Amelia 1

- by o-girl


Amelia had just reached 25. She was a skinny girl. Brown; shoulder long, thick hair. Light green eyes and a cute little face with a pointed nose in the center. A narrow-lipped mouth that revealed a set of perfectly regular white teeth every time she spoke or smiled. She did not make a show of herself. In fact she was so shy that most of the time people did not notice her pretty green eyes as she invariably looked down, when spoken to.

In the depths of her own most private mind, she knew she did not have much to be shy about. In fact she knew she had a lovely body even if it was on the skinny side. Her nipples were as small and dark as a man’s apart from the fact that they were on a pair of perfectly rounded, self-supporting breasts just a handful of soft but firm female meat, with a tiny point on the end. Her stomach was almost non-existent, and further down between her legs, a solid, sharp-bordered brown triangle of hair pointed to her opening. She had one of those straight-line openings. When she held her legs almost together, there was just a line. Then when she spread her legs, the line suddenly opened, revealing her innermost. The flower of this was of course her clit. Wrapped in a small fold from above, it was hidden and protected from the world. When she spread her legs even more, the fold finally gave way and let her display this little and red sensitive flower bud in the center. Her butt stuck out without even having the smallest fold underneath. It was firm and muscular. She had small hands and feet, with long fingers and toes underlining the femininity of her appearance. Unfortunately she usually wore loose hanging clothes, as she did not want to make a display of herself or attract attention.

She had just moved to town, and was now renewing her old acquaintances from 5 years back, when she had gone to the other end of the country to finish her studies. Especially there was one person, she had been eager to meet, her best girlfriend. This friend was almost 10 years older, and they had started their friendship, when she began in the kindergarten grade and her friend was finishing the last year in public school before starting in the high school at the same institution.

Her friend had from the beginning acted as her big sister. She had been ever so proud to be befriended with someone that old, and she had found some of the values and support, that her own home had lacked in a noticeable manner. Her parents had been divorcing themselves for almost ten years before actually breaking up. This meant that she as a kid, did not have the comforts and security of a solid home base, but had been a somewhat nervous and quiet child.

All this had changed, when she met her girlfriend. She had always been able to help and offer advice. Her friend had taken her out. At first to museums, exhibitions, children’s movies and fast-food restaurants. Later to the newest films, better restaurants and nightclubs. Her friend had always been there for her. The past 5 years they had talked on the phone a few times, but not a lot. It was like they had grown a bit apart with the distance.

Thinking back, she could not quite figure out, how and when her life had taken a major turn. When she first came to town? When she contacted her old girlfriend? Or when she met Him? She did not know. But now I am getting too far ahead of events. I had better let you read the story, as she experienced it. She had contacted her friend almost immediately. They had gotten together, and things had seemed like they had just parted. The five years evaporated like they had just been away from each other for a weekend. They went out on town, to concerts, art shows and so on. Then one day, after they had been to a gallery opening, they were walking down the street, looking for a café to have a coffee and a croissant.

Chapter 1.

A man called out from across the small street and he even waved as he crossed between a couple of slow passing cars. At first, she had thought he was addressing someone else on the busy pavement, but as her friend waved back, she realized that he was coming over to them. She blushed and felt insecure.

‘Hi. Long time no see.’ he said to her friend.

‘Trainer! Her friend exclaimed. Never dared hope I would meet you again?’

‘And who’s you beautiful companion?’ He took her left hand with both of his, and held her eyes in a permanent friendly stare with his grayish eyes.

She could not look down. They were introduced, and she looked discreetly at him as her friend and he chatted. He was late fortyish, lean, graying hair, good clothes, good looking. She felt attracted to him, and had a hard time, not to look at him constantly. She felt that he was aware of her stare, but he made no obvious signs of noticing.

‘Since the two of you are going for coffee, let me join you and I’ll pay the bill. Not every day, I meet one of my favorites and then in such wonderful company.’

Her friend smiled at both of them, and then suggested a place nearby, called ‘Zugar Babyz’. Although the name was a bit strange, she agreed to go there.

It was in a small side street, and had a closed front. Not the usual fishbowl windows, but smaller ones, with black curtains almost blocking the view from the outside. He was gallant, held the door for them, and even pulled out the chairs to let them sit down. A bit of an old fashioned gentleman, she thought. Her usual and younger male companions never had so much attention to old-fashioned politeness. He went to the bar to get their coffee and croissants.

‘Who’s that?’ she whispered to her friend.

‘He is a very good friend, that recently taught me a lot of things I had never dreamt of. He is really, really nice. Don’t worry. He’s a gentleman through and through.’

‘Why do you address him ‘Trainer?’ She asked.

‘Oh. He’s a sports nut like myself, so it’s a kind of nickname.’ her friend answered. Still in a very low voice.

‘He’s great looking. Is he single?’ she asked giggling quietly.

‘So, so. Not so fast. I saw him first.’ her friend replied in a low voice. Then after a short giggle from her, she looked serious. ‘Actually. I think he’s single, but if you have that kind of thoughts, you should be careful. He is older and more experienced than most men I have known are, and probably also the ones you have been near.’

She did not have time to get her friend to elaborate on this, as he came back with a tray. Then her friend and he talked on and on about people she did not know.

She started to look round the room.

The first thing, that struck her as odd was the waitresses behind the counter at the end of the room. They were both in a kind of French Maid costume. Except it was in some sort of glossy material. The dresses were very tight, and one could just about see the top of their nipples at the edge of the material. They were also both wearing a black collar and black cuffs round their wrists.

