her, placed the point of his member at her smallest opening, and pressed inside.

It was a strange sensation. Having him penetrate her. She screamed a little, not from the pain, because she had oiled and treated her opening, so that he entered with almost as much ease as he had entered her pussy, but the humiliation and the different feeling of being butt-fucked.

She tried to move along with him, and actually had another orgasm together with him. He stayed inside her, leaning over her and holding her breasts with his hands, until he fell out of her anus.

They kept on fucking and enjoying each other for the rest of the weekend. She realized that (again) her friend had been right in claiming that the three openings she had, were really meant for mutual enjoyment. She did not agree that the men ‘only had their measly little member’ she loved his penis, his hands, his mouth and tongue, and she loved caressing his body all over.

Chapter 7.

A couple of weeks went by. She was on cloud nine. They played and fucked and enjoyed each other. She learned a lot from him about both men's and women’s erogenous zones. She had an unscheduled session at the beauty parlor. She still did not dare to ask them, why they changed the rings and pins to larger models every time they saw her, but she was still happy with them. Apart from the discomfort of wearing a new set, and that lasted only for about 24-hours, she was quite happy with them. They were still small, and after the first ‘wearing in’, she sometimes even forgot about them.

She did wonder, when they would reach the final size.

He complemented her every time, noticing almost immediately that she had had her ‘jewelry’ changed.

Then one day, she went to her friend’s apartment. After dinner, she was relaxing on her couch, while her friend was making coffee. She noticed a pile of paper: bills, notes and letters on the low table next to the couch. Her friend had always been a bit messy with her paperwork. She absentmindedly started to look at the papers one by one. A few unpaid (late) bills, a couple of personal and official letters etc. When she lifted the second last sheet, she saw a piece of paper, an invitation. She read it, and then again. It said:


We have the pleasure of inviting (and then her friend’s name) to our quarterly show, competition and party at the farm.

All ponies and their owners are requested to bring a set of competition, and a set of display dressing.

The program will include the usual competitions with fine prizes, a party or two, where everybody will have a chance to show themselves from their best sides, and of course discussions and exchange of experience and stable hints.

There will also be some new stock for introduction and your examination.


John and Cecilia

(and then a name that sounded like a farm).

Strange, she thought. Her friend had never been riding or showed any interest in horses or ponies. Why would she go to some hobo-barn-party in the country to look at horses..? She called out to her friend in the kitchen: ’Hey, what’s this invitation. You going to be a hillbilly?’

Her friend laughed loudly in from the kitchen: ‘It’s not nice to rummage through other people’s papers, but since you have found my invitation, I had better explain things. Be right out with the coffee.’

Her friend made some more noises in the kitchen, and then appeared with a tray. ‘Well. You see. I’m the pony, not the rider.’

‘But..but.. what do you do and what is it all about?’

‘Well.. I dress up like a pony in beautiful harness and stuff, and the men adore my body. Sometimes I even get a good fuck. So I love to go to their parties now and then. Suppose it is very kinky.’

She asked a lot of questions, and her friend answered readily to most of them. A few times she was a bit reluctant, and either answered indirectly or not at all, though she did not really notice it at the time. Thinking back later, she should have, but at the moment she was too excited about everything, and too much in love.

‘Do you think he would like me to play like this? And maybe go to such a party?’ She asked.

‘Hmm. Maybe. If you can persuade him to go, he might even like it.’

‘Will you help me? Can you get us an invitation, and help me convince him that we should go?’

‘Hmm. I suppose I could ask John and Cecilia if there’s room for another couple. They are usually very accommodating. I suppose it could be arranged, but you will have to persuade him yourself.’

‘OK, I’ll try.’

They talked on about this and that, and how she should go about persuading him to go to the party. Finally, after a late night, she went home to sleep.

(Five minutes after she had left, her friend picked up the phone, dialed the Trainer, and just said: ‘Hi, it’s me. Amelia has just left. She will probably try to persuade you to go to John and Cecilia’s party.’

He just laughed out loud in the other end. Then thanked her.

‘OK, you owe me one and I wont forget it.’ were her last words.)

It had taken some persuasion to make him agree to go, but finally he had given in (!). Her friend had talked to the people running the farm, and she had gotten her own invitation. The only difference from her friend's was that in hers a handwritten note had been added at the bottom:

"Dear Amelia,

Since it is your first visit with us, we are a bit reluctant to give everything away at once. We therefore request that you follow the instructions I have given your girlfriend, as to how you should act on the way here.

As we have had problems with journalists and other curious people, one of the things, your friend will ask of you is to be blindfolded most of the way down here. When we have gotten to know each other better, things will be much different, I am sure.

We are looking forward to seeing you and hope you will have an educational visit with us.

Signed Cecilia."

She had phoned her friend immediately, and had inquired into what this was all about. Her friend had just laughed and answered that if she had been running a club for more or less kinky people, she would be worried, who was coming and she would not let anybody vouch for people, she had not seen or talked to herself. This seemed to be a reasonable explanation, so she left it at that.

Chapter 8.

When the day came, the three of them left town in his car. He was driving and they were sitting on the back seat.

Ten minutes down the highway, her friend asked him to stop.

He turned in the next lay-by. Her friend took out a couple of cloth blindfolds and two black hoods.

‘Well. Part of the fun and something, we have to agree on, is not seeing, where they live. If we come for several sessions, they will trust us and let us know where they are situated.’

She still thought it a bit strange, but also somewhat exciting, and all in the line of what they were embarking on. First her friend had changed places with him. Then she had him put a blindfold round his head and finally a black hood over his head, tightening a string round his neck. It looked a bit funny, this round black shape sitting on his shoulders, but he kept on talking from within.

She let her friend put the blindfold round her head and then felt the hood being tightened around her neck. She could hear her friend going round to the front seat, and shutting the door behind her. ‘Well, Finally I get to drive this thing - are you comfy?’

They both answered yes from within their hoods. He did ask her friend not to wreck the car on the way. They all laughed. She started the car and drove off.

After a while, she was talking with them as if they were just sitting normally. She did not feel talking from within the hood being bad, although it was a bit warm inside it.

