A Final Look

- by Dr. K

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Jennifer is sold.

Jennifer was a just-thirty, very pretty young lady whose most outstanding features in the eyes of these lechers were her very strong and long legs and her shorter midriff, which made her ideally suited for the single-pull sulky. She had been one of Joseph’s favorites and he featured her in many serving roles at the ranch house over the years. She naturally attracted great attention from the grooms, and suffered innumerable indignities at their hands.

It only took an excellent showing in the International Sulky Pull to raise Jen’s stock to the sky among WWW aficionados. So when Joseph received what is referred to in the WWW as a Tender to Purchase, the terms should not have been a surprise. As usual it came by email and was delivered to the Master as usual by Jennifer herself, who luckily had not read it:

World Wide Slavers Web FORM 17-2 TENDER TO PURCHASE

2-33-33-55-89 01/01/99

Brussels, Belgium

From: Mr. F. N. Sakoda

Tokyo, Japan

Member code: 63-446

Pony Girl: Jennifer J. (WWW#53-0641)

Owner: Jason Damon (WWW71-321)

Status: fee simple? no

contract? yes

terms remaining 13 years

Offer Price: 730,000BP

Terms: Cash

Delivery: 3 months

Transportation: AirFreight by Buyer

ProposedTransfer Agent: Dimitri & Co. LTD, Istra


Joseph Damon was formally being offered 730,000 British Pounds for Jennifer. He new the day would come when some ridiculous amount would be seriously offered for one of his pony mares, and not just the off-hand offers of a Mr. Bushida or Mr. Sakoda over too many glasses of Port.

He ran to his office where he rummaged through his father’s old papers, looking for the paperwork from Time-Out, Inc. from when Jennifer was taken.

Seven years ago, Mr. Damon paid $ 120,000 for Jennifer, when she was twenty-three years old. His father had gone through the math on these deals with Joseph many times:

A simple 20 year contract of this sort would break down to $20 per day, and more like $8 per day when conservatively adjusted for expected inflation. At that rate, figuring-in food, shelter, medical care and clothing, and expecting 14-16 hour days, 360-odd days a year, a young intelligent mare like Jennifer was exactly what made the Workhouse hum at rates that beat the Pacific Rim sweatshops.

Now, he was being offered ten times her original cost, and just for her remaining thirteen years of servitude. It was a lot to think about. Tradition meant a lot to Joseph. His father had set up a system envied around the world. Joseph lived in totally secure luxury, surrounded by female slaves to satisfy his every whim. Yet he was being offered a sum equivalent to the ranch’s net operating profit for several years.

Surely, he didn’t want to be in the sales end of the slave business…it was dirty and dangerous. Yet his father was an accountant by training and inclination, and would have looked at such a change in the world’s economics very carefully. The twenty-first century would be one where the gap between rich and poor would widen even more, and in a world that thought itself so very civilized with computers the thickness of a match book, human slavery was more rampant in certain ways than ever before. One could openly buy a slave today in West Africa for less than 50 US dollars…a bargain, corrected for inflation, even compared to the height of the American slave trade.


In order for any mare to be sold through the WWW system, a very well organized procedure had to be followed. It was designed to ensure that every member-Master be given the chance to bid on a slave, ensuring the best price for the seller. So in a case like Jennifer’s, where a potential buyer has made the inquiry through a WWW-Tender, if the owner wished to sell, his mare would have to be handed over to the Dimitri & Co., LTD of Istra, Russia. The Russians would prepare a ‘public’ auction, at with the originator of the tender would have a 25 percent price-advantage over other bidders.

Joseph was torn as never before. He had a lot to deal with…letting go of a prized pony girl was just part of it. With all the sadism and perversity he had indulged in over the years, selling a human was raising his personal ante and he wasn’t sure he had the stomach for it. And knowing the detached cruelty the Russians were capable of was extremely troubling. The Russian’s had a very special way of dehumanizing their chattel.


Every slave destined to be auctioned by the WWW was shipped to the small town of Istra, 50 km from Moscow. The air-freight shipping, sometimes halfway around the world in the freezing cargo hold of some airliner in which the Master-Seller sat in the luxury of 1st class, was the first dehumanizing step in a slave girl’s sale. No matter what her background, a mare would eventually be delivered to her new Master stripped of most of her humanity, ready for the imprint of her new Master’s regimen.

Upon arrival at the small abandoned and converted air force base still protected from the public by barbed wire and threatening sign, a small contingent of PACKERS prepped a new arrival for the block. And ‘preparation’ was designed more for her ease in being handled by the half dozen Russian men who ran the institution than for the best ‘presentation’ of a girl’s charms.

Upon arrival and de-crating, the assigned KEEPER would appear to take charge. The unfortunate slave’s hair would be shaven and a temporary nose and tongue ring installed, the two devises linked by a small silver clamp. Auctions were routinely held within a week of shipment, and slaves were kept standing in their high heels in cold holding rooms, suspended from hooks in the ceiling by a chain to their facial hardware.