One of them came over to take the ashtray and clear an old, half-empty cup from their table. She had pitch-black lipstick and eyeliner and her hair was obviously dyed very black. She noticed that her collar and cuffs were made of something looking like soft velvet, with a thin red edging. When the girl leaned in over the table, she could see that the material was so thin and tight sitting that all of her nipple was showing through, and then the slight hint of the redness, just sticking over the edge.

Strange, she though, and felt a little uneasy.

Most of the furniture was either black or red, and the bar had a ‘handle’ on the underside made from a heavy steel chain. There were no pictures on the wall, but they were wallpapered with a dark red, soft looking wallpaper. She was not at all sure; she liked ‘Zugar Babyz’.

The man turned his attention to her, and inquired politely to her name, occupation and other common stuff. She did not dare to look at him very much, but spend most of the time answering to her cup and trying to stare a hole in the table right in front of her. He made her forget the place they were in and she lost track of time. Rarely had she felt herself falling in love so quickly and totally. She found herself watching his hands and wondering how it would feel to have these slim hands fondle her body. Her friend broke the conversation off. They got up and said goodbye outside. She felt dizzy and like in a dream, when they walked on, and her friend continued their everyday conversation.

Chapter 2.

Two days later he called. Introducing himself and telling her that he had gotten her number from her friend. He invited her out for dinner and she agreed happily.

Then their adventure started. They became lovers. Went to the theater, opera, cinema, and exhibitions - wining and dining. She felt like a princess, and would probably never forget the first time he kissed her as they said goodbye on her doorstep and of course she invited him in. In return, he made gentle love to her all night, leaving her in the morning in a state of exhaustion, happiness and a want for more of the same.

Soon she had almost moved in with him. She slept at his place more than in her own small flat.

He had a large house, that he lived in all by himself and he had a good position as a CEO of a larger company. He bought her clothes and presents, and took her out to better fashion shops and adorned her with designer clothes.

At first she was shy. Most of what he bought for her and made her wear, were much too daring than her usual style, but he assured her that she look smashing, so she tried to forget and suppress her shyness.

He also bought her underwear. At first a bra that opened in the front. When she protested, he just smiled and caressed her breasts, saying that he wanted her lovely breasts to be easily accessible for him. Then he demonstrated the opening system and made love to her right there. She did not feel like protesting after that.

In fact, her breasts did not need the bra, but she had always been using one to ‘cover up’ her female form, as she said to herself. Soon her wardrobe contained only open-front, half- and quarter cup bras. Most of which just accented her form and left her nipples totally free for him.

She adored him, and the way he caressed her.

One day he gave her an open-crotch pair of laced undies. She protested a lot about that, and it took a lot of convincing, before she wore them for the first time. After having pulled herself together to wear them for the first time, it took only a short while, then she had nothing else but variations of the open crotch model in her cupboard.

It gave her a strange, but horny feeling, to be wearing the underwear, and she was more or less constantly lubricating.

He had gotten her a job at his company, where she could use her degree. She was very happy.

Meeting casually in the company turned them on, both of them knowing that she was open and ready for him, underneath her dress.

A few times they had made quick and passionate love in the men’s room.

The thought that they might meet in the course of their goings about in the company, and then maybe make love, made her even hornier.

One day he had called her in to his office, to let her give him a briefing. In the middle of their conversation, he suddenly stopped her talking, and said:’ Spread your legs more. Pull up your skirt, so that I can see you.’

She froze but reluctantly did, what he asked. She could feel herself blushing all the way up to her hairline.

‘Now, caress yourself!’ He said this in a commanding voice, so she complied, and let her left hand slide down to her crotch.

‘Use both hands. Spread yourself with one, and then caress with the other. Look at me.’

She again did what he ordered.

‘Beautiful. Now keep it up, and continue your briefing. I am listening.’

She staggered through the rest of her otherwise well-prepared speech. All the time caressing her more and more wet pussy. They were both aware that her nipples were making a clear outgoing impression in her dress.

After she had finished her speech, he said, ‘Well, that was not very well performed. Maybe we ought to think of some kind of punishment for you?’

She did not know what to answer, but the thought of some kind of ‘punishment’ strangely enough made her even more horny.

‘OK, I think the punishment will be for you to go quietly back to your office, and then behave yourself for the rest of the day.’

She rose mechanically, turned and walked out of the door. She could hardly control herself as she passed the secretary in the front office. She would so much have liked to have him inside her. She felt it was an appropriate ‘punishment’, and immediately decided, never to make that mistake again. Next time he asked her anything, she would comply quickly and without hesitation or reservation.

In the evening he acted like nothing had happened, but he did make love to her after dinner.

One of the things, they both loved was to give each other head. He was very good with his mouth and tongue, and had her screaming from orgasm to orgasm. That is if she did not have her own mouth fully ‘occupied’.

She had never tried this kind of sex before, and it took her a while to get used to the taste of his cum, but she pulled herself together and did her best to swallow everything he would deliver. She started to like it, and even wanting the warm, salty taste in her mouth.

The only thing, he now and then complained about, was that he got too much hair in his mouth during these sessions. She mentioned this to her friend one day, when they were sharing a couple of coffee’s at ‘Zugar Babyz’. (They met there often, and she had gotten used to the strange décor and the waitresses.)

Her friend took her to the Ladies room, and pulled up her skirt. Her crotch was totally hairless.

‘Look. This is much more practical.’ her friend said as she let her feel the smooth outer skin round her opening.