(What she did not know, was that he had removed the hood and blindfold immediately after she herself had been blinded. To give an illusion of a dampened voice, he had put the blindfold over his mouth. She was thus not aware of the eyes they were making to each other as they drove along).

When the car stopped, her friend helped her, by the arm (and she assumed she also helped him) up a short set of stairs and into a building.

The hood and blindfold came off. They were in a small room without windows, but with a couple of chairs along the wall as the only furniture, and a large old-fashioned mirror on one wall as the only decoration.

He gave her a really long kiss, making his tongue explore her mouth as his hands caressed her body.

She wanted to have him right there and now regardless of her friend standing next to them.

He held her head between his hands and said: ‘Well, my love. I am glad we came here. Now I have to go and get ready, and so do you. Follow your friend and her instructions. Then I will see you in a little while. I am looking forward to it’.

Before she could answer, he gave her another long kiss, turned quickly and went out the door.

‘What do we do now?’, she asked her friend.

‘Well. First we undress, then I have to take you to your room and for that you will have to be blindfolded again then you can have a bath and make yourself ready for the start of the party. OK?’

‘Yeah. Great’, she said, already pulling her trousers down, eager to see him again and have him inside as fast as possible. Although she had no clear idea, of what it was all about, she was still anxious for it to start. She assumed that she would have a lot of fun.

Soon they were naked, and her friend tied another black blindfold around her head. She realized that it was almost the same feeling, as the time she had been waiting for him in his bedroom. It was an exciting feeling.

Her friend led her along some hallways, and she could hear doors open and shut as they went along.

‘Aren’t we there soon. My feet are getting cold’.

‘Shhh. Patience. We will be there in a minute, her friend answered.

Then, after a last door closing (with a funny metallic sound, her friend said: ‘Stop, and stand still’.

Her friend’s voice sounded a bit hollow as if they were in a larger room or a room without any dampening curtains or carpet.

She stood quite still.

‘I have to put these cuffs on you, her friend said as she could feel her wrists being cuffed with something that felt like the leather cuffs, she had at home. She could also smell the leather and hear the metal rings dangle form them.

Then the cuffs were attached to a something that felt like a bar, keeping her hands apart.

‘What is all this for’ she asked.

‘Preparations. Be patient. Very shortly you will know everything’.

‘Now for your feet’

It felt like a similar set of cuffs was put on her feet, and she could hear her friend talking to her and answering her questions from down there.

‘Can’t I take the blindfold off now?’ She inquired.

‘In just a minute. Just have a few more things to do’.

She heard a sound like click-click-click and could feel the bar between her hands moving upwards to a point a little above her head.

Then her friend came over again and spoke silently in her ear: ‘Now, just one more thing, then you are ready. Open you mouth, please. As wide as you can’.

She did as her friend told her, and felt something smooth; big and round enter her mouth. It tasted of a mixture of disinfectant and rubber. It filled her mouth completely, and she could feel some connecting straps from it pressing the edges of her lips out as her friend buckled it on the back of her head.

She tried protesting, but it was too late. The ball filled her mouth and the straps made her bite into it. Her friend had not been soft in the tightening.

She moved back and forth, fighting the arrangement, but heard the click-click again, feeling her hands being pulled all the way up, till she was barely standing with flat feet on the floor. Then her legs one by one was pulled outwards until she could just touch the floor with her toes.

She hung there quietly, waiting for her friend to remove the blindfold, and give her an explanation.

The knot on the back of her head was loosened, the blindfold came off and she blinked against the strong light.

There in front of her was a man. He had a hood with holes for the eyes over his head, leather shirt, trousers and boots on, and in his gloved hand was a black whip with a lot of cords hanging loosely down. There was an opening in the middle of his trousers, were his member and balls was hanging freely. She turned her head from side to side. There was no sign of her friend, but a man in a similar dress and with a similar whip was standing behind her. It was he that had removed the blindfold. She was in a small concrete room. She tried to struggle to get free, but the man behind her just went to the wall and turned a handle. The click-click sound came from this winch, and she was stretched even further. The other man grabbed her waistline and pulled her back and forth, testing if she was strung up tightly enough.

She grew cold all over. Where had her friend gone? And what were these two men going to do to her? Why wasn’t he here to help her? This was not what she had imagined?

Without having spoken a word, they started whipping her. One from behind and the other on the front.

She tried screaming when the first lash hit her. It was not like the almost caressing lashes, he had given her on the couch at home. These two used force, and the many-ended whip bit into her flesh with both a initial sharp pain, but also a long afterpain feeling like her skin was burning, where they hit her.

She screamed under the ballgag in her mouth.

They had a very good and coordinated system: One would hit her shoulderblades, and as she moved forward from the stroke and pain, the other would hit her breasts, making her move backwards again, so that the one behind her could administer another stroke on her shoulders and so on.

This way they worked her entire body, only stopping now and then to adjust the winch, to keep her nice and still.

She screamed, drooled and cried from the pain and humiliation.

When they had finished and was satisfied with her body being striped evenly, they left the room, leaving her there to sob, and convulse as she recovered from the whipping.

She did not know for how long she was hanging there in the sharp light. Slowly the pain ceased in her body, and she could start to think.

She was sure the her lover would either come to her rescue, or that she would have a chance to complain to him later and then he would do something about these brutes.

Her arms had started to sleep, when the two masked men came back.

Again without talking, they made some sort of hoses ready behind her.

She tried following them looking over her shoulder, waiting to see if they would release her enough, for her to be able to get free or at least fight them.

She hoped they would remove the ballgag, so she could tell them it was a mistake, and tried signaling and making sounds to that effect, but they seemed not to react. They just kept on what they were doing.

Then they came over to her. One in front and the other behind her.

The one in front went down before her, and grabbed her butt with both hands.

Before she realized, what they were doing, she felt his hands pulling her buttocks apart and then something hard being forced into her smallest opening.

Again she tried screaming and struggling to avoid the object sliding into her and again, they had the thing all the way inside her before she had even realized what they were doing.