They were force-fed by means of a gullet funnel twice a day, regardless of their willingness to cooperate. They were taken down only once a day when they were made to perform their bodily functions and receive a cursory cold shower. Every aspect was geared to cause the Russians the least aggravation.


Joseph asked Mr. Sakoda, who had come to Montana for a very special visit, to prepare Jennifer for ‘riding the fences". Mr. Sakoda’s appearance, outside of the sixty-day usual groom rotation sequence, made some of the mares uneasy.

The notoriously sadistic groom arrived at the dormitory well ahead of the grooms and led Jennifer out into the chill to the stables. He put her on her knees almost immediately and made her suck his stiff prick for several long and violent minutes. But he did not want to cum, and with his cock swinging out from his strong athletic body, he put her up on the steel table and began her wash-down.

Jennifer has some vague sense that something unusual was happening, as Mr. Sakoda seemed to be relishing his role over her with unusual fervor. Taking her down from the table, he forced her down on all fours and swung his body over her. He sat tentatively on her still wet back, as he seemed to be testing her ability to hold his full weight.

In a few minutes he had her in her bridle and harnessed to Joseph’s special sulky. He attached his personal nose-clip reins to the unsuspecting young lady, and soon had her high stepping out of the barn and up the to front rail of the Ranch House. She looked magnificent, her very long legs projecting her yawning buttocks at an extremely upward angle. Only her nose, pulled upwards by the horrible reins, stuck out in the morning sun from between from her long brown hair that cascaded over her pretty face.

This venerable Japanese sadist took Jennifer out for a grueling sulky pull like a mechanic test driving a used car.


With the imminent arrival of the Russians, Joseph grew more and more nervous. He wished that it had been someone like Mr. Bushida who had tendered the offer, a man more interested in having a slave polish his whip handles with her nose oils than use that whip to flail the skin from her pretty young back.

Three PACKERS arrived at the ranch on that very cold afternoon. There were two men and a woman, in their fifties and sixties, and all business. They refused any hospitality and insisted on sleeping the night in the barn.

They have a heavy a steel cage with them, approximately 36 x 24 x 18 inches. It has certain threaded fittings in strategic locations. (Mr. Sakoda, the author of the Tender was fully responsible for all the expenses without a guarantee he would win the bid.)

Jennifer was sent to town to stay with Beth and was offered no explanation.

Joseph Damon went to meet one of the Russians, a deeply tanned and stocky woman, in a small room off the back hall of the Ranch House. She spoke just enough English to suggest he have a lady present during the ‘ceremony’.

Young Joseph was shaking like a leaf, but he complied with the stern Russian’s suggestion and quickly had Judy…his Aunt Judy, join them.

There is an eerie hush before the ranch wakes for another day. The gruff but wizened Russian shoved Judy down on her knees before her Master, and Joseph complied by liberating the beginnings of an erection.

Joseph carefully removed Jennifer’s original contract from a large envelope that was just beginning to yellow with time. As he ran his eyes over the complex legalese, he knew exactly what the Russian woman had known all too well. His erection grew to full staff in seconds, nearly poking Judy’s eye out. She dutifully did her duty as her master signed the papers.

"To the WWW?" he asked. "Yes."

He slowly and carefully signed on the line that in effect will sell Jennifer, body and soul. It was the most powerful moment he had ever experienced.

The PACKERS arrived at Beth’s apartment and barged their way in. The strong stocky woman overpowered Beth, covered her mouth with tape and locked her in a closet. The two men overpowered Jennifer, stripped her in a matter of seconds, and took the hysterical young woman to the bathroom.



Jen was washed thoroughly and given several large and painful enemas. The woman put most of her beautiful long hair in one long braid (that would be cut off on arrival in Moscow). She was given a sedative by way of an injection into the throat, and was stuffed into the steel cage in the knee chest position.

Jenny’s braid was tied to the top bar and her wrists were shackled behind her back to the cage as well. Three shiny steel inch-diameter rods appeared, and each was threaded through it’s appropriate opening. (These rods are "heat-sinks" designed to aid in lowering her body temperature in the cargo hold to 96-degrees F.)


As the two men got the heavy cardboard shipping box ready, the woman knelt beside Jenny’s cage, and inserted two long stiff tubes into her nose which were attached to a sleek oxygen bottle. In seconds, the cage disappeared into the box, which was strapped, sealed and marked.

1st Class Air-Freight

Dimitri & Co. LTD

Istra, Russia


The large package was slid onto a furniture dolly and was taken out and placed in the small gray unmarked van parked outside. The woman unlocked the closet that held Beth, pinned a note to the door, and disappeared on their long trip to a place where human beings can be bought at auction. (The simple note from Joseph to Beth is just his regret for the inconvenience.)



Joseph had the rarefied taste of having sold a human being in his mouth, and it made him hard. And like a teenager in the back seat, he had his sweet and adoring ex-high school- teacher, Eleanor, suck his cock on the way home from the airport.