‘Wow. How can I have this done, and do you think he will like it?’ She replied.

‘Of course he would like it. I know him that well, that it would be one of the best things you could do to get him going. I know where to have it done. Do you really want to? The hair won’t come back you know.’

‘I think so. Does it hurt, and will the hair disappear permanently?’

‘Yep. It is done with laser, you won’t feel it very much, but you will have to do it over a couple of times. Are you game? I’ll help make an arrangement, and even come along to hold your hand, if you like?’

‘Yes, please. When can we start?’

‘I’ll call in a minute for an appointment. Come let’s go back to our table.’

‘OK. Wait a minute. What is that?’ She had noticed a hole in one of her friend’s labia.

‘A piercing. Do you want that too? Works great with a little ring in makes the men really horny’.

‘Hmm. Maybe I should. Do you think he would like that too?’

(What Amelia did not know was that her friend and the Trainer were in frequent contact by phone, so actually the Trainer had instructed her friend, to ‘push’ her in the direction of piercings and hair removal).

Chapter 3.

A week later her friend accompanied her to the beauty parlor. It was in a small side street, and had a discreet sign advertising: Piercings, Hair Removal and Tattoos. She almost lost her courage at the doorstep, but her friend nudged her inside gently. The woman behind the small counter was friendly and accommodating.

‘Ah. Yes, Amelia. You’re here to start a hair- and piercing job, Correct?’ The woman lifted an eyebrow and looked at her. She had a couple of large tattoos on her shoulders.

‘Ahhemm.’ she managed to stutter.

Her friend came to her help: ‘Yes, we would like to. Has an appointment for two o’clock.’

‘You I know, but it’s been a while. I assume you are just here for the support. Can’t I tempt you with a nice tattoo? I remember your skin. Would like to put the needle to it?’

Her friend laughed. ‘No, next time. If you do a good job on Amelia here, I might consider it’.

They all laughed and then the woman let them in the back. The room was not very big, and dominated by what looked like a large old-fashioned dentist chair.

‘Now, let’s have a look at you.’ the woman said.

Her friend and the women quickly pulled off her loose dress, and apart from the woman smiling even broader, when she noticed her open bra and crotchless trousers, they just unceremoniously pulled everything off her.

The woman pushed her into the chair: ‘Sit down and let’s have a look’.

The chair had U-shaped holders for her legs, Her friend and the woman placed her knees over these holders and adjusted her in a spread position.

‘Hmm. Looks good. Do you know anything about these things?’

She had to admit that she did not know the first thing about it.

‘OK, I will do things slowly and explain on the way’.

Another woman entered.

‘Oh, this is my assistant. She will help out, so that even if we do things slowly we can all get out of here before tomorrow morning. First I will ‘cut the grass’, so that the removal is easier. You do have a thick mat down there don’t you?’

The woman had gently let her hand feel the hairs of her crotch. She blushed as usual, and did not know what to answer. She wanted to get out of there, but did not know how to tell them. She did not want to make a nuisance of herself, and if she left now, she would not be able to come back. Her friend could probably not be convinced to make another appointment for her.

‘Now. It is important, that you are absolutely still, when I start the removal and when I do the piercings. So I will just strap you up with these sweet little things.’

A leather band was pulled over her ankles, holding her legs permanently in the U-shaped holders. Another set of leather bands was tightened round the top of her legs, and finally a band was drawn over her stomach. Her pussy was fixed in the open position. She tried to pretend she was somewhere else. She usually did this, when visiting her doctor, as she hated to lie there open for inspection. Suddenly the woman and the assistant each took one of her arms, and bend them over her head. She could feel her hands being strapped somewhere underneath her head. A final strap held the top of her arms to the back of the chair.

‘Are you comfy my dear?’

She managed to utter an almost inaudible ‘yes’.

‘Good. Just relax. If anything is bothering you, let me know. You will now get the full works.’

She closed her eyes, as the back of the chair went down a little. Then she heard the sound of a trimmer and could feel the tickling sensation as someone was removing the major part of her hair under her arms and in her crotch.

Ten minutes later, the woman said ‘That was the crew cut. Now comes the fun part. Try and be as still as possible.’

Ridiculous, she thought to herself. Even if I tried, I would not be able to move very much.

While the woman worked first on her crotch, then on her armpits, she explained that the treatment would remove the hair permanently, but humans always had resting capillaries, that would become active if the neighboring hair died for some reason. So now she was making all the neighboring hair die, which meant that in a week or so, she would have a ‘five o’clock shadow’. This had to be removed immediately by another treatment. And she would have to come back once a week, until every trace of hair was gone.

As all this took place, the assistant removed single hair strains all over her body. She used a large magnifying glass with a built-in light source and then a sort of thin laser needle. It tickled.

Most of the time, she just closed her eyes and pretended she was not there. The rest of the time, she looked at the ceiling. It was painted sky-blue with a lot of seagulls on. Seemed to quiet her down to look at.

An hour later they had finished and started rubbing the treated areas with a soothing lotion. It made her horny, even though there was nothing but professionalism in the way they did this. She looked down at her now barren Venus mound, and could see the start of her slit. Felt and looked strange. She had an instant desire to touch herself and feel the smoothness, but did not say anything. She just lay there quite still.

Then they unpacked the piercing equipment and put on a fresh set of surgical gloves. First they shot a little pin in each of her earlobes. They cleaned the lobes with alcohol, and then the assistant held her head still while the woman used a little spring loaded gun. When she heard the loud snap, she felt a sting in her ear, and then a sort of pinching pain. It was almost not a pain, but like someone had held her earlobe hard between two fingers and then let go.