She heard a slow, rhythmic pumping sound, and felt warm inside.

What were going on? Her stomach seemed to fill by the minute. They were pumping something into her? But what? She felt degraded and violated?

Soon she felt like going to the toilet. Her insides were almost bursting and she had a ‘heavy’ feeling in her stomach.

The hard thing went out with a slurping sound, and was immediately replaced with another hard object. This time there was a sound like a bicycle pump, but only for a short while.

They stepped back and looked at her.

She tried pressing with all her might, but whatever it was they had inserted, it was too big to be pushed out by her.

One of them placed a low table in front of her.

On the table was a tray, covered in deep red velvet and filled with a number of shiny steel items.

They turned and left her, clanging the metal door behind them.

She felt sick, her body was aching and warm from the whipping, her arms were numb from the stretched out position over her head. Her stomach was rumbling and her intestines hurt. Her cheeks were itching from the traces of tears running down them, and her jaw hurt from the large ball, blocking her mouth and then her chin was wet and drops were falling to the ground from her uncontrollable drooling.

She tried concentrating on other things to avoid feeling the pressure of the fluids inside her.

First she looked at the room. Not much to see. A raw concrete room with a single fluorescent light tube over her. Here and there rings and hooks were stuck in the concrete.

Then she tried concentrating on the tray in front of her. Still not knowing what the items were for, she looked at each of them intensely.

From the left there was first something that looked like a screwdriver, except it had a curved ending that got smaller gradually. Even the handle was steel.

Next to that was a real screwdriver, although it too was pure steel. She tried getting a good look at the end of it, and judged it to be a Philips model, or at least a kind of star.

There were two pliers (also fully steel); both of them with very thin pointed jaws.

Then there were a circular, plastic container with no markings on and finally an assortment of steel rings. All neatly arranged on the velvet.

One about a quarter inch, and with an opening in one side. Something looking like a little screw stuck out of it just near the opening. Then two similar rings a little bigger and oval in shape. Then again two similar ones, a little bit bigger. A single ring and then two rather large ones, that had a small ring welded on to them. All rings seemed to have an opening, and a screw.

They came back and had a walk round her. For the first time one of them spoke, as he squeezed her left breast: ‘Well. Have you been studying your new permanent decorations? I bet you look forward to wearing these’.

She shook her head and tried to make protesting sounds, still not being able to figure out what they were going to do with all the steel.

While this happened, the other man scrambled a metal basin under her. Then began to remove the plug in her butt.

‘Oh, no’, she thought. ‘They are going to make me empty myself in the basin’.

She could not do anything against it. As soon as the plug went out. The whole load came splashing into the basin.

‘OK, we will let you get rid of all of it in peace and quiet’. The same man as had talked to her before said.

She really hoped and prayed that her lover would come and help her soon.

It was not her loved one that appeared after a short while, but the same two tormentors as before.

One of them cleared the basin and mess under her, as the other one turned to the velvet tray. Arranging the objects.

He picked up the curved ‘screwdriver’ opened the plastic container and applied some grease from it on the end of the tool with his finger. He put it down and took the first ring, greasing the ends of that as well.

The man behind her grabbed her ears with both hands and held her head firmly, bending her head a little backwards.

The first man inserted the curved tool in her nose wall piercing. Turned it back and forth as he forced it through the hole. It hurt and felt very uncomfortable.

When the tool was far enough in, he placed the ring on the end of it. Apparently one of the openings in the ring had a hollow inside.

Then he slowly pulled the curved tool back, as he pressed the ring with it.

He laid the curve tool down. Took the pliers and pressed on something resulting in a loud smacking ‘click’. Then he used the screwdriver to secure the ring in her nose.

‘This is the only non-permanent item, but I am sure you will appreciate it anyway’.

He nodded to his partner that let go of her head.

She shook it, as the ring felt uncomfortable. It was pressing on the obvious too small opening in her nose. It also pressed on the sides of her nostrils.

He grabbed it with two fingers, and pulled back and forth, testing the ring. Tears came to her eyes as her head followed his movements.

‘Lovely. Real Pony-like…and then we have a good handle for you’.

He then repeated the procedure with her ears, using the next size rings. This time he did not use the screwdriver to tighten anything in the end. But when he used the pliers, it released something with a much louder smacking sound like a large spring being released.

‘These are permanent. You will need either to cut your ear, or to have a really heavy machine tool, to get these out’.

Again he tested them individually by pulling. They felt heavy and dangled against her head, when she shook it.

He went on to her nipples, and here she could clearly see the system. The curved tool was pressed through the piercing, thus expanding the hole. Then the ring fitted on the point of the tool, and he could press the ring through the flesh by letting it follow the curve tool back.

The thing she had thought was a small screw was just a holding pin, making the locking piece stay open. When he took the pin out with the pliers, he released a spring inside the ring, making the missing piece slam into place. As everything was very smooth, she did not imagine it would be possible to reverse this process by f. inst. using the pliers to hold the ring and another to force the locking piece back inside. He was right: She would either need a surgeon, or a heavy machinery equipment piece to get the ring off.

It hurt her nipples and she could see how the piercings were forced open.

Soon the last three rings were firmly lodged in the skin between her legs. The small one behind her clit and the two double-rings had the small ring through her outer labia. She could feel the heaviness of the steel.

She closed her eyes and thought that she would probably never be able to hide her clit any more. The way it felt and as far as she had judged the size, it was pressing the clit outward. At the same time, if she would have the chance to put her legs together, the sides of the ring would keep the labia around her clit open, so that it would always be visible inviting and vulnerably.

She had felt the horniness crawl under her skin, when they had mounted the three last rings.

They had ‘tested’ the nipple rings the same way as the nose and ears: By pulling and twisting the rings, thus making her squirm from the pain.

The clit ring they had been very gentle with. Even applied extra grease on and around it before working the ring into the piercing with the curve tool.

After she had heard the loud snap indicating that the ring permanently fixed in her flesh, they had played with it and her clit in a very gentle and probing way. Not unlike the way her lover had used his tongue and fingers on the previous smaller ring siting here.

It had a very strong impact on her. She had not been able to control the convulsions and lubrication. She had noticed that her nipples had reacted just as strong, and the soreness and pressure from the rings here had made them even harder and difficult for her to get back to ‘normal’.

In spite of the pain and humiliation or maybe as a result of the pain and humiliation she was beginning to wonder why her body reacted in this positive way.

They did not leave her for long to think. She got another load of fluids inside her. Same procedure as before. She did not do anything, not even try to tighten her sphincter, as she had not had any results in trying to fight the first enema. She just wished it to be over soon, and to get in contact with him, so that she would be free.

Hanging there, arms now totally numb and stomach once again filled and hurting. She followed the rest of the preparations. The men went in and out a number of times.

First they placed a lot of leather gear in front of her all new, shiny and smelling of leather care. Then they placed two large three-winged mirrors on each side of her, and adjusted the sides, so that she was able to see herself 6 times at once.

It had a fantastic effect on her. Looking at the rings and trying to see how and what was lodged in her anus. She wanted to stop lubricating, but could not help herself even though her mind still resisted, her body was ready to be fucked any time.

When they finally took out the plug and let her relieve herself of the fluids, she was relaxing in a strange sort of way.

The next step in her preparation was a cleaning and oiling session. They used soft brushes, connected through the handle with a hose. A constant flow of soft, nice smelling soap or bathing oil came out between the hair of the brush.

The also did this very gentle. She had not had anybody wash her for ages, and actually enjoyed the attention.

After a dry-off with soft towels, one started brushing her chestnut colored shoulder-length hair, and the other started rubbing her with oil.

She closed her eyes, and let the good feeling go through her body. It was very sexy and exciting. Every little part of her body got rubbed in with the oil. As the first one had brushed her hair tightly back into yes, exactly a ponytail in the back of her head (he used a leather string to tie it together tight), then he started assisting in the oiling.

Every time she opened her eyes, she saw six versions of herself being massaged by these two hooded men.

Chapter 9.

Soon she was ready and they left her again to look at herself in the mirrors.

When they had started dressing her in the leather gear, she had thought it funny that everything fitted that well.

(Of course she did not make the combination to a while back, then she had had her usual max. of two glasses of wine, and had felt tired and worn out, almost exhausted. She had had an early night, and had imagined that it was in connection with her period, as she usually got more tired before or after having this.

She had been out like a light from the sedative he had administered in her wine.

He had spent a busy night with a measuring tape, pencil and paper. Meticulously registering her measurements all over for the ‘leather-tailor’).

The corset f. inst. had two curves in front. Each exactly following the roundness of her breasts with the red- lined edge. Most of the cuffs and straps only had one or maybe two holes for the buckle.

Anyway, she had a lot of time to look herself over, and did not at all dislike what she was seeing in a strange way.

Starting from the top, she had two small leather ears, mounted on the harness encasing her head. This harness had a kind of shade over her eyes (also leather and part of the harness), a padded strap over her nose making it impossible for her to look down, and some very decorative black and red blinkers on the side, stopping her to look anything but straight ahead. A small shiny chain from each of her earlobes to her shoulder straps made her keep her head steady and still. Furthermore an additional two straps from the top back of her head to her shoulders, fixed her head in an upright straight-ahead looking position.

The bit was something else.

After they had harnessed her head, one of them had whispered in her ear: ‘Now we are going to remove the ballgag, my dear. If you make as much as a single sound, you will be punished’.

She had not taken his treat serious, and after all this had been her only chance to explain to them, that they were on the wrong track with her.

So as soon as he had loosened the strap in the back of her head, and slowly and carefully taken the large red ball out of her mouth, she had said: ‘look here, this is a mistake..’.

She never finished the sentence, unless one considers a scream a finish, because she had felt an unbearable pain in her butt, as the man behind her had swung a short crop across it.

She did not even get time to end her scream from the shock and pain, as the man taking out the ballgag had used her open mouth to shove in the bit.

It was a much softer ball, filling the inside cavity of her mouth totally, as the black stick that was attached in front of it was pressed against the edges of her lips.

As it was in place now, one could only see the stick, stretching her lips and showing her upper front teeth, but she could clearly feel the ball behind it inside her.

The initial choking feeling had gone away, but it left no room for air or sounds to pass through and out her mouth. She was limited to whatever sounds would emerge from deep down her throat.

It had a large ring on each side, resting on her cheeks, and a metal decoration sticking out in the air. He had used this metal piece to pull to make her feel the total control the bit had over her head.

The collar round her neck was resting on her shoulders and chin, had a pointed end towards her chest and a padded red lining under her chin. It also had a number of shiny rings around it, and two round brass plates. She had seen these kinds of decorations before, in England. She also knew they were called ‘horse-brass’ and were normally used on harnesses to make the animals more decorative for f. inst. A Sunday ride.

The motives in the cast brass were usually something to do with horses or nature, but these had mildly speaking frivolous designs showing women being either whipped or fucked.

The corset was a full-length model, starting just under her breasts and ending just above her navel.

It was tight and gave her skinny body an even more hourglass-like shape than the trainer belts had done.

Over her shoulders ran a number of straps with more rings and buckles and more ‘horse-brass’.

Her feet had been encased in black booths, ending just above the knee.

The booths had a wide base, but were designed so that her feet were in a position as if she wore very high heels.

The soles were made like tap-dancer shoes with a loose plate attached to the bottom, giving a rather loud sound every time she took just a little step.

She was only held by a leather strap from each of her shoulders to a ring in the wall on each side. She could move a little back and forth and to the sides but at this point, it did her absolutely no good.

Almost the last thing they had done was to take her hands down. Only to force them into a set of long black gloves. That is gloves with no fingers. Her hand was in a pair of leather bags at the end of the gloves. And this bag had reinforcement, making her fingers immobile.

They had proceeded to force her hands up between her shoulderblades and looked them in place there. At this point her arms were already so numb from the long hanging session, that she neither could nor had the chance to resist.

Her elbows had also been locked to the corset.

She could not figure out, what she felt was the most degrading thing they had done.