‘So that was not so bad, was it?’

The woman was very friendly and she noticed that both her and the assistant had several rings and pins in their ears. She decided to play the brave one, if they could have more than one, she should be able to have a single one in each ear without complaining.

‘If you have something against needles, you should close your eyes or look the other way. It is not going to hurt, but a lot of people don’t like the thought of hypodermic needles.’

She did not answer, but bent her head backwards and close her eyes. She really wanted to scream out loud and tell them to stop, and run out of there, but she did not dare protest. She was here for the piercing, so she was going to go through with it. She hardly felt the piercing of her labia. Actually it was more annoying to have them handle her down there, than the punching itself. Then they did her nipples. As soon as they were finished with them, she peeped, and was surprised to see a tiny little ring in each nipple. The rings were very thin and their diameter made them fit just over the point itself. Did not look much. Then they returned to her crotch and she could not see what they were doing, and she did not dare ask.

The woman said, ’We are going to freeze you, so you won’t feel a thing down here for the next five minutes. Don’t worry. It is harmless and just for your comfort.’

She did not answer that either, but heard a sound like somebody using a pressurized can. Reminded her of the sound of a hair lacquer tin or a pressurized deodorant. However, it made the whole area round her crotch go numb.

Shortly after this they stood on each side of her, smiling. ‘Now, for the piece de resistance’ the woman said. And for the first time the assistant spoke, ‘Look at me please’. She held her head with both hands and pressed her a little backwards.

She looked straight up into her eyes, and could feel her grip on her head tighten. Not uncomfortable, but firm. Suddenly and without warning, she felt something entering her nose, and then the loud snap sound of the piercing gun, followed by a sharp pain in her nose.

‘Ouch!’ She could not help saying.

‘Finished.’ the woman said, and then they with astonishing quickness undid all the straps and pulled her gently to her feet. She was a bit dizzy.

Her friend had been standing in the background all the time, took her hands and said ‘Beautiful. Now he won’t be able to control himself. Was it bad?’

‘No,’ she said, ‘but I would like to see and feel.’

‘Of course.’ the woman replied, and then she opened a tri-wing full-size mirror. ‘Now. We will leave you to yourself for the time being. Come out when you are finished’.

She spent some time exploring herself. It was strange to be hairless, but also exciting. She had a very tiny ring in each of her outer labia, and a similar small one stuck in right behind her clit. The latter one partly preventing the fold from sliding back in it’s original place over the clit. Her nose had a little pin through the middle wall. One had to really look hard to see it from the outside, and apart from the slight pain, it was almost like it was not there at all. The nipple rings felt sore, but they too were not very big or very annoying. She turned this way and that for a long time in front of the mirror. Finally she got dressed and assured herself that the nipple rings were so small that they did not show through her blouse. She felt sore, but happy that she had gone through with it.

Back in the front shop, the two women instructed her how to clean the piercings, and gave her a bottle of cleaning alcohol and some disinfected pads to use with the alcohol.

She asked what this whole treatment would cost, but the woman said it had all been taken care of, and her friend said it was ‘from me to you’. (Little did she know who was the true sponsor of her visit to the Beauty Parlor.)

The woman gave her a time next week. They thanked her and went out in the sunshine. The first 50 yards, she felt like everybody was looking at her tits, and that they all could see the rings in them. She hardly dared look down herself. Afraid that she would see the rings clearly through the material of her blouse. However, her friend talked on, and made her slowly forget all about it, except for the dumb pain from the rings and pins in her body. They went straight to ‘Zugar Babyz’ and had coffee.

Chapter 4.

‘Well. Do you think he will like me better now?’

‘Silly girl. I think he will be wild about you. I know he loves a little ‘kinky’ stuff like this. He will probably play with your nipples and cunt for the rest of the night. I wish I had a lover like that. Sigh.’

They both laughed and talked on. She told of her experience. Her friend listened and gaveg advice as to how she had coped with her own piercings.

Suddenly her friend said, ‘How about giving him a surprise? Do you have a key to his house?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well. How do you think he would react, if he came home and found you all wrapped up and ready for him?’

‘You mean with.. ropes.. and stuff?’

‘Not exactly ropes. Now I have an idea. Listen to this.’ Her friend’s voice became low and she leaned over the table.

Two hours later she was waiting for him. They had gone by her friend’s apartment, and she had produced a number of leather cuffs and collars from deep within a cupboard. At first she had thought it to be too daring and kinky, but her friend had quickly convinced her, that it would be the idea of the century to have her wearing these and ready for him, when he came home. They had also taken a large deep red cape and some other stuff.

On their way in her friend’s car, they had stopped at a florist and bought a couple of large, red rose bouquets. They had parked down the road, and walked the last 100 meters to the house, so he would not recognize her friend’s car in the driveway.

She had undressed and taken a quick shower. Her friend had then applied a set of wrist cuffs on her. They were about two inches wide, had a red leather edging and were locked by an ordinary strap and buckle. They also had a build in metal ring lock, which could be used to attach them to each other.

Her friend had helped her put on a similar set on her ankles. A collar of the same kind and style completed her ‘dress’.

Then they had distributed the flowers all over his big, four-poster bed, she had placed herself kneeling in the center, and her friend had locked her arms on her back, and put a kind of dog-leash from the collar to one of the posts. The whole process had made her quite horny.