If it was the dildo stuck all the way in her anus, secured with another set of straps and ending with a horse tail, sticking out and upwards.

If it was the little tray the had mounted with a strap around her slim waist and hung from a set of small chains from her nipple rings, making her into a human serving tray.

Or if it was the way they had pulled her pussy open by attaching yet another set of straps to the large rings in her labia, pulling them out and making the rings rest against her stomach.

(In fact she could not even try to put her legs together to see if her notion about the clit ring was correct.)

She decided that it was none of the above, but the short leash they had clicked to her clit ring and then placed the end of it hanging from a ring in her belt.

They had pulled and jerked the leash in the end to make her feel how she would have to follow whoever was holding this leash not to cause herself unbearable pain.

She used the wait to study her oiled body, encased, restricted, vulnerable, degraded and under control by somebody else. She found the word ‘totally’ having a whole new meaning to her..

Chapter 10.

Finally they came for her, and led her out by the clit-leash. They had several other girls all done up almost the same way as herself waiting outside. They were all lead by a similar clit-leash. She did not notice her friend among them.

They entered a large well-lit room, and she immediately saw her lover standing at the bar at the end of the room with a drink in his hands.

He came over with another man. Now, she thought, he will help me out of this. She noticed that both men were wearing booths and had a crop dangling from their wrists.

He lover put his drink down on the tray on her waistline.

The man leading her dropped her leash and walked off with the other girls he was leading.

‘See. This is the one I told you about. Isn’t she beautiful’

He let his finger caress her opening; grabbing the leash and letting it slide up and round his wrist.

Then he gave it a short pull making her take a little step forward. A small cry escaped her as she felt the jerk. The other man looked up and down her body: ‘Yeah. The boys have made a good job of this one. She’s pretty in her new role’.

She grew cold all over. What was it had said in the invitation: ‘…There will also be some new stock for introduction and your examination…’

She was some of the ‘new stock’ and he was not at all going to do anything to help her at this moment. In fact he loved her the way they had dressed her’.

She felt like she wanted to scream, but knew that there was no way out of this.

On the other hand, this was actually the first time she had been that naked and exposed and with a lot of strangers and she did not feel the least bit shy. The posture she was in from the corset, straps and collar made her upright and almost proud looking.

Then she spotted her friend, with another man. She was done up like herself. In a short minute, their eyes met and her friend blinked at her. Then she had to follow her lover as he moved across the room, still with the leash around his wrist.

A short fattish man with a red face came closer: ‘Well, Trainer. So this is the wonder, you have been talking about. I see now why you have chosen to keep this one to yourself for so long’.

As he spoke his short, fat fingers kneaded her breast and she could feel him probing inside her crotch. She tried stepping backwards, but her loved grabbed her shoulders holding her for his unashamed inspection.

She had never felt so disgusted in her life. This ugly unattractive man all over her private parts.

They openly discussed her features as they examined her.

Finally, he went away, and she tried to catch her lover’s eyes to signal to him somehow, that she wanted to get out of here.

He just turned his attention to a woman coming over and greeting him. She too had a ponygirl in the same kind of leash as herself.

Suddenly she recognized the waitress from Sugar Baby’s, and the ponygirl she was leading was another of the waitresses.

Again, she was the subject of a close physical examination. This time by the woman.

‘Ahh. I was looking forward to this as I have followed her development from the sideline for some time, as you know?’

‘Yes. Me too. Now we are getting her in real shape’.

The waitress let her long nails slide gently down over her shoulders and around her breasts.

‘You must lend her to me and soon. I am sure we will get along fine. Takes a woman, you know. To really make another woman feel the real, intense pleasure and pain’.

As she said the last words she had let the nails slide to her nipples, encasing and squeezing them. Each between the nails of three fingers.

She could not help giving a very high-pitched whine from the extreme pain it caused her.

The waitress smiled at her and patted her cheek.

‘So, so, my dear. This is nothing. Wait till you come for a stay at my place. Then you will really get your senses exercised’.

Then she gave her lover a long tongue kiss and dragged her pony away.

A man came round and hooked a plastic number to the right side of the bits of every pony in the room. He also gave each of the leaders a plastic number.

A small, graying woman got up on a chair and clapped her hands: ‘Ladies and gentlemen. We have of course prepared the usual after dinner entertainment. I will now draw the lucky ponies for the different games’.

She did not understand any of this, but listened attentively like the rest of the party.

First she drew five ponies and five leaders for what she called the ‘Rodeo-event’

Then she drew another group for the ‘Race’. Yet another for the ‘Jumping event’ and finally a group of judges one group she called the ‘General judges’ and another the ‘Presentation judges’. When all this was done, she explained that betting was allowed and announced that dinner was served in the adjoining room.

Some of the girls were taken away by the masked men, but the rest of them followed their leaders into the dining room.

Here, her lover placed her in front of a long horizontal beam. He pulled her leash, wound it a couple of times around the beam and made a knot.

She turned to the sides and saw that the rest of the ponies were attached to the same beam. The distance between them being enough for them not to be able to touch.

The beam was facing a well-laid table.

Soon all the leaders were sitting behind the table facing the ponies with their clit’s leashed to the beam, talking and having dinner served by another group of masked men.

All through dinner, the party discussed the ponies standing helpless at the beam in front of them.

All details were talked about. If this one had a better-looking pussy than that. If this ones breasts were too big, too sagging or too small and so on.

Rarely was she aware of herself being talked about, but her lover often spoke to the man next to him, and pointed at her with his fork.

Behind the line of ponies, a masked man was parading with a whip. If there was any unrest or any of the ponies started moving too much, it would immediately result in a lash across her butt.

She got a few lashes, not knowing what she had actually done wrong, but thinking that either the man was bored by the task, or he had to hit them now and again to remind them that anything could be done to them anytime and without any reason.

Chapter 11.

She felt like the dinner took ages to complete, but eventually the gray-haired woman got up, hit her wine-glass with her knife a few times and said: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Now we have reached the time you have all been waiting for: The Games. I must ask you to fetch your ponies, and proceed to the riding house’.