To finish off her readying, her friend had put the cape round her neck and spread it evenly out around her. Now her whole body was hidden, and the cape even had a large hood that her friend would pull over her head before leaving.

‘Now, I can assure you, this is one parcel he will love to unwrap. Don’t worry so much. He will love it and you, and he will be busy the rest of the night exploring and adoring your body.’

‘Do you really think so? What if he won’t like it and get cross with me? Or even think it’s too kinky and throw me out?’

‘My dear, I know him that well, that I can assure you this will not be the case. You just hang on and see what happens. I am sure it will be different and exciting for you. As I think I have said a few times, I wish it were me.’

An hour later, they had heard his car coming up the driveway, and her friend had put the leather blindfold on her, and finally a set of earmuffs. The last thing, she had heard was her friend saying, ‘Now, I will block you hearing as well. Then you won’t hear him coming. You can sit and imagine him in the room and what he is doing. A very good way to ensure that you are more horny than worried. I will sneak out the back door, so he won’t see me. Talk to you tomorrow, when I will want to hear every little detail. Hihihi’.

Of course she was not aware that her friend went straight down to the kitchen, where she met with the Trainer.)

‘Hi. Now I have made you a little Christmas present upstairs. I am sure you will appreciate it.’

‘Thanks. Was it difficult, and how did she take it?’

‘Better than I expected. No protesting and she seems very happy with the changes on her body. I am sure she will continue the treatment according to plan. You are a very lucky man you know.’

‘Yes. I know. Just can’t wait to see her in the final stages.’

‘Whoa. Don’t do things too quickly. She is a shy and gentle little girl, and she has never met a true pervert like you, She probably cannot imagine what you have planned for her, or what really turns you on. Gotta take it a little part at a time.’

‘I know. I know. Thanks for your help so far. I’ll control myself tonight, and patiently wait for the next step. I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon to get a report on her reaction after tonight.’

‘OK. Now you be gentle with her, you hear! Otherwise I’ll come after you and I can assure you, you won’t like that.’

‘I will. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye now and thank again for your great help in this.’

‘You’re always welcome. You owe me one maybe a couple of training days later in the season.’

‘OK. You are always welcome. Now get going. I can hardly wait to unwrap my present.’

‘So. So. Give her at least five minutes more. That will make her really hot for you. You know expectation is half the pleasure’.

With a quick kiss on his cheek she slipped out and walked down the road to her car.

In the meantime, Amelia was waiting patiently. Kneeling on the bed, hands locked on her back. Deprived of sight and hearing, she was beginning to worry. What if it was not him coming home? What if it was the cleaning lady? A burglar? One of his friends just having borrowed the key to pick up some forgotten item? What would happen to her? Would she get raped? Or would she be freed, only to be laughed at? If it were he, would he like her this way? What if he threw her out, never wanting to see her again?

A lot of thoughts like this went through her head, while waiting. The piercings in her earlobes, nose, tits, labia and clit had stopped stinging, but now they were giving off a numb pain. Like somebody pinching her with a couple of fingers. Kept her mind on these points of her body, while she was getting desperate thinking of all the negative outcomes of this. What had she gone into?

She could feel the soft red material rubbing against her hard nipples with each breath. This and the soreness made it impossible for her to relax and stop being horny. She could also feel herself lubricating, and tried in vain to concentrate on something outside her body, to relax and not be horny.

When would he come into the bedroom? She wished she could hear him, and from time to time sensed that there were somebody in the room, but had no way of knowing. Her friend had been right, it was a very strong feeling.

When a finger very carefully moved the cape over her left shoulder, baring her upper body and breast, she startled and immediately developed goosepimples all over. A small sound escaped her.

Was it he? She wished she could see or hear.

The fingers began to slide over her hard nipple slowly and very gently, making her again give out a slight sound. The fingers examined and caressed the hard nipple and the little ring for a long while. She was at the point of almost screaming. Her whole body was electrified. Then the cape was moved over her other shoulder, and her nipples were caressed by two hands.

Was it really he? She had always thought that she would recognize his hands and touch anywhere, but now she felt an uncertainty. Was it a stranger, coming into the room, and taking advantage of her helpless situation?

Slowly the hands slid up to her shoulders and neck removing the cape altogether. Now the hands were all over her upper body.

She shivered and lubricated and sighed and moaned.

Then a tongue played with her lips. Licking round her half-open mouth. She tried to catch the tongue, thinking that at least that would tell her if it was he. But the tongue eluded her attempts for a long while, as the hands on her body did their thing with her. Finally she got the tongue inside and started to suck and lick it vigorously. She was still not sure if it was he. Strange, she had felt his hands and now his tongue, but was not sure it was her beloved of many months.

However, the lack of sight and hearing sharpened her other senses. She could really smell a man's sweating body, but it was not his usual smell. (He had deliberately used a deodorant and after shave, he had borrowed from a friend at the gym, before coming home, to make sure she would not recognize him by his usual smells).

Her sense of touch also felt sharper. Each time the hands touched her or the lips and tongue slipped over her, she felt like her whole body concentrated on the contact points. The hands grabbed her shoulders and gently forced her backward onto the bed, making her rest uncomfortably on her cuffed hands and at the same time pushing her stomach and butt upwards. The hands grabbed her knees and spread her legs. She felt totally defenseless, but it was a much more exciting feeling than the dentist chair earlier.

This was the real thing! An unknown man, kneeling in front of her and holding her open, as he watched her most private parts.