Everybody got up, and her lover came over, placed his coffee on her tray, untied her leash and put it round his wrist again. Then he turned and started walking. She trotted along right behind him. The room filled with the clop-clop of the many ponygirls being led through a door, along a passageway and into a large hall-like room.

She had problems enough following him to be able to get a closer look at the hall, but noticed that the floor had a fresh layer of sawdust all over it.

The whole party gathered around a small enclosure at one side.

It was polygonal and approximately ten meters across. Fenced in by a solid wood fence. The fence was just about shoulder height and had a smooth surface on the inside as the supporting beams were all on the outside. In the far end from her and the group was a box made up of horizontal beams with space between them. The box had a size to hold one person. Right next to their company was a gate. Closed on the outside with a metal locking bar.

Next to the box, but on the outside was a podium, with a digital clock. Its large red display numbered 5:00. Beside the clock was a ship bell on a gallows arrangement.

In the square box, she could just make out the figure of one of the girls, she had seen in the beginning.

She tried getting a better look through the beams, but all she could see was her gloves holding on to on of the beams and her bridled and bitted head looking out through the gap between two of he beams.

She thought that the girl had a rather frightened look in her eyes.

Next to the box but also on the outside, was two A- frames made up of thick round beams. The two frames were joined by a cross-beam on top.

Over this cross beam, four other girls had their hands locked. They were hanging their feet hardly touching the ground facing the same way.

They had had some of their equipment taken off, and had just their bridles, bits, corset, tails, gloves and boots on.

The gray-haired woman got up on the podium and made a speech.

She did not listen, as she was fascinated with the scenery.

A group of men had gathered in a small circle right beside her, and were eagerly occupied betting on something. One of them was noting the bets on a blackboard.

Suddenly they all grew silent.

One of the men opened the gate to the enclosure and walked in. He had boots, jeans with leather reinforcements on the knees, a cotton shirt; black gloves and a small scarf round his neck. He took a leather strap from one of the other men, and placed it between his teeth.

The gate was closed and locked behind him

The gray-haired lady shouted out: ‘Ready.Go’

The box in the other end of the enclosure was opened, and there was the loud crack of a whip as the girl rushed out. Some unseen person behind her had opened the back, and given her a hard lash, to make her jump out into the enclosure.

The door to the box closed behind her quickly.

The clock on the wall had started counting down in increments: 4:55, 4:50, 4:45.

The man quickly walked over to the woman. She looked even more scared and backed up against the fence. The man came closer. When he was about a meter or two from her, she tried to run sideways, but he jumped quickly the same way as her, grabbed her outstretched but useless gloved hands.

With a quick and professional grip, he pulled her over his leg, and forced her to land on her stomach in the sawdust. She tried to get up on all four, but he pressed her down, placing a knee on her back, and trying to grab her struggling arms and legs.

Shortly after he had tied her arms and legs together on her back with the leather strap from his mouth.

First he had forced her hands on her back and tied them parallel, and then he had pulled her legs up and tied her ankles to her wrists.

All very quickly and professionally.

He got up and stretched his arms out. The gray-haired woman struck the ship bell with a loud gong-sound, and the clock stopped at 2:35. It had taken him less than three minutes to make her defenseless.

The woman was still twitching and she could see her face full of sawdust as she tried to bend her head upward from the floor.

Her look had not changed at all she still feared something.

The gray-haired woman made some notes on a pad, then spoke: ‘2 minutes and 35 at one lash per 5 sec’s that will be 31 lashes’.

The crowd cheered.

Two masked men came into the enclosure. One of them handed a multi-ended flogger to the ‘winner’. Then they grabbed the woman and lifted her up, so that she was resting on her knees. She had sawdust on her breasts and corset. Her head was shaking and she was making pitiful noises.

The ‘winner’ went up to her and put his hand in her crotch. For a while he played with the rings and caressed her. Then he stepped back and swung the flogger, hitting her pussy with a loud noise. She could see that he was using force. The woman almost jumped from the pain. The gray-haired woman counted out loud: ‘One..’

The punishment continued until she had had all her 31 lashes.

Then the man went out and was congratulated by several of the men outside. The two masked men released the girl and helped her on her feet. They almost lifted her out.

Another pair of masked men now unleashed one of the hanging four women. She looked equally frightened, as she was aware of the faith awaiting her.

In spite of her struggling and fighting, the two men pushed her in the back door to the small enclosure and locked it.

She was kicking the door and the sides of the box with her boots, making a loud noise.

Then another man came into the big enclosure from their side, and the whole thing was done again.

It was a strange sport. She got the system, but closed her eyes for the last two.

Apparently a man had max. 5 minutes to get a ponygirl down on her stomach tie her arms and legs and get up again. The girls’ chance was to avoid the man for as long as possible, as the remaining time measured up to a number of lashes on her pussy. Each five sec’s gave one lash.

She felt particularly sorry for number three. She seemed so inexperienced or maybe so frightened, that she hardly resisted. She was down in a little over a minute, and her ‘catcher’ was using the flogger with more force than the rest at least judging from the sound on her flesh and the way she visible jerked each time she was hit, even though she was held by two men and had her arms and legs tightly bound on her back. She also made an almost constant noise as she got whipped.

Every time a lot of the men betted as to how long the woman could avoid the man.

A lot of money changed hands.

Chapter 12.

The next event was a race. Four girls were attached to each their little cart or sulky. Their owner, lover or trainer was in the seat.

She recognized the Waitresses in the second cart from the wall.

Again the gray-haired woman made a short speech explaining the rules, ending with her firing a small starters pistol in the air. The drivers hit their ponies with their whips and off they went following the sides of the room.

The hall filled with the fast clop-clopping of the girl’s boots, the swishing, slapping sounds of the whips hitting their butts and the cries of the drivers as they urged their ponies forward.

They passed the place where the group was watching. She could see the wild look in some of the pony’s eyes, and some of the drivers used the whip intensely. She closed her eyes, not wanting to watch but then shortly after she could not help herself watching anyway. There was something fascinating about it.

Round and round they went, and there was no definite leader. It changed now this pony was first, now that.

Every time they thundered past her, she smelled the sweat from the girls and looked at their shiny bodies.

The group cheered. Bets had again been made and everybody was shouting at their favorite.

It ended as abruptly as it had started.

The ponies were drooling and panting, some of them even had little lines of saliva running from their nostrils, and they were all breathing heavily and drooling uncontrollable.

A strong tall pony had won, and everybody gathered around her to feel her, pat her and comment on her running.

She caught the name of the pony. It was Anette. She looked proud and stepped back and forth with tiny steps, as she was praised and fondled.

Then the drivers unhitched and led their ponies to the stables to be refreshed.

The next event was the ‘Jumping’, or so the gray-haired woman announced.

In the middle of the room was an arrangement with different obstacles, like in a real horse show. Except these obstacles were much smaller.

There were four ponies competing one of whom she recognized as having been in the rodeo as well.

The system here was a combination of not tearing down any obstacles and finishing within a given time limit.

The best of the four girls had a well-working system with their Trainers. As they were not able to look down, they had to rely completely on the Trainer.

He had them by a line to their corset, and then exactly at the right time and spot, he would issue a short command and hit their butts lightly with the crop making them jump more or less blindly and probably hoping to get over the obstacle.

It was hard for the girls to jump without knowing exactly where the obstacles were. They had to try and judge the height and distance from a few feet away, as their heads were locked in an upright, forward looking position. One of them even had a strap going over her nose. This strap had a kind of padding making it thick than her own and blocking any attempt the girl might have to look down. She did however finish without tearing anything down, but went over the given time.

She must have a lot of trust in the person holding her line and directing her, Amelia thought.

She could not help herself watching the poor girls trying to complete the obstacles without errors and within the given time.

None of them succeeded totally. One of them actually fell over an obstacle and landed with a thud in the sawdust. She got up quickly and without help, but the rest of her ‘run’ was nervous and uncertain.

After each of them had finished the course, they were bent over the fence and had their legs and collar tied to the horizontal beams.

Again a lot of betting took place.

They were judged, as they stood there bent over the fence with their butts sticking straight up.

They started with the girl, who had fallen. Apparently she got the last place in the competition. It promptly got her a lot of lashes on her butt.

By now she did not really react to the whipping, but in this particular situation, she felt herself jump with each lash, as if she was the one being whipped.

She noticed that the three waiting girls also gave little jerks or jumps with each lash their fellow pony received.

They were of course thinking about their turn coming next.

They punished them one by one until only one girl was left unwhipped.

She was pronounced the winner, and therefore did not get any punishment.

Very clever but also a devious system, she thought to herself.

They were released and led to the stables for refreshing.

The final event was the show ponies. There were only three in this category, and they were brought out from the stables.

They had a lot of makeup and each had a very elegant and decorative harnessing.

Their bodies had been freshly oiled, and each little detail on their body and harness had been checked to make them look their absolute best.

They were led round the enclosure for all to watch and comment on. Then a vote was taken and they got their prizes.

A pony named Elisabeth got first prize.

Amelia found her quietly evaluating the girls in her mind as they were led by, and in fact she would have voted for Elisabeth had anybody wanted her opinion.

She found this strange, that she was evaluation these strangely dressed women, without any second thoughts, but as it was something she was witnessing every weekend.

All through this she had been allowed to stand next to her lover. He had not addressed her, but had now and again taken his glass from the tray on her waistline, had a sip, and then placed it back on the tray.

It gave a little touch of pain in her nipples each time the weight of the glass was put down as the chains from her tits to the edge of the tray got a distinct little pull.

Now she felt like she had to go to the toilet and pee.

He must have felt an urge as well. He led her out, when the event was over, and directly to the toilet.

Here he relieved himself in the urinal together with a couple of other men, also having a girl on a leash.

Then he maneuvered her to the center of the room. Here he made her stand across a low basin with a hole in the middle. She understood that this was her chance to empty her bladder, but was terrible shy to do so, like this, in the open and in a men’s room with everybody watching.

She did have to go so much that she simply opened and emptied her bladder with a splashing sound in the metal basin.

However, she did not like it the least and felt very uncomfortable doing this.

He did not act like it was anything special, and immediately pulled her back into the room with the bar afterwards.

He placed a fresh drink on her tray and mingled with the party.

Suddenly the piercing woman came up to them. She had not noticed her before.

Of course she was leading her assistant, dressed the same way as all the ponygirls present.

Her lover and the woman discussed her piercings. The woman examined her closely and with a lot of professional interest.

‘So, this is how she came out. Looks good even though we should have expanded her a little more before changing to these models. Are they the usual permanent models?’

‘Yes. These are the ones to stay. I am sure she will be happy with them’.

She blushed and felt a cold streak going through her body. ‘Permanent’. Of course the spring-loaded rings were released by pulling out the little pin. The sound it had made was a determined and solid metallic ‘clang’. It had not sounded like the springs would be easy to push back so the rings could come out. She would be stuck with these decorations for a very long time maybe forever.

The woman pressed her breasts, pulled the rings, and twisted them. Pinched her nipples and so on. All the time looking at her breasts and talking to her lover. Not once did she address her or look her in the eyes.

Then she went on to the pussy rings. She got down on her knees, and Amelia could hear and feel herself being handled in this professional way.

‘I love the way the clit one came out. Can I see her with legs together?’

‘Of course. Put your legs together, bitch!’ He said as he gave her clit leash a sharp pull.

She quickly complied not to give him reason to pull again.

The woman examined her again.

‘I see. Very nice. I can imagine that it will display her clit nicely, even if her labia are not controlled. She is very pretty. You are a lucky man. I am glad it turned out so well. I must have a close-up pic for my collection’.

‘But of course my dear, any time you want to. Maybe when she gets’ s the final mark. I assume it would be a good time’

‘The final mark’? What did he mean by that? Had he not already put rings in her everywhere? and had free access to her? What more could he possible want of her?

Finally the woman had a look at her earlobes and the nose ring.

Again she and her lover talked about this being the only detachable ring. The woman’s eyes met hers by chance a few times, but nothing in her look indicated that she wanted to contact her. It was a purely professional examination regardless of Amelia.