The hands slid down her inner legs, and grabbed her labia, examining her piercings and caressing her now extremely wet opening. A couple of fingers pressed on each side of her clit, another finger or two caressed the hard, little lump, and played gently with the little ring. Then the tongue and mouth got to it. She screamed in ecstasy, and the hands had to hold tight on her legs as she convulsed in the first of the evening’s orgasms.

And she still did not know if it was him!

Gently the tongue and hands caressed her after the orgasm, then got her upright and down on her knees next to the bed. She willingly let the hands arrange her, and did everything she could to follow the unspoken instructions. She felt a stiff member against her face, and immediately opened her mouth, letting the head inside. Now, at this moment, she was first sure it was him. The roundness of the head, the little wrinkled part underneath, the size and shape, the veins on the side, that she could play with, moving them under the skin with her tongue.

Strange, she thought. It was only by his member, that she really recognized him.

She felt that it was the best head she had ever given. Being forced to use only her mouth and only sensing with smell and taste made her concentrate intensely on what she was doing. It had the desired effect, He became larger than she had remembered him being before, and he came with a large load, that she swallowed without problems - all of it.

And she loved it. Afterwards the hands directed her in licking his member totally clean. Then she kept it in her mouth, warming and caressing it with her tongue, until it was tiny again.

Only then did he remove the earmuffs and blindfold, and she saw that it of course was him. Without giving him the chance of releasing her hands, she threw herself on him and kissed, licked and caressed him for along while.

They had a fantastic night. They tried the muffs and blindfold again, and she realized that it had the same intense effect on her the second time and probably would have every time. She did not even feel guilty for the piercings and what she, a month ago, would have considered ‘kinky’ sex.

She kept the cuffs and collar on for the rest of the night. They did not discuss it. It just seemed natural for her to run around naked only wearing the leather attire. He also used them a few times during their lovemaking, and the restriction, the helpless and vulnerable feeling was something quite different to her. She liked it.

Next day she went to see her friend and gave her a full account of the night. She was radiating happiness, and could hardly stop talking at their meeting in the café. (Her friend went straight home and phoned the Trainer, giving him a short version of her explanation of course).

Chapter 5.

Reluctantly, she kept her appointment with the beauty parlor, but found that it was not as bad as the first time.

She did have beginning of hair regrowth, and it was itching, so she appreciated to have another treatment, smoothing her skin again like a baby’s bottom.

He had praised her hairlessness and piercings, and given her a lot of attention, when they made gentle love. She had quickly realized that it turned him on, more than she ever would imagine. He made her feel like it was natural to be hairless and pierced. So she did not have any problems being strapped in the chair. She even did not close her eyes, but talked happily with the two women, given her body the necessary attention.

They also inspected her piercings, and changed the rings and spikes after having cleaned them meticulously. This time at least the rings were a little bit larger, but not a whole lot. The spikes in her ears and nose, she could not see any difference in, but she did feel like they all were pressing somehow. She ignored the feeling, telling herself it came from the cleaning and handling, and indeed it went away after a day or so. She almost did not feel them, except, when she was wearing a T-shit or some other thin material on her upper body.

That night they played the same game again, except that now she made herself ready for him. Her friend had let her use the cuffs and stuff on a permanent basis, so she had hidden them in the lower drawer of his night table.

Her friend did lend her another item, a wide leather belt with rings. Same style, with red edgings and three straps in front for locking it. The straps had a lot of small holes, making it possible for the belt to fit someone much smaller than herself, she had thought at first. However, almost the first thing he had done, was to tighten it, so that her already slim waistline was even smaller. It did not feel particularly good in the beginning, but within an hour, she did not even realized that she was wearing it.

He had also had some hooks installed in the four posters, and acquired some soft rope. So she was tied up in all sorts of positions, while he watched, caressed, kissed and fucked her.

The next day she had a talk with her friend as to the true usage of the belt. Her friend took her to a BDSM shop downtown. Something that made her blush even more and they had to walk by the shop three times. Each time she looked carefully up and down the street to see if anybody noticed them. Finally her friend had said that they had better enter the shop, otherwise people would really begin to notice them parading up and down the street.

Inside, the guy behind the counter was very nice and made her relax immediately. He was even making small jokes and doing his best for them to feel at ease. He was a heavyset man wearing a dinner jacket, a white lace shirt and a small black bow tie. He had a very large mustache, like something from an adventure story. The strangeness of the goods in the shop and this strange character made everything seem like another world and quite OK.

They stayed there for almost an hour, and when they got out in the daylight again, she was the proud owner of what he had called ‘A daytime waist trainer belt’. A leather belt somewhat similar to the one her friend had lent her, but in a thinner leather quality and with straps and buckles made very slim, so that it was as little noticed as possible. An item she would be able to wear under a light dress.

They went to ‘Zugar Babyz’ and her friend helped her put on the belt in the toilet, tightening it more than she felt was right.

‘It’s too tight, please loosen it a little.’

‘No, no. Can’t be too tight. You’ll get used to it. Now, when you get home, you make a mark with the felt pen from the box it came in. The mark should be right at the holes I have tightened it for you. Then you should try every or every other morning to give it another notch, and if you can stand it, you should wear it in bed at night as well. Will make your waistline really good looking in no time, but you have got to keep it up to have a good result.’

‘OK, I’ll try. What if I start feeling dizzy or it somehow gets too much for me?’

‘Then you phone me immediately. If you get dizzy, take it off, and then phone me. If you just feel you would like to get out of it, you keep it on, and then phone me first. I’ll give you the necessary moral support, so that we will get you in shape in no time.’

Although it felt more than uncomfortable, she tried looking brave. When she went to the bar to get another coffee for them, one of the waitresses came and stood besides her, getting an order. While they both were waiting, the waitress turned to her and smiled, as she put her hands around her waist, feeling it. She blushed again, but noticed that the waitress also had a very thin waistline.

When the waitress got her order first, she started walking away, and said over her shoulder: ‘Nicely done. Good luck with it. Really does something for you.’

Then she was too far away for her to answer, even if she would have had a quick answer for her.

He noticed almost immediately, and praised her for the initiative. In the evening he fucked her wilder and better then before. She thought that it could not get any better, but it seemed to. Every time, she did something, he reacted by being a better lover.

The third session at the beauty parlor was almost routine. She did not have much hair to remove, they did not use a lot of time on the piercings, except she was sure, that the replacements they put in were bigger than the old ones. She did not dare ask them though, and comforted herself with the thought that it was still very thin rings, that was hardly felt or noticed (except for the first day, when again she had that ‘pressing’ feeling, probably as the holes in her had a larger diameter ring or pin inserted.)

Both the woman and her assistant had noticed her belt, when she undressed in the little back room. The woman had exclaimed, ‘Wow. I wish I was that good looking, and with the belt, you get an even better figure. Lucky you.’

All she managed to answer as she looked down on the floor was, ‘Can I keep it on. Please?’

Of course she could, and during the whole session, they admired her waist and commented on her belt, asking for how long she had been wearing it, and if she had a target waist measurement, she was aiming at. It was all so new for her and so intimidating that she never really felt at ease, answering their many questions.

Now she had had three sessions, and the woman had promised her that she would probably only have one regular one to go, and then a couple of control sessions after that. She also got an open invitation to phone them or come by, should she discover any hair growth or have any future problems with the piercings. They also invited her to have a tattoo or more piercings, if she liked, but she had had quite enough for now. Besides, she could not imagine that he would appreciate any more ‘body decorations’ for the time being.

One evening she was sitting at her friend’s place. They had been to the cinema and were just small talking, when her friend suddenly said, ‘Ever done anal?’

‘No. It’s disgusting. Would not dream of it, why?’

‘Just a thought. Has he ever suggested it or have you ever tried to make him have you anally?’

As usual she blushed all over. ‘No. It has never come up. It’s perverted, and unclean. The idea does not appeal to me at all.’

‘Well, if it is done the right way, it is quite exciting. Men only have their measly little dick, but we women have three openings. Why should we not use all of them for his satisfaction and ours?’

‘I suppose you have a point, but I still think it is unclean, besides my opening is probably much too small for his meat’.

‘Well. One has to prepare and be prepared for it. Now listen.’

Her friend explained that one needed to take an enema, to be nice and clean. One would be more appetizing if the enema contained some sort of scent. Then one had to expand and soften the sphincter maybe permanently and maybe just before use. Then it was at least as good as any other form of sex.

After a long discussion and a long explanation, she agreed to give it a try.

‘We had better pay our friend at the shop a small visit. I bet you are also ready for the next size down in waist belt?’

She was indeed on the last hole in the belt, and had to agree, that she needed to get her waistline a little bit further down.

So the next day they went to the shop again. This time, they went straight in. She did, however, walk quickly and fast down the steps and into the shop, thinking that the faster she disappeared from the street, the less chance of anybody noticing.

‘Hello, my two beautiful women,’ he said as soon as he had recognized them. ‘How is the fair little girl with the waist problems?’ Before she could do anything, he had grabbed her waist and pressed slightly. ‘Beautiful, my dear. You have really worked wonders with my little belt since last we met. And what can I do for my two favorite customers?’

‘Well...’ her friend started, ’we would like an enema kit and a smaller belt with an expander set.’ She said this like she was ordering any ordinary item. Amelia did not dare to look up.

‘Good choices. I have just the right things for you. I assume it is you that wants to experiment a little more, so the belt should be the next size down from the one you are wearing?’

She answered ‘yes’ hardly audible into the floor.

‘Just a minute.’

He disappeared into the back and they could hear him shuffling about. Shortly after he emerged with a couple of neutral looking brown boxes, each with a small white label on the side. He plucked out a belt similar to the one she was wearing, except this had four little rings evenly distributed along the edge. He put it on the counter, and pulled out six, thin leather straps. Each had a steel lock incorporated in one end.

He opened box number two, and she could see six black dildos, formed exactly life-like, each with a widening base. He demonstrated how the thin straps fitted into some slots underneath the dildos and how one secured them by a small plate locking in over the slots, thus keeping the straps in place.

He continued to show the accompanying cleaning fluids and gave them a lesson in maintenance. He also told them to get a special, solid brand of condoms to pull over the dildos to ensure cleanliness and comfort. Finally he added a plastic bottle from a shelf behind him. This he said was the ultimate lubricant, to make insertion and wearing pleasant.

He then opened the last box and showed them a red rubber container, with a hose attached. He demonstrated how the hose went inside, and then how one could turn a lever between the hose and the rubber container, in order to press whatever was in the container out through the hose and into oneself.

During all this she had kept looking at the door, being afraid that other customers would come in and be disgusted with their choice of shopping. She had only partly looked at the equipment, and most of the time tried to stare a hole into the floor right in front of her. She could feel the warmth in her face from the blushing and really, really wanted him to pack the things up again, so they could get out of there.

Her friend had inquired into every detail, she felt, and had long conversations regarding this or that technicality. Apparently he enjoyed discussing matters with a knowledgeable person like her friend. It seemed to go on forever and ever.