She felt her nipples harden and get sensitive from the examination. Her pussy was also lubricating uncontrollably, but no one seemed to notice but herself.

Again this surprised her. She was of the firm belief that this was more than a kink. It was sick, but still she felt herself being excited by it, and she could not help being horny and wanting to have sex soon.

This feeling now overshadowed her initial anger at her lover of what he had done to her. She actually found herself looking at him with a desire to have him, and with some pride to be attached like this to his wrist.

Once in a while, one of the girls made some sort of mistake.

This resulted in her being brought to a low platform in the middle of the room.

Here was a very simple arrangement: two posts from floor to ceiling, and a crossbar connecting the two poles. The crossbar could be moved up and down in a row of hooks on each post.

Most of the women just went straight to the bar without any hesitation, spread their legs and bend over the bar. Then a series of lashes was administered to (usually) the girls butt.

An almost naked man wearing a black hood and gloves administered the lashes, while his two male assistants placed and held the girl in position.

Afterwards she just got up again and her leader took her back to the party.

She did not like to watch this either, but her lover looked on with some interest every time somebody was punished this way.

She found herself closing her eyes every time the whip hit home and the naked butt over the bar shook from the stroke.

Then it happened. Her lover had just placed another drink on her tray, and then she took a wrong step on her left foot. This made her partly loose balance, and the drink went on the floor. The glass did not break, but of course the contents spread around her feet.

The waiter picked up the glass, and her lover looked at her with a strange look.

‘Well, my dear. Seems like you will have to be punished’

She grew cold all over as the hooded man came over and her lover simply handed him the leash from her clit.

‘Hold on a minute’, her lover said.

The man stopped and for a few short moments, she thought she would get off.

He released the chains from her tray and loosened the belt holding it round her waist.

‘I had better relieve you of this for now’.

She felt a little grateful that he had realized that he apparently was going to make life a little easier for her.

She was wrong.

The chains were dangling freely from her nipples. He took them and attached them to the sides of her bit. Making them tight enough to pull upwards. The pain of having her breast pulled up by the rings like this was terrible. She was almost crying. How could he do this to her?

‘Much better’, he said as he held on to the ring in her bit and pulled her head from side to side.

The helplessness of not being able to decide her own head position, combined with the hurt in her nipples made her really cry a little.

After he had done this, the man with the mask holding the leash from her clit gave it a sharp hurting pull, making her follow him up to the bar.

Here the two other men spread her legs and attached them to the posts on each side.

One of them grabbed her collar and forced her over the bar.

In a few seconds she was helplessly lodged over the bar with her defenseless behind sticking right out.

The masked man gave her ten lashes. A lot of people cheered every time the sound of the leather hitting her butt rang out in the room just like they had done with other girls being punished.

She tried to fidget and resists all through the punishment, but got what was decided she should have, before being brought back to upright position.

Someone felt her pussy from behind, and she was surprised herself to feel that she was dripping wet and sensitive. Maybe pain did excite her after all?

She was brought back to her lover and he caressed and kissed her face and breasts.

Then he circled some more round the room, talking to people like she was not right there. Hanging on to him by her clit.

After a while the middle-aged, gray haired woman came up to them. Apparently her lover and she was old friends. They talked in a way, like they were in frequent contact and about a lot of subjects, she was not able to follow.

Finally the woman started examining her in a most professional way.

All the time commenting on her looks, shape and the way the harness and leather suited her.

The session ending with the woman taking over the leash, and saying: ‘Come my dear, now your new life is about to start’.

It did not make a lot of sense to her, but her lover held them back. Then he leaned his head over her and spoke to her in a whispering voice.

‘Well, well. I really love you this way. I have wanted you to be my pony ever since I set eyes on you, and now it seems to be coming true at last. You will finally be all mine, and I will love and cherish you more than ever and maybe more than you ever imagined possible.

Shortly Cecilia will lead you off to her stables where you will spend the next many days in training as a ponygirl. I hope you will be good and behave yourself. When Cecilia decides you are ready, I will come back for you ehhh, maybe I will look in on you at some date to se how you progress in your training, and ensure that you will be and look right. I hope you will agree, when you finally will be asked if this is what you want, and my greatest desire is that you will really, really be mine in all respects if you decide to do this, you will bear whatever markings I decide for you, and you will finally, finally be my full property.

Now I will retire to the background and watch as anybody here present can have you in any way they desire. The only one not having you will be me. I will wait till you are ready for me. Goodbye to Amelia, and hello to ponygirl Amelia’.

She was so shocked and stunned by his words that she let herself being led to the bar again like in a dream or haze. Her head was spinning, and she could not think one straight thought.

Soon she was placed in the same position as before, except no one was holding on to her collar. Instead two small chains had been looked on to the connection between her bit and nipples. These chains were attached to a ring embedded in the floor in front of her. Any movement of her upper body or head would go straight to her tormented tits.

Someone tightened the lines from the back of her head to her shoulders, making her head bend backwards. Now she was looking straight out in the room and her tits were hurting more than ever, but only for short while.

Busy hands unlocked her bit and the small chains. Before she could react or protest a ring-gag was put in place of the bit, the small chains was again attached. This time to the sides of the ring gag, and the pain started again.

Someone released her tail-dildo and pulled it out. All her three openings were now available and they were used.. again and again.

In the beginning she tried to wriggle and protest, but it only resulted in inflicting even more pain on her tits.

When she had the first penis in her mouth, the movements were terrible. After a few times, she got used to it in a strange way. The pain seemed to dim somewhat and she somehow relaxed a little.

In the end she even went in to a wild orgasm wilder than she had ever had.

Afterwards she thought it a result of the constant fucking in all her openings eventually bringing her to a new kind of high.

It was very much later, when the gray haired woman led her of from the party. She had not seen her lover since her had turned her over to the woman, but she knew he was there somewhere watching her.

She felt like she was doing it for him and that it pleased him to see her doing it. After all he had decided that this should take place, so he must have felt it pleasing to see her being degraded like this.


To be continued



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