As a last gesture, he pulled a short whip, looking like something between a riding crop and a cane and placed it on the counter. ‘Here. I will give you this as a discount. One never knows, when one has been bad enough to deserve a few lashes on one’s butt.’

She did not like that or the idea of it. Never liked pain or violence, and did not quite understand, what it was for, but she could not pull herself together to protest. So they took the crop along as well.

Finally they were done, she thanked him, her friend paid the bill and they quickly went out into the street and headed for her friend’s city apartment.

There, her friend made her undress, and helped her in taking the original belt off. She could see in the mirror that the days she had been using the first belt had made a lasting narrowness of her waist, but her friend did not leave her much time to contemplate this. Quickly and business like, she swung the new belt around her, and started strapping it. It was very tight, the first hole was almost in the place of the last one in the old belt, and her friend had to use some force, to narrow her down, to be able to get the pin’s of the three straps into hole number three.

‘Ohhh. It’s painful’. She said.

‘But exciting. Think about what it will do to your body and how he will react, when he gets his hands on you.’ her friend replied, as she hitched four of the thin leather straps onto her belt.

She stepped in front of the mirror and turned and inspected herself. She could clearly see her own ribcage, and then her stomach sticking out under the belt. She sensed that most of her insides either went up into her chest cavity, making her breathe a little faster, the rest went down and made her stomach stick out in a round and appealing way. The thin straps reminded her of a garter belt.

‘OK, on all fours and spread your legs!’

She did as her friend asked.

While she had been admiring her body, her friend had filled the red rubber container with lukewarm water and some olive oil from her kitchen and just a touch of scented oil. She now shook the container to mix the fluid. ‘OK, relax. This is not at all that bad.’

She tried to think of something else as her friend spread her butt, and inserted the hose slowly. She had oiled the hose so that apart from the initial insertion, she hardly felt it as the hose went deep inside her.

‘I will release the fluid. Stay still!’

She could feel her insides getting slightly warmer and her intestines fill with the fluid.

Before she realized it, her friend said, ‘Now I will remove the hose, You are done. Try to keep it inside for as long as possible. Gives the best effect.’

She pressed her sphincter together as she felt the hose coming out. ‘Can I get up?’ she asked.

‘Yes, of course, sit here on this towel. There's a plastic bag underneath and do try to hold it inside.’

Her friend then cleaned the apparatus, and proceeded to pull one of the condoms they had bought on their way home over the smallest of the dildos.

She watched in amazement. Six months ago, she would never had thought this possible, but here she was, watching a dildo being readied for insertion in her behind. Her friend greased it and put it down on the table on another towel. She was beginning to have trouble keeping the fluids inside, and her friend finally agreed to let her go and empty. It was not very pleasant. Like having a ‘thin stomach’ when being ill. The whole thing just poured out of her, and smelled less than nice.

After she was sure, that she had gotten rid of everything, she sat on the bidet, and cleaned herself. Then went back to the kitchen.

‘Ahh.. you are sure you are empty now, or do you wanna sit a while longer? I could find a book or magazine for you. No good, if you need to go in half an hour from now.’

She took another fifteen minutes, and then they agreed that she was ready.

‘OK. Now get down over this little stool, spread your legs and grab your butt. Try relaxing and pull outwards, so it will be easier.’

She did as her friend wanted her too except she also closed her eyes, feeling quite degraded, lying there waiting for the insertion. She felt the hard point of the dildo moving up and down the outside of her opening, and tried to relax. She pulled herself apart as much as she could. Then she could feel herself expanding as the head began to enter. Her friend was very gentle and pressed only a little at a time, giving her time to adjust to the feeling. Slowly, very slowly her sphincter opened to the hard plastic, until the whole head was in, and the sphincter closed a little behind it. She felt like she would not be able to push it out, and was on the verge of panic. Trying to relax.

While she was fighting to control her panic, the dildo went all the way in. She did not really feel it, before the base of it expanded her even further, and she could feel the baseplate against her cheeks. Then her friend attached the thin straps, and with a click, locked the baseplate securing the system.

‘Well. Now you can let go and get up.’

She supported herself with both hands on the stool as she got up on her legs again.

‘Well. How does it feel?’

‘Terrible. I really feel like taking a shit, but there’s nothing that gives way back there.’

Her friend adjusted and tightened the straps a bit more. Then she said, ‘Now try bending over like that. Good. How does that feel?’

She had bent over 90 degrees, and she could feel the back straps pulling the dildo even further inside her. When she got back to upright, her muscles pushed it out again. ‘It moves! I don’t think I like it.’

‘Try bending you legs. Hold the chair back here. And then lower yourself by bending your knees.’

It had almost the same effect. As she went down, the dildo was pulled up into her, and when she got up it automatically went out again.

‘Strange feeling.’

‘Yes. Is it not? You should try and ‘exercise’ like this to soften and expand yourself as you wear the system.’

‘OK. I suppose I’ll have to get used to it.’

‘Yes. You probably will. How about right away. Let’s go to Zugar’s for a few cups of coffee. Then they can all admire your new style and looks. Come on, up with your chin. We have to suffer for beauty and pleasure. Don’t worry. It’s gonna stay in place, and you wont need that opening for anything else for a while, especially after the enema. Get dressed and let’s go!’

She had a terrible afternoon at Zugar’s. The belt was tight and uncomfortable, the dildo was noticeable every time she did the slightest movement, and her mind kept thinking of the pressure on her poor back opening.


To be continued



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